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I don't understand what you mean by "in case of a conflict".
Each castle owner chooses the points he would like to score for his castle. How can there ever be a conflict?

I think that there is a clear misinterpretation of the castle rules here. in my opinion, it is not mandatory that castles score the same number of points in case both castles are triggered by more than one completed feature.

The examples for both C1 and C2 handle examples in which only one castle is triggered by the scoring of multiple features. If there happens to be a second castle in the first castle's area, it is evident that both castles score the same number of points. These are just examples to show what happens if one castle is triggered by the scoring of another castle, and only by that other castle.

But if several castles are triggered individually by multiple scoring events, then each castle owner can choose which scoring feature he wants to take for his castle. In 99% of the cases, both owners will choose the highest score and will score the same number of points. But if you play with expansions like for instance the Messages, it could occur that a castle owner would accept a lower score.

Official Rules / Re: Carcassonne Maps - France
« on: July 21, 2022, 12:57:37 AM »
Thank you for the more detailed background of the footnote.
So I understand from this clarification that you can use the collected chips immediately in the same turn to sell wine.

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Sunday Quiz 2022
« on: July 10, 2022, 11:12:25 PM »
2) sure, the city on the halfling adjacent works.

That's incorrect. According to the original rules, you can only move your wagon to another feature which is directly connected to the feature your wagon is standing on. So, that means that you can only move your wagon to the German Castle.

Official Rules / Re: Carcassonne Maps - France
« on: July 05, 2022, 08:44:25 AM »
Thank you, Scott, for your prompt reply!

I had checked Wikipedia too, but I do not really understand the footnote. A more detailed clarification might be needed.

Official Rules / Carcassonne Maps - France
« on: July 05, 2022, 08:10:38 AM »
Question regarding selling wine in Carcassonne Maps - France.
Can you use a chip you collect in the same turn to sell wine?

Voted, but I'm afraid it won't help this time...

Voted, but Carcassonne is still 13 votes behind...

Hi Decar, that's what I thought too, but I wasn't completely sure.
Thank you for the confirmation!

Official Rules / Re: Hunters and Gatherers (v2) : Rules Discrepancies
« on: March 21, 2022, 11:44:28 PM »
    • In the Log Boat Scoring Example, HiG, 999 and ZMG all suggest that Red could score 5 points closing a river section (occupied by Red's hut) as well as the 8 points for the log boat itself; the log boat tile also closes a 6-point river segment occupied by Blue's hut. I know it's only 1 point, but ...


    The difference is even two points as the road is three tiles long and contains four fishes.

    Official Rules / Carcassonne Amazonas - jungle space around start tile
    « on: March 21, 2022, 12:09:10 AM »
    I have a question regarding the Carcassonne Amazonas spin-off.
    Is the jungle connected on the two squares next to the river well (boat positions 1 and 2) or are these two different jungle areas as long as no other tiles are connected to them? And again the same question for the two squares next to the river's first turn (boat position 2 and 3)?

    Official Rules / Re: Message 1 with Inns and Cathedrals
    « on: March 18, 2022, 10:44:21 AM »

    If it does count as 0 points, am I forced to choose it as my road with the fewest points making my message worth zero?

    You can always choose to go for option B and take 2 points.

    Yes, that's allowed. Whenever you extend the road the ferry is placed on, this ferry can be repositioned on that lake without any placement restrictions.

    Official Rules / Re: Stealing Cities with Phantoms
    « on: March 03, 2022, 10:39:09 PM »
    Hi DINO, I agree!

    +1 merit from me.

    If the completed unoccupied monastery is in a castle fief, it will trigger the scoring of the castle. Note that the castle would score the same points as the monastery is worth, but it does not score the monastery itself.

    That is clear. If a completed unoccupied monastery is in a castle's fief, the castle owner scores 9 points for the completed castle, eventually increased by additional points for vineyards, etc.

    So, a castle should not trigger the Tanners quater bonus for a monastery in any case. Besides, note that a castle may be scoring points for one out of several features completed in its fief, and the castle's owner may decide to not score points for a completed monastery because there were other features worth more points.

    That is evident.

    The Bookbinders quarter is triggered by the scoring of an occupied monastery (any player will do). When an unoccupied monastery is completed nobody scores its points.
    Here I don't agree.

    Bookbinders quarter: For each scoring of a completed monastery (as well for monasteries of other players) you get 4 bonus points.

    The Bookbinders quarter is triggered by the scoring of a completed monastery. Basegame rules: The player must score any feature completed by tile placement. Scoring of a feature is triggered by the completion of a feature.
    A monastery is completed when it is completely surrounded by tiles. During scoring, the monastery is worth 1 point per tile that completes it (including the monastery itself).

    My interpretation is that all completed features are scored, but if it is unoccupied (hence nobody has a majority) nobody actually receives points.

    That would imply that the Bookbinders quarter is triggered by the completion of any monastery, occupied or not.

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