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Three animeeple expansions
« on: June 02, 2018, 11:52:37 AM »
Hello everyone,
    I'm brand new to the site but have been a huge fan of Carcassonne for years.
Here are some home brew expansions I've been playing around with for quite some time now.

It all started when I discovered when looking for a way to add another player set of meeples that included all the expansion meeples. Looking at all the wide selection of other meeples available got my mind running.
Here is the Rabbit hole it went down.

Rabbits, Cats and Dogs expansions:

General information:

For cats, dogs and rabbits-
*Whenever you see the term ‘adjacent’ it is assumed to be orthogonal not diagonally. 
**cats and dogs cannot share territories. If tile placement causes them to share territories, the cats are discarded. And the owner of the dog scores 3 points per cat removed in this way. A player does not score point for their own cat if it must be discarded in this way.
***In these rules cats and dogs are sometimes collectively referred to as pets
The dogs work well with the shepherd expansion while the cats work well with the plaque expansion. Both work with the rabbit expansion and interact with each other. 

Rabbits expansion:
Rabbits- When a player places a garden tile and cannot or chooses not to place an abbot on the garden, a rabbit token must be placed on the garden instead. Rabbit tokens placed in this way are  considered to occupy both the garden and the farm that garden is in. 
If there is at least one rabbit in play:
On a player’s turn, a player may place one rabbit on any orthogonal adjacent tile to any other tile occupied by a rabbit in addition to placing a meeple this turn.

 Use the following rules for placing rabbits:
1.  Rabbits may only be placed on or move into farmable locations on a tile i.e. a rabbit may not be placed in a city or on a road etc.
2. When moving or placing a rabbit on a tile with more than one farmable location, the person placing the rabbit chooses which farm to place the rabbit. A tile may have a maximum of one rabbit per farmable location.
(For information on moving rabbits see the sections on cats and dogs.)

3. There can never be more than 15 rabbits in play at one time. If a player must place a rabbit and there are no more rabbits available in reserve, the acting player must select any existing rabbit in play and place it following the rules for placement described above. Otherwise, if a player simply wishes to place a rabbit and there are no rabbits in reserve, a player may not place a rabbit.

4. Rabbits may not be placed on a tile that is within the territory of any pet.

1. When scoring a road, score one additional point per road tile containing at least one rabbit. There is no rabbit bonus for incomplete roads scored at the end of the game. .
2. When scoring a garden, Cloister or Cult Place, do not count tiles with rabbits on them.
3. When scoring farms. Subtract one point for each rabbit on that farm to a minimum score of zero points.

Scoring for expansions
Castles: When scoring a castle, add one point for each tile containing at least one rabbit. 
Vineyards: When scoring a Vineyard, Do not receive a bonus for a vineyard with one or more rabbits on it and do not count the vineyard tile when scoring.

Cats expansion:
Placement: You may place your cat on any existing incomplete city, Castle, cathedral, Cloister or Cult Place you have meepled instead of placing a meeple this turn. Place the cat on the correct location on the same tile with your meeple.

 A player may only have one cat in play at any time.

1. Each cat will have a territory based on its placement. A cat’s territory consists of all scoreable tiles associated with the feature to which the cat is assigned. Only one cat may occupy a territory.

2. If at any time tile placement causes two or more cats occupy the same territory, the cat with the largest territory before the connection will chase off all other cats in its domain. They are removed from play and returned to their owner’s reserve. The owner of the cat with the largest territory receives 3 victory points for each cat removed in this fashion. In case of a tie, both cats are discarded and no points are awarded.
Example: If two monasteries have cats and a tile is placed that will be scored by both; the cat with the smallest territory prior to the tile placement is removed.

Benefits of cat ownership:
1.   Plaque tokens and rabbits may never be placed on any tile in a cat’s territory.
2.   When a cat is placed, any plague tokens in its territory are removed. And the controlling player scores one point for each plaque token removed (Rat catcher)
Note: this does not end an outbreak even if the outbreak tile itself is within the territory of the cat unless placing the cat leaves no valid space to spawn a token.
3.   When a cat is placed, each rabbit in the territory is moved to a valid farm space on an adjacent tile outside the territory. If there is a choice, the acting player decides where to place the rabbit. If there is not valid adjacent space, the rabbit is removed and the owner of the cat receives 1 victory point.
4.   A cat protects your goods! If you have a cat in the city with goods symbols, you will receive a bonus goods token when that city scores. You make choose any one good available in that city. (This does not affect the normal awarding of goods.)

When a feature with a cat is scored return the cat to your reserve.

Dogs expansion:
Placement:  A player may choose to place one dog in a field with a farmer or a shepherd instead of placing a meeple this turn.
(See the section on the Shepherd for more details)
A player may not have more than one dog in play at a time.
Territory: A dog has a territory consisting of the (Farm) it is placed in. A dog may not be placed in a city, Cloister, Cult Place or any other building on those tiles.
Two dogs may never occupy the same territory.
If a tile placement joins two farms with dogs, the dog guarding the least number of sheep is returned to its owners reserve. Otherwise the dog with the smallest territory is returned to its owners reserve. Either way, the owner of the remaining dog scores 3 points for each dog removed. In case of a tie, both are discarded. (In this case no points are awarded.)

Benefits of having a dog:
1.   Shepherd: The shepherd may only have one sheepdog per incarnation. This means that the same shepherd may not replace a lost sheepdog but once a shepherd has been scored, the new shepherd may buy a sheepdog. Your sheep dog may protect your sheep from a wolf. In this case, the player may return the sheepdog to his or her reserve to keep all of their sheep and return the wolf token to the bag.
2.   Robber: If your feature is part of your dog’s territory, the robber cannot steal from you when you score that Feature.
3.   Rabbits: When a dog is placed, any rabbit tokens in its territory are removed. And the controlling player scores one point for each rabbit token removed in this way.
Exception: If a rabbit token is on a tile with a road, the rabbit may cross the road to a neighboring farm to escape the dog instead of being removed. If the player who placed the dog chooses to do this, he or she will not receive the victory point.
4.   Cats: Instead of placing a meeple this turn, a player may choose to have his dog chase off one cat in its territory. To do this each player will draw one tile from the bag and turn it face up. If the tile belonging to the player with the dog has more sides with roads than the player of the cat, the cat is returned to his reserve and the dog owner receives 3 victory points. If there is a tie, the attempt fails.
A cat cannot be placed in a feature if any part of that feature is part of a dogs territory.

When a farm is scored return you dog to your reserve.
Optional rule (Being tested)- If you do not place or score a meeple during your turn you may instead, return your dog to your reserve.

Optional rules for the Plaque expansion:
Plaque: If the dog ever occupies the same location as an active plaque token, the dog becomes a plaque carrier. Place an active flee token under the dog. (The dog now acts as an outbreak but does not receive an outbreak number.)
Rabbits are treated as meeples whenever they occupy a tile with a plaque token.

(I used the white cats, white dogs and brown rabbits found on I also replaced the flee tokens with black rat meeples. (They look fantastic on the table)

I would love to get some feedback if anyone is interested.
P.S. If I placed this post in the wrong section I apologize and ask that it be moved to the correct location.
hanks for your time. I hope you enjoy it!

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Re: Three animeeple expansions
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2018, 11:36:58 PM »
Welcome to Carcassonne Central roustabout!

Thanks for this fine contribution - the rabbits made me chuckle the most and seem like a great way of knocking a few points off farms.

I hope you have chance to introduce yourself over on the 'meet the members' forum!

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Re: Three animeeple expansions
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2018, 01:03:09 AM »
Good ideas! Well done!

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