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2021 Basegame (Double) League

It's been some time we've had a league here so here is one  O0.

Well because it's called the Basegame Double League it is possible to win in some multiple ways. In the end we have:

* the best player of 'this' league.
* the best knight of 'this' league.
* the best robber of 'this' league.
* the best monk of 'this' league.
* the best farmer of 'this' league.

So you're reading this correct we will end up with 5 winners, but the first named will ofcourse be the main winner of this league :)

How does this league work?

The league is really simple it's called the Basegame Double league, because every round you will play two games against your opponent.

In the first one you start and the second your opponent (or reversed).

How do we play each other?

Matches will be played online using the latest version of JCloisterZone (currently 5.5.0)  or could be played on BGA (BoardGameArena, as some members here play there to and are premium).

Please ensure you have downloaded this and can run it on your chosen device well in advance of the start of the competition. Technical advice, general guidance and practice opponents can all be found on the Forum or Carcassonne Central Slack channel (see link at the bottom of this post). Or by posting here of course, but it's recommended and helpful to be available on Slack or Discord if possible.

How are games / matches arranged?

Every round you will play against 1 other opponent. This will continue till you've played against each other opponent inside this league. (This can take some time, so be aware).

Posting Scores

It has become a Carcassonne Central tradition that the victorious player will usually post screenshots of the final scores and end-game landscape back to the forums, along with a short writeup of the games. However, it doesn't really matter who posts what as long as the final scores breakdown from the game is posted. So please ensure that either you or your opponent will take responsibility for this once your match has been completed.

What is expected:

* Final points (of each match)
* this includes: knight, robber, farmer and monk points scored within the game.
Anything else?

- JCloisterZone (external link): Downloading this is a good place to start if you haven't already downloaded it.

- JCloisterZone FAQ: Carcassonne Central hosts the official JCloisterZone FAQ, a guide for people taking part in CarcC tournaments. If you have any questions or difficulties related to starting an internet-based game through JCloisterZone you might find the answer here.

- Slack: "Boardgaming chat/ banter/ tomfoolery/ nonsense with intelligent, fun people" might sound like the sort of thing you'd have to call a premium-rate phone number for. But not anymore! Slack is a great way of connecting with others, and is very handy for chatting in person rather than via emails/ private message to arrange mutually convenient times to play matches.

- The Unwritten Rules: This is recommended reading for anyone taking part in any of CarcC's online tournaments. Most of it boils down to courtesy and common sense, but it's written down because sometimes common sense isn't as common as we'd like it to be...

Final note:

Please let me know by posting a reaction in this topic if you like to join the league. :)
Start date will be somewhere in two / three weeks.



AllograftPSTBGA: AllograftNy1050220ESTDanisthirtyGMTBGA: danisthirtyDecarGMTBGA: Decar2Snearone GMTbonusDuckCETBumsakalakaCESTLevenCESTBGA: szigfridSinscerlyCESTBGA: SinscerlyThodekeyCESTcicirunnerGMTBGA: cicerunnerDavide
Round 1: -> Click here :black1-meeple:
Round 2: -> Click here :blue-meeple:
Round 3: -> Click here :green-meeple:
Round 4: -> Click here :red-meeple:
Round 5: -> Click here :gray-meeple:
Round 6: -> Click here :violet-meeple:
Round 7: -> Click here :black1-meeple:
Round 8: -> Click here :blue-meeple:
Round 9: -> Click here :green-meeple:
Round 10: -> Click here :red-meeple:
Round 11: -> Click here :gray-meeple:


Thanks for suggesting this sincerely! I'm in!

me too,but I play on boardgame arena


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