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Official Rules / The bets
« on: October 25, 2022, 05:43:02 AM »
Here are two questions regarding the bets, the expansion itself, not about interactions :

1. On which tiles does the betting office separate fields fields ? Some are clear, having a green area all around the office, but some aren't...

2. For final scoring, how do we choose which city/road we want to score ? All of the players have to agree ? This seems messy, if there's a 6 tile road and a 4 tile city,  a player did bet 4 and another one did bet 6... Fight, the one who survives gets to choose  >:D

Official Rules / New mini expansion: The Signposts
« on: November 30, 2021, 04:20:55 AM »
So now there's a new mini

The description says:
With this mini-expansion you can score additional points when you finish a street. To do this, you have to steer the course of the road as the signposts show you.

The e-mail newsletter states:
The inhabitants of Carcassonne appreciate your help in showing them the right way. Therefore, for every signpost placed that correctly predicts the next road tile, you will receive extra points when completing your road.

Seems like a good expansion to increase roads attractivity  :yellow-meeple:

I hope we're gonna get official rules soon !  :o

Hi everyone,

WICA says:
You cannot make a river turn twice in a row in the same direction (a U-turn), as this risks that the following tile will be impossible to place

And also:
Question: With the U-turn rule when making rivers, does that mean no U-turn ever, or just no immediate U-turns because it will complicate the placement of subsequent river tiles?

Answer: Only immediate U-turns are explicitly forbidden. Naturally, there can also be problems if a straight river tile lies between. Turning river the same way three times should also be considered prohibited.

This seems quite clear. On the picture below, I did always play that A and C are allowed (they're not direct u-turns), but B and D are forbidden (direct u-turns).

But asmodee's mobile app forbids situation A too and allows B, C and D. No matter the situation, the app doesn't allow the river to go back in the direction of the river source (see screenshot, the last tile shown can only be placed to make the river go down, it can't be placed so that the river go back up).

Is this an unofficial restriction used by asmodee that you cannot make direct u-turns AND you cannot make the river go back in direction of the source ?

Official Rules / Question about City gates and builder
« on: May 16, 2021, 04:37:05 AM »
Hi all,

I couldn't find any information about this on WICA.

If red has a road with one of his meeples and his builder.
At the beginning of his turn, red draws a tile with a city gate and places it so that the city gate closes the road.

Is red:
  • Granted a builder extra turn, since he placed a tile in prolongation  of his road
  • Not granted an extra turn, since the tile placed doesn't add any new segment to the road

A note about this on WICA would be great  :yellow-meeple:

I did just notice, on Zman games's exp 5 page, the picture presenting the abbey placement is depicting a wrong tile placement !

See the top left tile ? With a field adjacent to... A city ! Really ?  ;D ;D ;D

I wanted to share just for fun  :yellow-meeple:

The Marketplace / WTB Saint Nicholas scoreboard
« on: April 21, 2021, 09:56:29 PM »
Well... I know there's almost no way to get it now... And BGG's price history is shocking  :o

But still... If anyone has it for sale, for a reasonably unreasonable price, I'm interested in the Saint Nicholas scoreboard  :yellow-meeple:


Here's a comparison between all kinds of standard meeples, with pictures (updated May 8, 2021).

Most meeples on the pictures are originals from Cundco, except the phantoms from Ebay, and some teachers with special colors that came from spielmaterial.

Some sets do not have a regular size, that's why they have a min-max range (see the travel edition for example, 1mm difference though the meeples came from the same box)  :o

The phantoms from Ebay do not all have the same thickness (some are thinner), but strangely, every colors that are also available on Meeplesource have the same thickness. They do probably come from the same manufacturer, or even the core Ebay set originally comes from Meeplesource.
Also, original phantoms have very sharp edges, those from Ebay have more smooth rounded edges.

Sadly, there's no nature (light brown) phantom, if anyone knows where to get one?  ???

Click on picture to make it bigger  :yellow-meeple:

And here's a comparison including mini phantoms from Meeplesource :


I have different game parts to sell, they'll come as you can see them in the picture below.

If you're interested in some of them, just tell me. Prices are in Swiss Francs and doesn't include shipping costs and Paypal fees, as they depends on your country and how many expansions you want. I'll ship them from Switzerland.

Tiles are C1, old design
  • Flying machines 8 tiles + dice + 1 crop circle tile, without box (CHF 25)
  • Robbers 8 tiles + meeples with pink added + 1 crop circle tile, without box (CHF 25) SOLD
  • Messengers 8 tiles + meeples with pink added + 1 crop circle tile, without box (CHF 25)
  • Gold mines 8 tiles + gold pieces + 1 crop circle tile, without box (CHF 25) SOLD
  • Ferries 8 tiles + ferries + 1 crop circle tile, without box (CHF 25)
  • Halflings I, used a very few times and in excellent condition, with German rules (CHF 12)
  • Cathedrals in Germany, used a very few times and in excellent condition, with German and English rules (CHF 10) SOLD
  • Cathedrals in Germany, new and sealed (CHF 15) SOLD
  • Castles in Germany, new and sealed (CHF 30) SOLD
  • Carcassonne travel edition (travelCarcassonne): Unpunched tiles, box and English rules(CHF 15)
  • Abbots meeple set (CHF 10)
  • Spielbox magazine, still sealed, with bonus card for Scythe (CHF 2, or free upon request with any order)

Click on picture to make it bigger


Hi everyone,

I tried a game with Easter in Carcassonne for the first time today, I recommend all of you to play it at least once with family around Easter time !  :yellow-meeple:

We played using :
  • Base game
  • Exp. 9: Hills and Sheeps
  • Exp. 10: Under the big top
  • Easter in Carcassonne

WICA says around 40 eggs are recommended. But with 3 players, 60 eggs were awarded to the players (one got 13, one got 21, and one got 26), even though only half of the Easter nests were completed.

Did some of you already try this expansion? How many eggs were awarded? Should the recommendation from WICA be increased to 60?

I guess, if it is mixed with many expansions, less eggs are required as the density of meeples is lower on the tiles.

And here's another question, WICA says the final scoring is :
The player with the most Easter eggs gets 10 points. The player with the second most Easter eggs gets 5 points. In the event of a tie, all players receive the corresponding points.

But the scoring after the game says:
2 points / Easter egg

One of those pages is mistaken, which is true, 2 points per Easter eggs, or 10 / 5 points per players?

Official Rules / Plea flight and the dragon or Vodyanoy
« on: February 19, 2021, 05:58:54 AM »
When a meeple is taking flight from the plague, we may move it on another part of its feature as long as it doesn't have to go through an infected tile.

Would it be correct to extend this restriction to the dragon as well as to tiles affected by Vodyanoi (when a meeple is taking flight from the plague, we may move it on another part of its feature as long as it doesn't have to go through an infected tile, a tile containing the dragon, or a tile affected by Vodyanoi)?

I didn't find any clue about this on WICA, but it seems logical to me, a meeple taking flight is considered as "passing" one tile after another, that's why it can't go through an infected tile, and so also not through a tile containing the dragon, or a tile affected by Vodyanoi. :yellow-meeple:

Any thought ?

Official Rules / Question about messages and negative points
« on: January 25, 2021, 01:47:05 PM »
Recent clarifications about the peasant revolts made me think about a situation I don't know how to handle, and WICA doesn't give an answer to that I think  ???

If, at the end of a round of scoring, one of the active player's scoring ends up on a dark space of the scoreboard :
  • after scoring points, he gets a message
  • after losing points, he doesn't get a message
  • but what if he did both?

Example :
During step 2, I take a meeple from a bathouse (-5), place a meeple and protect it (-4), buy back a captured meeple (-3), place a phantom and protect it (-4), take back my flock with two sheeps (+2) and get a fruit (+3).

If I move the messenger for negative points, and the other scoring figure for positive points and it ends up on a dark space of the scoreboard, I'd get a message.

But if I move my messenger only and it ends on a dark space of the scoreboard, do we consider :
  • I get a message, since I still got some positive points?
  • I do not get a message, since the total movement during that scoring round wasn't positive?

We could also imagine a "zero" situation, 3 points for abbot removal and - 3 points for buying back a captured meeple...

Official Rules / Placing a meeple in the city of Carcassonne
« on: January 14, 2021, 08:05:22 AM »
On the order of play, step 3c:
If you did not score any points from placement of the tile this turn, but one or more opponents did, you may place a meeple in the City of Carcassonne. Then, if you did the placement, you may move the Count to a district of your choice.

I had in mind that:
A. This do only consider step 3, not the whole turn, according to the expansion's WICA page:
Each time you perform a scoring in phase 3. Scoring a feature, [2] if at least one of your opponents gains points and you gain none, [3] you may place a meeple in one of the four city districts (even if the Count is in that district). Then, you may move the Count to a district of your choice within the city of Carcassonne.
So it should be "If you did not score any points during step 3 (or only step 3a and 3b if circus is appart too) but one or more opponents did..."

B. Teacher and robber points are not considered to determine if you or another player earned points, if that's still the case, it should be mentioned too.

C. We may move the count only, or place a meeple only, or do both. According to WICA:
Quote may place a meeple in one of the four city districts (even if the Count is in that district). Then, you may move the Count to a district of your choice within the city of Carcassonne.
There is no restriction saying that you may move the count only if you did place a meeple in the city?

Am I correct? If so, I think the phrase should be:
"If you did not score any points during step 3 (or only step 3a and 3b if circus is appart too) but one or more opponents did (without considering robber or teacher points), you may place a meeple in the City of Carcassonne, then, you may move the Count to a district of your choice."

The Marketplace / WTB the gingerbread man wooden figure
« on: January 03, 2021, 11:53:23 AM »
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the gingerbread man (the wooden figure, the tiles are not necessary).

If someone's selling a copy or knows where to find it, I'm interested  ;)

I know it's on BGG, but 50 euros is a bit too much as I'm only interested in the wooden figure.

I searched for it on but couldn't find it.

Hi everyone,

We played on USA East and West combined together yesterday, this was really fun.

One problem: We played with 230 tiles, as indicated per the rules. And at the end of the game, all the middle of the map was empty ! As the 4 start squares are close to the side of the map, the middle is getting tiles only later in the game. And once every tiles were placed, there was 3 empty columns in the middle (that's about 30 empty spaces), and about 3-4 columns on each sides with only a few tiles.

We then decided to add 50 tiles, and that was far better. We could place them all, and still didn't have to discard any of them ! (during the whole game, we discarded 8 tiles due to the map chip rules, but we didn't have to discard any tile drawed from the tile dispenser).

So my conclusion is: 230 tiles is really not enough ! I strongly recommend to play with:
  • 270 - 280 tiles if playing with the map chip rules (as some may be discarded due to those rules)
  • 260 - 270 tiles if playing without the map chip rules

The playing area at the end of the game, that's 280 tiles, minus 8 that were discarded due to the map chip rules):

Just for the sight, my tunnel wooden pieces in context:

Just for the sight, my toll wooden pieces in context (they're a bit too big, but at least we do not lose them on the playing area):

Reviews & Session Reports / The worst expansion combination
« on: December 13, 2020, 08:25:45 AM »
Yesterday I tried a game with a friend, on the Great Britain map (self printed, I do only have the USA original maps) combining:
  • The tower
  • Princess and dragon
  • The plague
  • Besiegers
  • The catapult, using only knock-out tockens
  • La Porxada
  • The peasant revolt
  • The barber-surgeons
  • Without the base game because that would have been too many tiles
  • GQ11 to increase a bit the number of tiles

And I'm too sad I forgot the crop circles, Solovei Razboynik, Vodyanoy and the wheel of fortune (why not the wind rose?), for a little more mess, instead of GQ11  >:D

Anyway, this was soo difficult to keep a meeple in place, and to find any good spot to place a tile (there was either the dragon, either a plague, either a tower everywhere (or all the three of them!), and always a chance that the other player'd have a tile to place near your meeple (almost every tiles were bad !).
But it was such a mess that it became really funny to play ! It looked more like a survival game, trying to get every little point possible before dying, being captured, or going in a bathhouse.

Some towers were used mainly to take a meeple back from a bathhouse, and the plague was sometimes used for that purpose too.

Only two players with about 90 tiles, but we couldn't reach more than 134 points !  :o

Here's a little picture, where you can also see my new bathhouse markers and plague tokens in action.

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