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Carcassollo: a Solo-Mode Variant
« on: June 01, 2020, 01:40:05 PM »
Here is a link to my newly completed Carcassonne solo-mode variant in the Forum Downloads.  With minor exceptions, all the basic rules of tile placement and scoring are unchanged.  Download the PDF file and have fun.


For GUESTS that cannot download the PDF, here are the rules in text format you can copy and paste into your own text document to print or save.

Carcassollo:  Patience Rules for Carcassonne by t2k

For this solo version, use only the base game tiles, the followers of a single color, including the abbot, and one follower or game piece of a contrasting color.

Rules for Setup and Gameplay:
(Except where noted, standard Carcassonne rules for tile placement and scoring apply.)

Place the start tile before you on a table and mark it with that “contrasting color” game piece, and set one follower on the score track.  You are limited to tile placement on an imaginary grid of 7 by 7 tiles, which comprises an area of 49 squares, with the start tile at the center.  That would be a span of 3 tiles in any orthogonal direction from the start tile.  Tiles cannot be placed outside that area.

Pick one tile from the face down stacks or bag of tiles, and try to place it.  If you cannot do so, the tile goes into the box and is removed from play.  Once a tile is played, you have the option to place a follower on it.  Completed structures are scored by the standard rules, including the special rules that apply only to the Abbot.  Remove scoring followers from the board to use again.  Placing a follower as a farmer is optional in Carcassollo.

Game End and Final Scoring:
The game ends, when you complete the 49 tile grid or expend all playable tiles.  Score the incomplete roads, cities and monasteries, as you would in a regular game.


Strategy Suggestions:
There may be many incomplete cities if you build too near the border tiles, but the obvious strategy, is to build large groups of connected city tiles, and road tiles also, for a better final scoring  The downside is that can you lose the use of many followers, and possibly too early in the game.
Farmers score more points, if you try to create small cities closer to the center tile, while seeing that they are not blocked readily by roads.  Not easily done.

And like a card game of Solitaire or Patience, you are playing solely as an exercise in making points and completing the game under relaxed circumstances without the weight of competition.

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