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Though I am very familiar with all Carcassonne expansions, I'm a newbie with Catan expansions. I don't have any, but want to buy one or two. There are different opinions throughout the Internet about which expansions are the best.
What can you suggest? Which Catan expansion is most interesting to play?


Do you have Sea Farers and Cities & Knights? Those two are a must, along with the 6 player expansions for all three sets. The Fishes expansion is worth while.

We have a huge Catan game scheduled tomorrow night. We usually play the Base game with Sea Farers. Once in a while we mix in Cities & Knights - that depends on the mix of people we have. Tomorrow night we will have 8 players which is a common thing for us (we painted two sets of figures in Yellow and Purple). We use the All Caps border pcs from Sea Farers - as though you were setting up for 6 players, then add in a couple more single X pcs to expand the board. We prorate the land tiles and water and add in the extra tiles. (we actually took two of the "River" mini expansions and cut up the tiles so we could add 6 more tiles on top of all the tiles we had available from the three sets.) All the tiles are placed face down in one of the box lids, shuffled, then flipped face up into place on the board in random fashion. The result is anywhere from 3 islands to 7 islands or so. We almost alway plays with Fishes. It makes for a very interesting game - and a boat load of fun!!

I have Seafarers, Cities and Knights and Traders and Barbarians. Traders and Barbarians is really a set of modular mini-expansions that you can add in as you feel. Seafarers is more of the same (although you are exploring uncharted territory (hidden hexes), which is good fun. Cities and Knights changes the game and makes it into more of a gamers game; some don't like it this way, but I have found it quite enjoyable.

One thing I personally won't do though is play with more than 4 players - the 5/6 player expansions spoil the game.

I think you'll find that Whaleyland is the guy who can best advise about Catan expansions :)

I liked the Historical Scenarios II with Troja and the great chineese wall.
The Cities and Knights - I didn't like it much.

Thank you all for the opinions!
The point is that our company blames Catan for having so big luck element: you don't have to think much, just wait for right numbers. What expansion mostly, if not neutralizes, but shrinks element of luck?

For now I see Joff's told "Cities and Knights changes the game and makes it into more of a gamers game" more appropriate.


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