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2020 Basegame Knockout League - Round 1

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Please try to play your match as soon as possible / you're able to, try to have it finished before 22 May 2020. If we can manage to finish it earlier than this, we will of course move unto Round 2 earlier. :)

I will send PMs to every pairing to ease you into the competition.

Good luck to everyone; and when you do get round to playing your match please don't forget to post the results and any screenshots you have here on this post!

Thanks  C:-)

See the drawing here:

This Round 1 is part of the 2020 Basegame Knockout League


Fixed place for the matches that should be played and their scores.  :black1-meeple:

Matches for Round 1:

Chooselife  - Halfling
DrMeeple    - Thodekey
Uhome        - Danisthirty
Sinscerly     - Clay

Scores for Round 1:

6 May, 2020:
Chooselife 92 - Halfling       98 => Proceeding: Halfling

9  May, 2020:
Uhome      81 - Danisthirty 75 => Proceeding: Uhome

10 May, 2020:
Sinscerly 108 - Clay           87 => Proceeding: Sinscerly

14 May, 2020:
DrMeeple 102 - Thodekey  87 => Proceeding: DrMeeple

Good Luck All,

@Halfling drop me a quick PM or reach out on Slack anytime.
Working from home so pretty much can play at any time, just give me 30m heads up.

How about playing at 4pm UK?

Good Luck All,

@danisthirty drop me a quick PM here or BGA.
Pretty much can play at any time, just have to cater for the timezone difference and give me enough time for notice.

@Sinscerly Thank you for hosting the tournament. Your drawing software looks interesting. What is its name and do you have a link for it?


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