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I am interested in other tile-laying games and want help from anyone who is interested.  First a bit of background....

I found this great thread with a lengthy index of tile-laying games:

In fact, it was the last post in this thread that led me to Land vs. Sea:

And from there to Fjords:

And then to double-sided Carcassonne and double-sided Fjords:

I am in the process of making double-sided variants of Tsuro and Days of Steam, though I was also persuaded by @danisthirty (Tsuro Review) to give the official version of Tsuro another try, and did enjoy it.

I prefer tile-laying games where there is no board, and a minimum of extra "equipment".  Land vs. Sea can be played with nothing but the tiles, for example!  Tsuro has only a single dragon marker per player.  Fjords has only 2 types of wood bits, and they are placed in distinct phases of play.  Days of Steam has a bit more complexity, and is my least favorite (it seems to have a dead Forum on BGG, and having only just bought a copy, I think I see why).

I prefer the randomness of the game to come only from the tile drawing.  And I like a lot of player interaction, not "simultaneous solitaire" (though I think this aptly describes Chinese Mahjong, which I do very much enjoy).  And I prefer each turn to present a reasonable number of choices, with clear risks and rewards and some tactics, but with enough randomness and complexity that it won't be useful to over-think things, so you can make a decision in a few seconds most of the time.  (As you can tell from all of this, Carcassonne is by far my favorite game!)

So...what tile-laying game should I try next?  I would be especially interested in games that meet most of my preferences but perhaps have a hand of tiles, because I think games like this are candidates to be improved by eliminating the hand of tiles and making the tiles double-sided!   >:D

Thanks in advance to anyone with suggestions.



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Cascadia, unlike Carcassonne, you place the tiles to form your own region.
Isle of Cats, but it is harder than Carcassonne.

We really enjoy Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

I also recommend Isle of Skye Chieftain to King.  There is a Big Box out now that excludes the worst expansion, but has all the good content.

I enjoy Cacao (

Expansions are interesting too.

You can test it


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