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The Abbott (figure) placed as an Abbott (role)


I presume nothing is stopping an Abbott (figure) placed as an Abbott (role) on a special monastery from being returned and scored as normal. The Abbott (figure) scores "exactly like how monasteries are scored during final scoring." So would I get the points for the alternate scoring of the special monastery if it is placed as an Abbott (role) or does it only score the normal incomplete monastery points?


If you stick to the rules of The Abbot, when removing and scoring an abbot meeple, you do it as if scoring a monk placed on a normal monastery at the end of the game (as indicated by the rules). The position of the abbot meeple is irrelevant, since when you remove an abbot, you are scoring the figure, not the feature.

That makes sense, thanks. Do you think this clarification could make it onto Wikicarpedia? I didn't see it anywhere

The Reference Scoring pages reflect this, for example:

As you can see, if you select "The Abbot" and "Monasteries in Germany / Japanese Buildings", you will allways have the same scoring for the abbot meeple. No special case for German monasteries, as you can see.

As requested, I extended this footnote to explicitly cover this case:

Thanks for the suggestion.

Awesome, thank you! I'm glad I could be of service  ;D


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