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For sale :(

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Hi, i have the following for sale:

Cult, Siege & Creativity
The Tunnel
Crop/Corn Circles 1
The School
The Plague
The Windroses
Little Buildings / The Houses
Shrines & Heretics

I don't really know the prices i want for them just make a good offer?  :)


I know that some of those items are hotly searched after.

I'd be interested for sure, but at this point I'm happy to let others put up their hand. As I know there's people been waiting for the Tunnel and Kathars longer than I have.

EDIT: I'm interested why you're selling... not getting enough game play etc.

I'd definitely be interested in Kathars or Cult, Siege & Creativity and Crop Circles.

Would you ship to the U.S.?

I think i would ship to USA i would have to check on the risks etc. The reason i want to sell them is that i rarely play them.

I'd be interested in crop circles, but I guess I'm far from the only one.


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