Author Topic: Finally got to try German Cathedrals, Tunnels, Darmstadt and Labyrinth tiles +++  (Read 2012 times)

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A couple friends and myself played a mini-mega Carcassonne game last night, so I thought I'd provide some photos of the action.  Sorry for the blurriness in some of the photos.... apparently the camera on my phone is getting worse and worse without the proper lighting.

We played with:

• Base game from BigBox5
• River from Big Box 5
• River from Carc 2.0
• River II from Count,King,Robber Barron
• King and Robber Barron
• Inns and Cathedrals
• Traders and Builders
• Hills and Sheep
• Abbey and Mayor
• Bridges and Bizarres (not castles..... none of us really care for them much)
• German Castles
• German Cathedrals
• German Cloisters
• Dutch Cloisters
• Flying Machines
• Ferries
• Gold Mines
• Mage and Witch
• Crop Circles II
• Besiegers
• Cathars
• Festival
• Little Buildings
• Darmstadt
• Russian Promos (Both tiles)
• La Porxada (although when this tile was drawn and we read the rules we decided to just use it as a regular CCCC tile)
• The School
• Wheel of Fortune
• Tunnels
• Labyrinth (both tiles)
• Phantoms

The game lasted too long, we were all tired, so the final score wasn't exact.  Blue had approx. 850, Orange and White each had approx. 750-800.  It was very fun, but we needed to start playing a bit early to not have finishing the game feel like a burden (It was after 4:30AM when we finally finished).  We probably should have just ended/scored it all around 3am.

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Who got a smudge on the tile?

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Thats a pretty heavy game. Lots of mini's.
What did you think of the minis you tried for the first time?

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Merit for you Joe, that sounds like an epic game! Thanks for sharing it... :(y)

Too bad you all got too tired to finish it off properly but I guess that's what you get for including all those expansions! I can't even remember the last time I stayed up until 4:30am, but I can be pretty certain that whatever caused me to stay up late wasn't nearly as worthwhile as your cause! :D

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The German Cathedrals were a lot of fun, and a lot of points in some instances although counting them can be tedious.  This was also true of the labyrinth tiles. I will definitely include those expansions more often.

Darmstadt was ok.  I like the looks of the tiles and they didn't complicate the game much.... but they didn't add much to it either.

The tunnels were kind of a disappointment.  I guess the rareness of expansion hyped it up a little too much.  The tunnel roads are a lot more difficult to complete and don't really offer much of an incentive to work on the tunnels during the game.  Also, it didn't help that 1 of the 4 tunnel tiles ended up under a hill.  :)

The Russian promo tiles are very nice to look, although the Baba Hut came as my last tile and I had no meeples left to claim it.

La Porxada seems a bit too powerful for the person who draws it.  I threw it into the mix without telling anyone, not really reading the rules thoroughly until the tile came up.  We decided it seemed a bit unfair so we just treated is a regular CCCC piece.  Maybe we should have given it a 3-point bonus or something like Darmstadt.  Does anyone La Porxada regularly and could share some insight?

I also had fun using the new-colored meeples, although I often forgot that I was  :orange-meeple: because I usually just use  :green-meeple:.

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