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Anybody want empty expansion boxes?


JT Atomico:
I am clearing out some space at the moment and came accross all the individual game boxes for the Carcassonne expansions. I keep all of my tiles and components in one Big Box using my tuck boxes.

I have no need for these, but wanted to check if anybody was interested in them before throwing them out! I have empty game boxes for:

* Inns & Cathedrals Sent to 24hourpartymeeple
* Traders & Builders Sent to 24hourpartymeeple
* Princess & Dragon
* The Tower
* Abbey & Mayor
* Graf, Konig & Consorten Sent to CARC_Zoner
* The Catapult
* Bridges, Castles & Bazaars
* Wheel Of Fortune
* Cult, Siege & Creativity Sent to 24hourpartymeeple
* Phantom case (purple) Sent to evmillan
* The Flier Sent to Khonnor
* The Messages Sent to Khonnor
* The Ferries Sent to Khonnor
* The Goldmines Sent to Khonnor
* Mage & Witch Sent to Khonnor
* The Robbers Sent to KhonnorMessage me if you want any of them. I am happy to give them away for free if you give me an address, assuming postage costs are reasonable!


JT Atomico,

I was really pleased to come home to see the package containing the Graf, Konig & Consorten game box!  :)

Now I have game boxes in German, English and French!  Really great of you to put these out to the Carcassonne Central community!


P.S. Merit for you (and postage costs if you message me with your postal address)

Thank you so much for offering and sending these!

Kudos!  :)

Nice job JT!

Thank you so much JT!

With the Purple Phantom Case I completed my Phantom collection :(y)


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