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General / Do you recognise this start tile?
« on: March 26, 2023, 02:54:44 AM »
someone on ebay-kleinanzeigen is wondering about a start tile.
For me it looks like a fan expansion but I do not know it.
Does anybody here has an idea from what fan expansion this is?  @wolnic ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi everybody,
it pains me to see that so many people all around the world have difficulties with this great game   :(
Most of the time this is due to misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the rules which are really poorly written.
I have checked in many forums and found that ALL players who found this game difficult, have at some stage not played the game as intended. ALL !!
Only level 6 is just not feasable. I have found only one player who won once in a solo game ... but before that he lost 150 times...
Therefore I suggest that you just forget about level 6.

In order to help making this game enjoyable, I have started to make checklists. There will be one checklist per level per number of players.
Meepledrone will somehow integrate this in the WICA later, but I wanted to start sharing the first checklists so that people can already profit from them.

NOTE: you should always read the official rules first and play a game or two on your own BEFORE you refer to my checklists. The checklists are NOT rules, but they will help you to understand the rules and put all into the right order and not forget anything

You will always find the latest updates and an overview in this first post.

Update February 25th, 2023:
English checklists have been added or updated for all levels

level 1 (2 players): English and German available   Checklist here
level 2 (2 players): English and German available   Checklist here
level 3 (2 players): English and German available   Checklist here
level 4 (2 players): English and German available   Checklist here
level 5 (2 players): English and German available   Checklist here
level 6 (2 players): English and German available   Checklist here

General / What is your favorite tile in the basegame?
« on: January 27, 2023, 03:01:43 AM »
I know, it is an odd question, but nevertheless.... what is yours?

Mine is this one, because it offers so many nice possibilities  >:D


no no no, Meepledrone, do not read any further!!!!!  >:D

From here only for all the others...

Hi everybody,

Meepledrone is doing such a great job providing us the Advent Quizz and giving us a great time and a lot of fun with that.
I know that it is taking him a lot of work to do it.

So I thought it would be nice to give him a present.  :)
What do you think? Would you like to join in and participate?

We just asked him on Discord and it seems this time of year, he really appreciates the Spanisch Kings cake...
What if we gather enough money to ask his favorite bakery to make this cake in the shape of a meeple?

Is there anybody here who speaks spanish?

I hope you like my idea and join in  :)

General / How do you shuffle your tiles?
« on: December 04, 2022, 01:23:03 AM »
This dialogue from the " I love the postman" thread had me thinking...

My big existential question of the moment related to carcassonne is to know if I invest in sleeves to protect my tiles.  ???

If you use a bag to draw the tiles is a must...

It really is. I was playing a copy of Hunters and gathers 2nd edition out of a bag and you could tell a few pieces has already taken a beating

We do not use a bag but the tower for the tiles. But we need to shuffle them and I can clearly see that they get rubbed from that!

We put them face down on the table and shuffle and I think, clearly, that is not a good idea....

My BB5 tiles got a little damaged so I just had to buy a new BB5 box (for a good price ;) ) but would like to avoid that in the future.
Also, I don't want to use sleeves.

Any ideas how to shuffle without damaging the tiles?

General / Info: CundCo now catching up on problems with Advent sale
« on: January 26, 2022, 10:07:44 PM »
just wanted to share the good news:

Like many of us, I had a problem during the advent sale with postage calculation on the CundCo website. I wrote to CundCo on Nov 29th and got back an answer yesterday afternoon as well as the refund of the too much paid amount.  :)

Background: My order could have been shipped as normal letter but was calculated AND shipped as parcel. So, in fact, they shipped according to the cost but I still got refunded because they acknowledged there was definitely a problem with their webside.

I don't want to re-start a discussion here, this is just an information.

Hi fellow players,

I am not new to the Carcassonne world (I am German and I played from the beginning of the game...), I am not even new to this forum (I joined in 2017), but after many years of silence and background activity (meaning crafting those wonderful fan expansions and playing them with much joy) this is my first post :)
I am a little sad to see that the activity around Carcassonne seems to go down and I am getting the impression that most of the players left are die hard CC I fans....  :yellow-meeple:
Dont get me wrong, I also do prefer CC I (for a lot of reasons) but I have no trouble playing with mixed games or even with only the new edition.
So, is my impression right or wrong? Pleeeease convince me that I am wrong  ;)

The real reason why I am asking 8):  I am just now developing my own very first fan expansion - idea was from a few days ago (I posted it in the German Carcassonne Forum) but it is only for CC II.
Do you think I can find players willing to test knowing that test has to be in CC II ? Are there even enough active players to find somebody willing to test? 

Thanks a lot for replying! :) :) :)

PS: and thanks a lot to all the wonderful people who have created those wonderful fan expansions I like to play with... :)

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