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The Marketplace / [WTB] clothbag with scoreboard on it
« on: May 20, 2017, 08:20:54 AM »
Hello all,

I recently purchased a travel edition of our beloved game. However, the dutch version does not include a clothbag with a scoreboard on it. The scoreboard is part of the box itself which is ugly and definitely not practical when I want to take the game with me on my trip to the U.S.A.  :( :(

Therefore anyone that is willing to part with his/hers? Unfortunately I don't have much to trade for but I am willing to make an effort.

Or perhaps there are alternatives which I haven't thought of. Any help is definitely appreciated  :(y) :)

Not sure if this is meant for the marketplace or not but hey, it can always be moved to another location. 

So, when checking Ebay today, I came across that one thing a lot of us want, but is nearly untrackable. The 2000 first edition HiG Carcassonne with the 70p-scoreboard. Yes, the holy grail for a lot of members here.
I've been checking Ebay and other sources for almost a year nearly every day. This is the first time I saw one.

What follows is a battle report.  ;)

it was moderately priced at 31 euro an hour before the end. I probed with an offer of 33, but immediatly (due to automatic bidding), it was topped again. I raised it until 40. I thought the only way I could probably make a chance (I absolutely hate automatic bidding), is to drop a bombshell 20 seconds before the end. So I did...

91 euro. Again not enough. I raised the offer 3 times in 10 seconds but wasn't able to win it in the end. The original went for 98 euro and there goes that scoreboard  :(

To think of it, 98 euro is a really big sum and probably (a bit) too much than I originally anticipated on but as I said, this was a first chance for me.

If anyone bought it and is a member here at Carcassonne Central (always a chance), I'm really curious what your max offer was. You could always drop me a pm if you want.

What are the thoughts on automatic bidding?

Long story short, what an exciting and tense sunday afternoon (watching football in the sofa).

The Marketplace / WTB Windroses: Carcassonne on tour (not spielbox)
« on: September 20, 2016, 08:25:46 PM »
Could someone help me? I understand there are 2 versions. One was a collection thing at Carcassonne on Tour, the other is available via Cundco.

I bought the one via Cundco but is the other once available somewhere or is it impossible to get? If so, anyone selling?  :o

Other Games / What to buy next? A capitalist 'must spend now' topic
« on: April 21, 2016, 04:31:40 PM »
Hello, my fellow Carcassonians,

With the arrival of the Tunnels and Tower expansion I personally consider my Carcassonne collection functionally almost complete (1-tile Count starter tile and windroses needed). Gameplay-wise, I feel I have everything to play Carcassone with enough variant possibilities while maintaining the fun-factor. Having no intention at starting to collect spin-offs or 2.0, and loving board games more and more every day, I am now looking at other options to broaden my collection of games and enjoying others next to Carcassonne.

Now, I want to broaden this topic and not create it especially for me so the intention of this topic is to help you solve any dilemma's regarding board games in general. Should you buy something or not, ask for advice, weigh options when considering buying something new etc... Discussing the buy is half of the fun, I feel. You can even place an 'add' here for others to suggest games to you. Just mention which elements you find key in your next purchase, even add a price range.. The possibilities are endless.

I have been reading a lot of your topics on variant games but I'm definitely not sure WHAT I want (tile-laying, cardgames, classics,...). I have played a few other games and I've come to the following list of the ones I'm interested in at this moment. I would like to buy them all but financially, that's a no go since I'm still looking for my first job (graduated 'recently'). Therefore price is probably a big factor. Anything above 40 euro I find a bit much (per box, not in total)

The genre of the games I like is most of the time a very strategic approach. Come up with a masterplan, try to deal with your opponents and change your plan accordingly to seal the win. It has to be able to be played well with 3 persons at the minimum.

-Dominion: A lot of possibilities with various expansions, seems never to bore because of the variation and is tactically really interesting.

-Colt Express: It looks brilliant, plays nice according to you guys and girls and is fairly new so many more things to come. Not sure about the strategy aspect?

-Space Hulk: Death Angel -> A cooperative strategic cardgame in the Warhammer 40k universe. It looks really interesting, can be played      solo and it in one of my favorite fantasy universes. There are also a few expansions for it. Anyone any experience with this one?

- 7Wonders: Well, where to begin... Everybody here is really fond of this game, it does look interesting. Which expansions would be a must-buy as well? Is it fun playing with 3 people? How steep is the learning curve?

Other suggestions are welcome of course!

In essence: which one would you buy? ;)

The Marketplace / WTS Cathars/ die Katharer
« on: March 10, 2016, 07:25:59 AM »
So, I've received my Cathars/die Katharer today. I do not consider them essential to my collection, so I'm willing to part with them if anyone is still looking for these.

Why did I buy them, you might ask? I bought them because I knew that where I found them would probably be not found by any of you guys (Dutch second hand site) and since we're a collector community, I might do a pleasure for someone. I paid less for them than on Ebay, but I'm looking to recuperate (most of) my cost to be honest. Not here to make a profit, so if your bid is higher than my cost, I'll tell you honestly of course. 

Attached, you can find some photos. They are still in their sheet, but I'm not sure if they're still stuck in it (due to transportation). I haven't unpacked them yet and if I find a buyer, I won't either.

Pm me!

Reviews & Session Reports / Valheru's session reports
« on: February 25, 2016, 03:34:15 PM »
Because it was just one game, and I don't want to open a topic each time, I decided to make a general topic on my 'sessions'.

First one is a one game session with two others, using only the base game. I was stupid enough to take the overview photograph after the counting, so there are just a few meeples still standing (mine, being red). Sorry about that.

The placement of the river made sure there were trapping possibilities. I've noticed that I've learned a lot these past months regarding trapping and farming and was determined to use these new things in a realtime game. I succeeded pretty well. My friend playing yellow got trapped with 3 meeples in total (one on the c-river-c-river tile and one on the adjacent road). Both because of my tile-placement. +1 for you guys on the trapping tips!

Next was the farming. The main farm on the well of the river was claimed by my friend Black. I succeeded in joining the farm on the bottom of the screen. Next was the total control of the farm. It looked like a friendly hand on the big city (controlled by yellow) but I managed to connect the farm yet again and claim it for my own.  Again +1 for this forum on the farming tips!

While I was pretty confident during the game that I would win this (I looked in total control), yellow suddenly emerged (with 3 meeples down!) as a threat. The big city on the left got finished and was worth a smashing 34 points. The big city on the right didn't get finished and was shared by the three of us. With some cloisters and long roads for yellow as well, I was starting to doubt my winning possibilities. Luckily, I managed to win in the end with just 2 points!

 :red-meeple: 91
 :yellow-meeple: 89
 :black1-meeple: 77

Played a game of Guillotine as well tonight. What a fun game that is!

The Marketplace / WTB Das Fest/The Festival
« on: February 17, 2016, 06:27:46 AM »
Title states the obvious. Haven't found them online yet, and not really sure about that rarity of them or the right price.. But is anyone willing to sell their spare copy/...?

Official Rules / Solving the dragon-German castle situation?
« on: February 09, 2016, 04:38:55 PM »
So, during a playing session with a few friends, we combined, next to some other expansions, the dragon and castles in Germany. Now in the CAR, it is stated that:

'It is unknown if the German castle tile counts as one tile or two for the purposes of dragon
movement, flier movement, the plague, and tower range. (5/2015)'

It could be me, or maybe just logical thought, but since the castle-tiles give 12 points when fully built around it, the castle itself counts for two points when counting. If every tile, like a cloister, is worth one point, doesn't it automatically make that castle a twotile-tile and thus solving the dragon question (splitting it in half while moving the dragon)?

The Marketplace / WTB Carcassonne GQ11-expansion
« on: January 20, 2016, 03:45:54 PM »
As stated in the title, looking for that particular expansion. The ones I found online aren't shipping to Belgium or look a bit dodgy.. Anyone able to help or WTS?

Thanks in advance!

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