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In case you ever bought from Boardgamegeek, please be aware that their marketplace is completely closing on September 1st. It seems all history will be deleted as well.

If you have never used Boardgamegeek you can safely ignore this information

The Marketplace / WTS Carcassonne Müller Exklusiv-Edition (Sold)
« on: August 05, 2022, 12:06:29 AM »
New, perfect condition, but not in shrink.  Opened only to make sure it really contained Die Belagerer.  It did.

Guide Price: £120

Please do NOT PM me with offers, please make your offers here


Anything Else / How to pay in (e.g) GBP using PayPal with EUR
« on: July 31, 2022, 01:26:21 AM »
I have tucked this post away here so that people who don't care about it won't be bothered by seeing it in the main forums.

If you need to send money using PayPal in a foreign currency (say GBP) using a different currency (say EUR) it is very easy.  You just need to do the following in your PayPal "Send Money" screen.  The examples are in English from a UK PayPal screen.  Of course the language may be different on your screen, and maybe it looks a little different too, but the idea is the same.:

In Step1: (image below)
Click on the "EUR" below the amount, you don't need to add an amount just yet.
This opens a drop-down list where you can choose the currency you need to send

In Step2 (image below)
In this example you are sending GBP; click on GBP and the screen changes to Step 3

In Step 3
You should now see TWO sets of amounts and currencies:
You Send (in your national language), in your currency
Recipient gets (in your national language), in their currency

Now, type the amount the recipient should get in "their box",
click somewhere else on the screen to "enter" that number, and
you should see the amount you will be charged in "your box".

Check the amounts are correct, especially what the recipient will get and in which currency, and send :)

Note: there may be fees or charges in your country that I cannot know about, sorry.  This might be 1.99 and more, depending on what currencies you are using, and whcih country your PayPal account is in.  You'll have to check. 

Hello everyone

As you know, I am selling my entire collection of Carcassonnerie from the UK.  This is a Public Service Announcement about shipments from outside the EU into the EU.

We all know this is a popular game worldwide.  There are no problems selling and shipping inside the UK (obviously) and strangely it is easy to ship to the USA as they have no taxes or duties on import of these things.

Unfortunately,  when I send things to you in the EU and if your Customs or Tax Authorities become interested in the envelope, then your Customs/Postal authorities may process it for payment of ÁFA; ALV; Moms; BTW; TVA; MWSt; DDV; DPH; DPH; IVA; km; USt.; PDV; PTU; VAT; PVM; PVN; CBL; ΦΠΑ; ДДС at the rate in your country (16% - 27%) and may charge a fee (perhaps €5 - €10, I cannot know).

Your country may have its own local rules and procedures even if they are all meant to be the same across the EU: I cannot know what they are, sorry.

Please bear this in mind when asking me to ship to your country: I am happy to do so, of course, but the Customs issues are your responsibility I'm afraid.

This is ironic since every one of the items will have come from Germany originally, and will have had German VAT (MWSt) paid on them, but even if they are sent back to Germany, the EU authorities insist that VAT/MWSt is paid again now we are not part of the EU.

That is the end of the Public Service Announcement. 

I am working my way through my "Basically Wooden" Carcassonne storage box and found that:

- I have a "spare" copy of "The Plague"/Die Pest" in shrink, with German rules page from Spielbox magazine.
- I have two copies of "Cult, Siege & Creativity", both in tuckbox. One "like new", one a little scuffed.  I will keep one of them with my collection for the time being, one can be sold.

I invite offers around £50.  Please make your offers here, below, on the forum.  Please do NOT PM me with offers, please make your offers here.

You may make offers in Euros if you like, remembering that  €1 ≅ £1.2, so to offer, say, £50 you have to offer €60.  Payment must be in £.

Are there any recommendations for shipping small, valuable items from the UK to the EU (or different EU countries if practices vary) for hassle-free transit?

Should I just pop it in cardboard CD-mailer (remember those?) and send it as a letter on a priority service with adequate insurance?  Is it sophistry to argue that the value of a Carcassonne tile is £1 (as that is what they can be bought for from Cundco) not the price someone paid because the really wanted that particular tile?

What do folks do?

"Asking for a friend".



The Marketplace / WTS (UK) - 7 Carcasssonne Maps + Map chips
« on: July 27, 2022, 01:39:29 AM »
Please PM me with serious offers.
I have been asked to  ask for offers to be made here, on the forum.  I am very happy to oblige.  Please do NOT PM me with offers, please make your offers here.

You may make offers in Euros if you like, remembering that  €1 ≅ £1.2, so to offer, say, £50 you have to offer €60.  Payment must be in £.

All are new and unplayed, they have flattened out really nicely: obviously Cundco thought about this when choosing the material.

USA West
USA East
Great Britain
Peninsula Iberica
Map Chips

I'd like to sell them as a bundle, but I will sell them one by one.

£12 per map (up to 6 maps). 
All 7 Maps: £77 and the chips are free.

Shipping (UK only) :
One or two maps probably £4.95
All seven maps might be as low as £4.95, probably £6.35

It probably doesn't make sense to send these back to the EU as you'd have to pay VAT/TVA/UVT on them.  It probably doesn't make sense to buy them in the UK from Cundco as they charge German VAT and you'd have to pay UK VAT (and a fee) on import.

I have the following "outside" my V1 collection (all of the Spiel tiles are, of course, V2). There is a Darmstadt and Tunnels and R2 in my collection still.

'14 - four three. Sold out
'15 - five four One.
'16 - four three Two, for sure Sold out
'17 - five four five Four  Three (found another in a baggie) One   Sold Out
'18 - five four Three One
'19 - apparently none, but I'm sure I have one somewhere None.
'20 - one Offers around £20 sold

Darmstadt, New in Shrink Sold
Tunnels, New in Shrink   Offers over £66
River II, New in tuckbox - two   Offers over £26

If you are interested please PM me with an offer.  Please don't ask what I want for them, we can see what they sell for on BGG.  I don't necessarily expect to get the current asking prices, but I do expect to get very good prices, so please be serious with your offers. 
I have been asked to put prices on these items and ask for offers to be made here, on the forum.  I am very happy to oblige.  Please do NOT PM me with offers, please make your offers here.

You may make offers in Euros if you like, remembering that  £1 ≅ €1.2, so to offer, say, £50 you have to offer €60.  Payment must be in £.

I have made a post here about sending GBP if your PayPal or Bank Account is in a different currency (e.g. EUR) Perhaps you will find it helpful.

The Marketplace / Каркассон Drinks Coasters
« on: July 25, 2022, 10:18:38 AM »
Many years ago I bought these three drinks coasters from Russia - 10cm x 10cm, cork backed - regular drinks coasters, really.

I offer them for sale, singly or together.

Update: Two Sold, pending payment, one remains.

If you are interested please PM me with an offer.  Please don't ask me what I want for them, I don't know: I'll let the market decide :)

(I hope an image appears .....)

General / Silly question: where do I find messages I've sent?
« on: July 25, 2022, 09:56:12 AM »
I really shouldn't be asking questions like this, but try as I might I can't find copies of replies I've sent to people who have sent me messages.

Until just now, I did NOT have this ticked "Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default".  Does that mean none of my replies have been saved?

I have told a couple of people I would do certain things, but now I seem to have no record of what I said I'd do - and there's no point rummaging through the deep recesses of what once used to be my mind ...



(Nothing to do with me, just came up on my screen)

(Sorry: I should have edited the title when I became aware it had gone)

The Marketplace / WTS all my Carcassonne spin-offs
« on: July 24, 2022, 01:33:07 AM »

I'm selling-off all my Carcassonne spin-offs.  Actually I'm selling my entire board game collection due to advancing years and ill-health.  You can find me on BGG as enoon. I'm in the UK.

I invite offers for the spin-offs listed below. 
Obviously shipping to Europe is more problematic than it used to be, but I am happy to do so as long as you understand the customs/border issues at your end.
Shipping to Europe for one game costs somewhere around £9 to £12.  Oddly, shipping a 20kg box of many games might cost only £30!

If you are in Europe, and especially if these items are available from Cundco, it probably won't make sense for you to buy them from me.
If you're in the UK, check local prices and/or Cundco's shipping costs (don't forget to add 20% VAT and £6 - £12 Parcelforce handling charge!)

At the request of  D'Management please do NOT PM me with offers (or requests for prices), please make any offers here.

Please don't ask me for photos of these boxes!  I use my phone as a phone and to send text messages: (it can take photos, but I don't). It is not integrated with my PC and taking photos and wrangling them onto my PC to email or post here is just something I really do not enjoy doing, and anyway, everyone knows what these boxes look like: if you need them to be perfect, best check them on the shelf of a retail store.  My descriptions are accurate.

You may make offers in Euros if you like, remembering that  €1 ≅ £1.2, so to offer, say, £50 you have to offer €60.  Payment must be in £.

Ark of the Covenant with added ornate gold plastic Ark for added goodness. Nordic edition, pristine condition just opened to pop in the Ark
Guide Price: £40.  That's roughly what I think I paid for it.

Über Stock und Stein ‐ German first edition (2015). Pristine, unplayed. Comes with professionally printed full colour English rules on 120gsm silk stock machine folded and centre stapled - just like the originals.
Guide Price: £15

Safari - German, New in Shrink plus Spiel Doch! Expansion (2018)
Guide Price: £30.

Hunters & Gatherers - "Rio Grande English edition (2002)", Excellent condition, tiniest of corner whitening.
Guide Price: £20.

The City (in Wooden Box): German. With Paper Band. Excellent condition
Guide Price: £50.

The City (in Wooden Box): English. Excellent condition
Guide Price: £60.

Südsee – German plus Freitag . Pristine condition. Comes with full colour professionally printed, folded and stapled English rules.
Guide Price: £48.

Winter Edition - German plus professionally printed full colour English rules on 120gsm silk stock machine folded and centre stapled - just like the originals, plus Der Lebkuchenmann  (new) plus Winter Corn Circles (new)
Winter Edition - Guide Price £35 (like new); Der Lebkuchenmann - Guide Price £10; Winter Corn Circles - Guide Price £15

Star Wars - Multilingual. Pristine condition plus Erweiterung 1 (multilingual) New in Shrink
Guide Price: £50.

Kids - English, excellent condition, tiny corner whitening.
Guide Price: £20.

Amazonas - German, pristine condition plus Mini Expansion (2017)
Guide Price: £20.

Gold Rush - Z-man English, excellent condition plus The Sheriff (new)
Guide Price: £40.

The Discovery - RGG English. One corner slightly bruised otherwise excellent condition
Guide Price: £22.

New World RGG English Small corner whitening, otherwise excellent.
Guesstimate: £50.

The Castle - RGG English, excellent condition plus Quevy's Falcon Expansion
Guide Price: £50.



General / Flattening rolled-up Carcassonne vinyl maps
« on: July 23, 2022, 09:21:35 AM »
Cough.  I've only just unpacked a parcel I received in 2020 which contained all the Carcassonne vinyl maps and some other goodies (I blame illness and old age).

Although they weren't tightly wound, nonetheless they don't want to lie flat, and after two years, I don't blame them.

I have counter-wound them and bundled them up with some bondage tape, but I'm wondering if anyone has a foolproof way of dealing with my stupidity.

Many thanks

Oh dear.

With the release of the seemingly reasonably-priced new-art BB6 I've decided I have to begin the completionist pathway for the new art.

I've been out-of-touch for a while though, and I'm having trouble working out what else I need to catch up.  I'm only looking for one version of everything - for example if I have I&C in BB5, I don't need it as a standalone expansion.

So, the BB6 contains

Inns & Cathedrals
Traders & Builders
The River
The Abbot
The Flying Machines
The Messengers
The Ferries
The Gold Mines
Mage & Witch
The Robbers
Corn Circles II

I 'accidentally' have:

Spiel 14
Spiel 15
Spiel 16
The Watchtowers
Temples in Japan

so - am I right that I just need to get

Abbey & Mayor
Princess and Dragon
Under the Big Top

and I'm fully caught up?

I vowed not to go down this route ... but BB6 tipped the balance.  Bah!

Many thanks in advance for helping me catch up!

If you do - and if it's allowed - would anyone be able to email me the English rules for "The Tunnel" from the Spielbox magazine?

Thanks in advance (and I'll delete this if it's inappropriate)

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