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Easter Bunny Quiz 2022

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Dear all!

In order to celebrate Easter, the Easter bunny wants to challenge you all with the following questions. But first, a little introduction...

Yellow places the Easter Bunny tile framed in yellow. The Easter bunny is placed on the tile right away as a result and will move from there.

Q1.1: How many points does each player score?

Q1.2: How many Easter eggs does each player get? Take into account that the Easter bunny will move following the sequence given by the colored circles: Yellow 1 - Yellow 2 - Yellow 3 - Red 1 - Blue 1 - Blue 2.

The game will continue after this turn, so no end game scoring is required.

Happy Easter!


First Attempt

Red gets 4 road points. Yellow gets 8 city points

there has to be something i'm missing. it cannot possibly be that easy :o

Scoring the nest: Yellow gets 2 for completing the nest. yellow gets 2 for the meeple on Y1 and Y3, red gets 1 for the meeple on R1, blue gets 2 for the Meeple on Y2 and B1
Scoring the bunny: 2 eggs yellow, 2 eggs blue, 1 egg red
So  :yellow-meeple: 6 Eggs       :blue-meeple: 4 Eggs      :red-meeple: 2 Eggs

That is, if we take the HiG rules.

I completely forgot to NOT count the meeple on finished features because the nest and bunny are scored AFTER regular scoring and thus AFTER the meeple are removed from the board.
This obviously removes 2 eggs from Red and Yellow   :-X

So  :yellow-meeple: 4  :blue-meeple: 4  :red-meeple: 0 is my answer for Q1.2

I agree with OneEyedOwl, taking his edit into account :yellow-meeple:

I tried to figure out the scorings for the "original" fan expansion version. Turns out the placement of the bunny is impossible in that case. thus it definetly has to go by HiG rule only.  :))

As a side note, in the original rules, this scenario could happen if the Easter bunny off the board (e.g. removed by the dragon). If this was the case, after placing the Easter Bunny tile, the bunny would be placed on tile so it can be moved... :(y) :(y)

But I'm interested in the HiG rules. ;D


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