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Did anyone bite on this (not literally)? If not, I might still be interested... O:-)
Ow, now you've gone and made me feel guilty about being interested.  :-[

Hello, me too I have recently bought the Autorenpäckchen on CundCo website and I am pretty disappointed about the content of the box. While the wood pieces are pretty much the same of the pictures, the banknotes are really bad assorted (I have only 1, 200 and 500 values, missing all the intermediate ones!); also it came with only one label A4 sheet (instead of the two promised on their website) and I didn't get blank sheets of tiles but only a 12 sheet tiles from H&G me too. Since I already have this game, if you are interested in this sheet maybe we can do a swap or, if you don't have nothing interesting for me, I can sell you for 2 € plus shipping. Of course, you need to be sure that it is not the same sheet, since it seems that this Autorenpäckchen is simply a bunch of spare parts they produced or printed in excess (the bag of 5 meeples + 2 houses, which I also found on my box, belongs to "Over Hill and Dale").
The H&G tiles I have appear to be js25-js36 from the CundCo tile list. If I can't collect the game tile by tile, I reckon it wouldn't break the game to add them to a complete game (although... there's the thing with bonus tiles to consider).
The authorpack appears to be a collection of whatever leftover stock/misprints they happen to have lying around. Mine didn't come with any banknotes, but there is a complete cardgame in there that I haven't taken the trouble to use the instructions for, a stack of resource cards, about six or seven mis-printed dice (missing 1 and 6 but having extra 2 and 5; I'll probably sand those down for custom dice) and a ton of pawns and other tokens. Oh, and a random game board. It did include blank hexagonal tiles.
I'm not entirely convinced it's good value for money either, but it's pretty cheap, and I mainly got it for my kids so they don't need to borrow tokens from my game collection when they're inventing their own board game.

EDIT: completely forgot to ask: what sort of thing are you looking for to replace the H&G cards? I can't think of things I'd want to get rid of off the top of my head, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything lying around.

The website has a bunch of original 999 Games Carcassonne expansions listed as available - at a hefty price though.
There are indeed some H&G games up on Marktplaats, for prices that don't seem too shabby. I guess I'll go with that if I can't figure out a decent way to get just the tiles I want (it just feels wasteful to get the full game if all I want are the tiles).

The Marketplace / Getting back into Carcassonne / H&G buying question
« on: April 08, 2018, 03:51:23 AM »
Good day,

I used to play Carcassonne fairly regularly back in the day, and I've recently gotten back in to playing it now that my son is old enough to play the game (although he seems to prefer Catan for the time being). I owned the base game (999 Games first edition) as well as the Inns&Cathedrals, Traders&Builders, Princess&Dragon, River, River II, King&Scout, Count and Cathars expansions - although Princess & Dragon saw more play in providing tokens for D&D and I didn't play Cathars until recently either. Several years ago I got Bridges & Bazaars as a gift and I picked up the Goldmine mini-expansion, but that was about it. Getting back into it, tracked down Abbey & Mayor and Hills & Sheep in the original art style (I don't actively hate the new art style, it has a colourful and crisp quality that works well, though I prefer the whimsical quality of the original art and have absolutely no intention of mixing the two art styles, ever. My son, funnily enough, took one look at the new art style and declared it to be hideous). I think that means I'm mostly sorted for expansions I'm interested in, although I'm sorry I missed out on Ferries and Witch & Wizard (the first seems like fun, the second seems like it would go well thematically with the fairy and the dragon). Maybe Crop Circles too.
Anyway, while I was browsing for expansions in the old art style, I came across the "author package" on CundCo (I love that they call it a päckchen) and picked that up on a whim. To my surprise, it came with twelve mint Hunter & Gatherer tiles, a Hunters & Gatherers score board, and a package of five Meeples + 2 houses in five colours (they're not the right style to be actual Hunters & Gatherers Meeple though).

Now, I never got Hunters & Gatherers back in the day, because it seemed like a themed version of Carcassonne, and why would I fork out cash to buy that if I already had the normal game (I'm in general not a fan of themed versions of games). Since then, I've read through the rules and realised that it actually has some neat changes from vanilla Carcassonne, and would probably find it neat to have as an alternative.
So here I am, with a decent bunch of Hunter & Gatherer tiles (plus the ones from Scout, which are still mint) and enough Meeples to play the game (which would have been true even without the ones from the authorpack), but not actually enough of them to play the game. What I would really like is to pick up the missing tiles so the game becomes playable. I don't need the box, my Carcassonne box is large enough to hold the H&G tiles in addition to everything else (especially if I get over myself and finally take out the cardboard insert). I could actually do without the score board too.

Obviously I could try to pick up the game second hand, but it seems to be quite expensive/hard to find. Ordering individual tiles through CundCo is possible (and would be the cheapest option before postage), but this isn't what their replacement service is for. I suppose I could contact them and explain the situation, hoping that they'd be willing to sell me the tiles I want, but I was wondering if anyone here has alternative suggestions? Thanks!

EDIT: Sorry, this was meant to go in the general forum... must have not been paying attention while posting... :-\

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