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Wanted - H&G tiles from King & Scout expansion

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For what it's worth, I got a reply from a store here in Sweden that Z-man Games plan to re-release previous expansions but they did not know when. From what I understand they've ordered a batch of all sold out / out of print expansions and got a confirmation to the order.

I can't confirm any of this as my knowledge is pretty slim regarding these things, but I can't imagine a store lying about it either. As I am in no hurry to obtain all expansions I'd be happy to wait a year see where this goes. Of course, the risk of the out of print not being reprinted will be that of increasing the value for those out of print sales!


I found this item on a geek gold auction on BGG today.

Thanks, I emailed him now to see if he still have them.
I saw the Scout on Ebay for 4 dollars yesterday but missed the auction by 1 minute !!!!
The ones that are still on Ebay charge over 30 dollars

Just saw king and scout on ebay.

They had 3 for 19.99 each.

This one here has 3 for 13.75

Those two were in fact the ones I mentioned in my post,
that cost over 30 US dollars (with shipping to Sweden).


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