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Re: Dark colours of the 6th expansion
« Reply #15 on: September 19, 2019, 04:13:49 AM »
I have all of the expansions, although they are not with me at the moment. Darmstadt is somewhat strange in all respects: weird and unsuitable theme, blue and large watermark, and unusually greenish grass, possibly caused by the large blue fleur-de-lis. Cathars is also unusual in that it has a higher yellow tinting than other tiles. I think the original The Festival suffered from this too (possibly because of the yellow features on the tiles and the lower quality). Both Darmstadt and Cathars stand out when placed on a field of default medium-light tiles, but Darmstadt fits fairly well with darker tile sets, which mostly suffer from a darker green with a hint of blue in the grass.

For the record, Rio Grande addressed this problem several years ago (as have other publishers). Basically, color-matching isn't as easy as it seems: despite using the same computer template for making tiles, ink colors can change relatively easily if the hardboard stock is of a slightly different composition, if the printing ink is slightly off, or if they use a different printer than usual, all of which are often the case with promos and limited runs. And limited runs don't always have the same care given to them as full print runs, where the printers may take the time to ensure the colors are correct. The differences in colors in the Carcassonne first generation tiles are not intentional and never have been—they are 100% printing inconsistencies.

Absolutely right. Nevertheless I think it is interesting to consider that if you have a copy of the basic dark you can homogenize the dark color of all the expansions that are. Surely as you say they are bad management in printing and ink. It is a funny coicidence that the first game and the last C1 expansion is dark too hehe. Darmstadt and cathars have a peculiar color that is not exact as the dark range or as the light or medium, true. It is also true that Darmstadt is the worst mini expansion by far and that it was purely for the purpose of earning money before the quality of the expansion. It is the black sheep of the mini expansions as the catapult is for the big expansions.
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