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2020 Basegame Knockout League - Round 3 - FINAL

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At first congratulations to DrMeeple and Uhome for reaching the finals.  :(y) :(y) :(y) Well done.

As the other matches had drawings and a cool youtube video I think it isn't necessary as we have only two left  :))

I've send a PM to both of you  8). Try to play the match when you're both ready to play.

Good luck to both of you; and when you're done playing your match please don't forget to post the results and any screenshots you have here on this post!

Thanks  C:-)

This third and last round is part of the 2020 Basegame Knockout League


Matches for Round 3: The finals

DrMeeple  vs Uhome

Scores for Round 3:

21 May, 2020:
DrMeeple 114 - Uhome 94 => DrMeeple wins the league

* Gold medal for:   DrMeeple
* Silver medal for: Uhome
23 May, 2020:
Sinscerly 141 - Halfling 119

* Bronze medal for: Sinscerly

Gold medalDrMeepleSilver medalUhomeBronze medalSinscerly

Bronze medal playoff?

We were able to play the final just a few moments ago on Boardgamearena. It was an exciting final. There is always some luck in this game we all know. At the beginning of the game I was able to close a big castle and the distribution of the farms has also been a key factor in my favor. In the end the result has been:

DrMeeple (Casumeeple): 114

Uhome: 94

You can play the game to review it if you have an account in the BGA. It has been a pleasure to participate in this tournament for the first time. And also congratulations to all the players. Now to continue spreading the gospel of the tile to the whole world.


--- Quote from: Halfling on May 21, 2020, 11:44:23 AM ---Bronze medal playoff?

--- End quote ---

Good idea! And after share the results here  :D


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