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Basegame League - Round 6

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Round 6

The full list of all fixtures for Rounds 1 to 11 (including results from previous rounds) can be found here: (but please don't play any of your opponents from any future rounds yet as we're going to take it one round at a time). :(y)

Please play your matches as soon as you can!

Good luck to everyone; and when you do get round to playing your match please don't forget to post the results and any screenshots you have here on this post! Thanks C:-)



Bekse - Laplazade

Bekse: +37
Laplazade: -37

Game 1 to Jackface, Halfling started.
Game 2 to Halfling.

1-1 Points victory to Halfling

Thnks for 2 enjoyable games.

Riker and I booked to play this evening.


--- Quote from: dronedrone on May 01, 2019, 11:46:03 PM ---Riker and I booked to play this evening.

--- End quote ---


The Steve and I are due to play this evening.

Anyone else?


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