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I am happy that you still have your great Carcassonne collection.
Your children will grown up and then you can teach them our beloved game.


--- Quote from: CKorfmann on July 23, 2013, 08:34:59 AM ---UPDATE: I didn't have very much interest in my Carcassonne collection at a good price, so it simply didn't sell for a long time.  I'm glad too because after having it hang around a bit and getting a chance to play, I decided to keep it.  Especially now that we have good news from HiG, it makes it that much easier.  My Carcassonne sails are filling again!  Now I just need to find someone to play with...

--- End quote ---

That's fantastic news CK!! Things like that work out for a reason!

I only have my sons to play with, but they are getting to the age now when they enjoy it.
My youngest son only play The Kids of Carcassonne yet, but in a few years I guess he will be at it as well.

 :meeple: It seems that sometimes the toughest part of a game can be to get other people to play. In World of Warcraft of late there seems to be a boss you need 120 players(!) to be able to kill it. Haven't confirmed it, though, as I quit playing a while back.

Been having a drought here as well. This weekend was planned for a Mega Carcassonne game but it ended up going shopping at the mall yesterday and today it was a movie.

What I do sometimes is to play alone when I get an itch. I already know how my cousin and my sister play and try to mimic their playstyle. Trust me, I've lost quite a few times playing alone! You can also make up other personalities, sort of your very own A.I. It sounds more sad than actually is but I find it fun!


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