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Most expensive Carcassonne item ever on eBay?

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--- Quote from: icydarkstary on September 18, 2013, 01:27:35 AM ---Hope this helps..  :)

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Man I would definitely bid but I know it will go waaay out of my price range before long... I also noticed corn circles has gone down in price. (If I had heaps more money and if HiG hadn't mentioned the eventual possibility of a re-release I would consider it).

the bid just increased from 2 Euro to 20.5 Euros  :-\

I can wait.  :-)

Reading this thread has given me a better understanding of why Tobias is so angry. Although it may be completely within a person's right to sell things at ridiculous prices to people who are willing to pay it, I don't think it is right. I especially have a problem with people who buy things so that they can sell them right away for even more money. Nothing has been done to increase the value of the item. I only buy things that I want to keep for myself, and if some day I don't want it anymore, I don't think it is fair to get more money back than what I paid for it because I got value out of the item.

I'm not a big fan of auctions either. I prefer people to tell me how much they want, and if I find the price agreeable, we'll exchange my money for your product. I don't like agreeing to buy something for a certain price, and then somebody with more money comes along and takes it away.

This "Buy it Now" item at ebay is amazing. "Only" 535.20$ for Big Box 3


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