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Most expensive Carcassonne item ever on eBay?

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--- Quote from: JT Atomico on September 11, 2013, 10:48:25 AM ---A copy of Die Belagerer just sold for 109.50 euros on eBay! Oh my.

--- End quote ---

Heh, I wondered which one of us just bought this?  Or you mean there are sick Carcassonne completionists out there that are not on this forum?  hehe


Carcassonne: Beseigers

This is selling for $285.00. Plus $20.00 for shipping!!! :o :o :o

That's crazy!

Do you now at last see Tobias point???
Someone (guess who) made these auctions possible.
They are giving these sharks the possibility to make serious money on this.

Let's remember that there's a big difference between how much these sell for and how much people are asking for. I genuinely hope that nobody is desperate enough to spend $285 on 6 tiles. The same guy is still asking for $185 for Corn Circles 1; at that price he can keep it.

The most I've seen the full box sell for is still 109.50 Euros. I've seen two "Buy it Now"s for about 65 Euros and unsurprisingly both of those went quite quickly. There are a couple of ongoing auctions still in progress too.

I have a little curious to know how this guy gets these in expansions, which are not very common even in Germany. ???


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