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Surveyors on westernmost tiles (New World / MayFlower)
« on: May 02, 2016, 04:41:15 AM »
During the UK meet-up in Oxford, we played New World (a.k.a. Mayflower in non-English versions) and had an unresolved rules question.

Briefly, in the game there are neutral figures called surveyors which move "West" every time a feature is scored and their position affects scoring bonuses and the removal of followers. The question we had was what happens when the surveyors are already in the westernmost column of tiles and a new feature is scored? The rules we had didn't make it clear.

However, it seems that later editions of the Rio Grande Games rules did clarify that in that situation the surveyor simply stays where it is:
If the surveyors are both in the western-most column of tiles (no tiles to their west) neither moves. They will remain there until a feature is scored and there are tile(s) to their west.

The rules are also clear that the eastern followers are only removed when surveyors actually move.

There was also a confirmation that features have to be scored and not just completed to trigger surveyor movement:

If a feature is completed, but not scored, the player does not move a surveyor.

So the good news is that the way that we house ruled things on the day was correct. :)

(From page 3 of these rules. Credit to this question on Stack Exchange.)

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