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Round 5: danisthirty vs quevy
« on: June 25, 2014, 01:12:48 AM »
Our first game quickly turned into a battle for a growing city started by Quevy although I made sure to keep a close eye on everything else as well. I managed to build up an early lead thanks to numerous short roads and small cities, and responded quickly with a farmer of my own when Quevy claimed the northern farm.

My lead grew further when I completed two cloisters which I'd placed next to each other. I could tell that Quevy was trying to make this impossible for me, thus trapping two of my meeples in the process, so I pointed a road of his into the gap he needed to fill to block me and this gave me enough time to finish them both off with a straight road.

I laid first claim to a second farm which only had 1 or 2 cities on it at the time, but I completed several more small cities and Quevy completed a good 10-point city on the same farm also. Quevy didn't start trying to get onto this farm until relatively late in the game but did well to join two road endings together to keep the possibility of doing so alive.

As the game began to draw to a close I was able to add second farmers onto both farms which won both of them for me since Quevy wasn't able to match this. The only other feature of note was the mega-city which we shared with 2 knights each. I was lucky to get my second knight into this city as Quevy missed a couple of good opportunities to block me out and it seemed to take forever for me to draw the correct tile to join it! I had also limited Quevy's possibility of getting his 2nd knight into the city, although he did eventually draw the last remaining cccf tile required to do so.

The final scores were 110 - 76 in my favour even though Quevy scored more points from roads (18 - 19) and cities (47 - 51) than I did. My 18 - 0 lead on cloisters and 27 - 6 lead on farms were more than enough to make up for this though, and I'd had a good feeling about the final outcome for much of the game owing largely to the usefulness of the majority of the tiles I drew.

The second game felt much more competitive. Quevy got off to a strong start claiming two cloisters and starting work on another growing city which we eventually tied with 2 knights each. I didn't feel that I had a lot going for me at first but managed to prevent Quevy's attempt to share a road with me such that he spent much of the game waiting for an frrr tile (t-junction) to get 2 meeples back (one from his road and one from an adjacent cloister). This turned out to be quite a key move for me simply because it trapped 2 of his meeples for such a long time!

Another key move of mine was to block Quevy's attempt to join a medium-sized city of mine. I placed a road ending such that a non-existent cfcr tile would be required to join the cities and because the unfillable hole was adjacent to a cloister of his it also trapped his monk for the rest of the game which gave me a further advantage.

Although I'd managed to build up a reasonable lead, it was difficult to hang on to when Quevy started scoring his cloisters. When he did eventually draw the t-junction he needed the scores became much closer and the fact that he also won 2 meeples back made things even more difficult for me. From this point on I genuinely didn't know which way things were going to go and had a certain suspicion that it may even end in a draw!

The real guts of this game though was down to the farmer battle (which was strange as it wasn't even a particularly valuable farm considering its size). I would have been happy to tie it with 1 farmer each but Quevy seemed determined to win it and skillfully placed 2nd and 3rd farmers in quick succession, then soon joined them on. I managed to match him in this but had a 4th farmer camped just outside it needing a rffx tile to join it on (which I never got). This farmer ended up being worth 6 points by himself though so even though the main farm remained tied with 3 farmers each I still had the advantage in terms of final scoring for farmers because of this.

With my 4 farmers and 1 trapped knight, I had 2 meeples left to place which I placed in a cloister (my only one of the game) and a long road that had developed kind of by accident without either Quevy or I previously being able to claim it until it was already worth 7 or 8 points. Quevy also had 4 farmers (his fourth being a blocked attempt to join the main farm which ended up being worth 3 points), a monk, and two knights (the monk and one of the knights had been trapped for half of the game).

I was delighted to see that the final scores ended up in my favour again, this game being much closer than the last though: 98 - 81. Generally I'd say it felt like we were quite evenly matched in most areas although I tended to have the edge in all areas except for cloisters.

Thanks for two great games Quevy! :)

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