Author Topic: Carcassonne League Round 2: MrNumbers vs. Rfielder  (Read 7432 times)

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Carcassonne League Round 2: MrNumbers vs. Rfielder
« on: May 20, 2014, 11:22:20 AM »
Our first game started in time, at the beginning we built separate objects, the only thing that I have done - blocked one of green followers. But soon we began big battle for a [possible] huge city, connecting one follower by another. Robert placed a farmer only near the end of the game, followed by connecting him to the big field, but I have connected another, and Robert by that time was out of followers, so can't share the field. The big city remained unfinished, and the rest of the game I was building cities in my field with my the only free follower.

In second game Robert was the first to start and quickly gained 12 points while I had 0. In contrast to the first game, my opponent early placed his farmer and throughout the game tried to win it. In the result I was success in blocking one of his farmers and we shared the main field. In this game I was more lucky than usual luck could be, because I received about 10 tiles that Robert needed to finish his features. More than that at the end of the game I received the exact tile what I needed (cccc) to connect to Robert's 14-point city.

The worst situation in any Carcassonne game is to be out of followers. That is why blocking is so effective. For example, in the first game, in situation when the big city is built, computer opponent usually blocks the city when he has less followers involved: he may sacrifice his even two followers to block my three followers.

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Re: Carcassonne League Round 2: MrNumbers vs. Rfielder
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2014, 01:46:42 PM »
Congratulations guys, I hope you both enjoyed it!

@rfielder - I must admit, I laughed out loud when I read your somewhat shorter account of your match on the league thread. I believe it was: "We played. He won."

Well done for making it work over such a big time difference too.

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