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Anything Else / Re: Happy Birthday
« on: Today at 03:20:05 PM »
Happy birthday to one of my most-feared opponents and master tactician of Inns & Cathedrals: Leven! :(y)
Thank you Dan for your kind words.
The relevant news that I can share with you is that since my birthday I'm a proud owner of a new edition basegame (so my resistance of 5 years is over). Still not my favourite but it will be my first choice for practice games as it's the official edition at tournaments.

Happy belated birthday, Leven!

After this epiphany :o with the new edition, do you have plans to convert any of your fan expansions to C2? Your new base game must feel so lonely...


General / Re: Do you trust on this site?
« on: Today at 06:17:38 AM »
(Do not miss this, kids!)

General / Re: Do you trust on this site?
« on: Today at 03:54:12 AM »
What if the Paypal support is also fake?  >:D

Official Rules / Re: Order of play in french
« on: Today at 02:54:42 AM »

I'll check it all out this evening.  ;D

Talk to you!

General / Re: Do you trust on this site?
« on: June 17, 2019, 03:29:20 PM »
Hi MeepleFan,

Your first post is most welcome.

I've been having a look at the site you mention and it seems rather dubious: No matter what product you pick all the final prices are around the $30 mark and the original price are around 4 to 4.5 times that amount.

I tried to find some info on the company behind the site but it is rather blurry and if you google the site there is no trace of it. It is also weird that the customer service email top left ( belongs to another domain as shady as

You can check some info on the site here (one of the few results on Google by the way when searching for the site):

Compare it with the info on Appel or Amazon and you can see a big difference:

Doing a few searches I found some products pages at that are a rip-off of offers on Ebay (with fake pices and stock). You can check the descriptions, the product pictures (BTW they are taken directly from Ebay) and the use condition in the following examples:

>> Example 1: Carcassonne Strategy With The Festival & Princess And Dragon Rio Grande Games

>> Example 2: Yu-Gi-Oh Cyberse Quantum Dragon SAST-JP038 20th Secret Rare Japanese Yugioh

I'm rather  it not a reliable site.


General / Re: Carcassonne tile list
« on: June 15, 2019, 03:33:03 AM »
Hi all,

You can find the latest tile list updated in March 2019 here:


General / Re: combining all starting ways?
« on: June 15, 2019, 02:15:03 AM »
Please do, and even you can write a game report covering not only the setup but also interesting situations during the game... Pictures are welcome, you know!  ;)

Enjoy!  ;D

General / Re: Combinatorics and Graph Theory applied to Carcassonne
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:19:57 PM »
Although this thread has been inactive for quite a long time, I would like to answer Big Guy's question as I made some digging into this very same question while exploring the amount of tiles needed for fan expansions that would add new side types. So here we go...

This is an excellent topic. And these papers are fascinating. I've started referencing the possible number of tile side combinations in the reviews I've started, so its very useful to note the 24 combinations that are possible in the base game.

Now I just need to do the math to figure out how many combinations are possible with added tile side types. I've done rough estimates, but they could we WAY off:

Combinations on a 4-sided-tile given 3 tile side types: 24 (3 to the power of 4, or 81 total combinations, discarding the redundancies due to free rotation of tiles)
Combinations on a 4-sided-tile given 4 tile side types: ??? (4 to the power of 4, or 256 total combinations, discarding the redundancies due to free rotation of tiles)

Combinations on a 4-sided-tile given 5 tile side types: ??? (5 to the power of 4, or 625 total combinations, discarding the redundancies due to free rotation of tiles)

Combinations on a 4-sided-tile given 4 tile side types: ??? (6 to the power of 4, or 1296 total combinations, discarding the redundancies due to free rotation of tiles)

In order to answer Big Guy's open questions, we can generalize the application of the Burnside's Theorem discussed in the following thread:

This is other link to "The math behind Carcassonne tiles"

This is the quick answer to Big Guy's questions:

Let C(N) be the number of tile side combinations with N side types.

C(N) = ( N^4 + N^2 + 2 * N ) / 4  =  N * ( N^3 + N + 2 ) / 4

So, when varying N, you have the following cases:

C(1) = 1
C(2) = 6
C(3) = 24 (case for Carcassonne standard side types: city, road and field)
C(4) = 70
C(5) = 165
C(6) = 336
C(7) = 616
C(8) = 1044
C(9) = 1665
C(10) = 2530

And so on...

This means that if river sides, for example, were added to the game as a regular side type in addition to city, road and field side types, instead of the 24 tile types, you would have 70 tile types according to its sides. That means 70 - 24 = 46 additional tile types to the current tile types if you would like to be able to fill any gap possible.

Keep in mind that, on top of these figures, you may consider to create additional variations affecting the internal layout of the structures on a tile: city splitters or joiners, field splitters or joiners, monasteries, road connections and junctions, you name it.

As a side note, all this explains why expansions introducing forest or mountain sides require so many tiles even when you try to keep the number low (sorry Wolnic!)... Now you can see how many tiles you would need to create expansions with new side types. 

The other option would be to establish some placement rules that limit the number of combinations during the game, such as the placement rules of the river tiles at the beginning of the game.

General / Re: combining all starting ways?
« on: June 12, 2019, 06:31:50 AM »
Hi Paul,

Great thread by the way!


News and Events / Re: UK Carcassonne Championships 2019
« on: June 12, 2019, 02:42:15 AM »
Love it!! So interesting!! Hope in Spain the tournament was like that and no lucky 4 players games....

Enviado desde mi XT1700 mediante Tapatalk

It is so weird Devir adopted this format. LaplazadeCarcassonne was telling me about the struggles to change the format to 1vs1 games.

General / Re: combining all starting ways?
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:22:41 AM »
Hi sinclair_jay,

Welcome to the forum!!! Hope you enjoy browsing around. You will find a lot of info about Carcassonne and also fan expansions if you are in the mood for it.  ;D

There is an entry about the Mega-Carcassonne games in the wikicarpedia (WICA) that makes some suggestions on different setups combining various startup tiles.

Hope you enjoy it!


Official Rules / Re: Order of play in french
« on: June 11, 2019, 02:16:36 PM »

Thanks, file updated to ver 2.4. Your post also reminded me that I forgot advanced rules for the labyrinth, I added them.


Ooops! I missed this one when reviewing the scoring for roads.

Here's the file, with some comments. I corrected the Leipzig scoring, your understanding is logical when looking at the German rules. I'll probably add a house rule to keep Leipzig points apart from feature scoring, it seems easier to understand and more consistent as it brings a kind of unity between all of Leipzig's quarters.

Thanks for all your work for my French order of play, I really appreciate it.

My pleasure! I really like to review rules and discuss different points of view. It's a great way to check if WICA covers everything and to validate the interactions between expansions are correct especially when some interpretations need to be made beyond existing rules and official clarifications. This is key to me in order to put together the reference pages (Order of Play, Scoring tables, etc.) as they summarize everything and it is not straight forward to fill in the gaps.

Here's the annotated file with a few questions, some I got when playing a mega-Carcassonne yesterday and couldn't find a clear answer.

Have a nice day !

More comments in response to yours in the file attached.


Official Rules / Re: Order of play in french
« on: June 09, 2019, 04:22:34 PM »
Hi there!

Here are my comments to V2.3. I haven't reviewed the full document but I've seen you introduced new changes unrelated to my previous comments. I'll try the check the full document when I have a chance. I included some comments on some new stuff that caught my eye.

Regarding Markets of Leipzig, I included a long annotation. In a nutshell, as per the interpretation of the German rules:

* The bonus for roads and fields are to be considered part of the feature scoring:
   - When you score a road, you get 1 additional point per tile in the feature, similar to an Inn or German Cathedral.
   - When you score a field you get a 2 points per shed or farmhouse, similar to Little Buildings.

* The bonus for cities and monasteries is not part of the feature scoring, it is a separate extra scoring:
   - You may score 0 points from a city and get this bonus. It is similar to the 3-point fairy bonus but, in this case, you get 3 points per coat of arms.
   - You may score a monastery without getting the bonus, and vice versa.

The rationale followed in the Reference Pages on WICA about Scoring During/After the game is derived from the rules and official clarifications. It considers three steps when scoring a feature such as cities or roads:
1. Compute basic points for feature based on the number of tiles and coats-of-arms alone. Inns and Cathedrals are applied last as they serve as an all-or-nothing modifier during final scoring. In this step you would consider as well German Cathedrals, Cathars for cities, Markets of Leipzig bonus for roads.
2. Apply Mage & Witch
3. Apply all additional extra scoring associated to features or figures, such as Little Buildings, German Castles, Bathhouses, Darmstadtium,....

There are other features or figures that may trigger an additional scoring when a city or road is completed:
* Watchtowers (scored before the feature)
* The 3-point Fairy bonus
* The Markets of Leipzig bonus for cities
* Ringmaster scoring
* Labyrinth scoring
* The GingerbreadMan in WE
They are applied independently as they may involve one or more players and even not affect the active player.

IMHO, this framework allows you to put together in a logical way how to compute the scoring of these features.

Let me know your thoughts


Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: Basegame League - Round 7
« on: June 07, 2019, 04:29:54 PM »
Yo estoy esperando a cerrar un día para jugar...

Hola colega!  ;)

PS: Totally off-topic.

Official Rules / Re: Order of play in french
« on: June 07, 2019, 04:26:30 PM »
Hi corinthiens13,

A few more comments in the document attached. I also include here some examples of vineyards and gardens for you:

* C1 vineyards: The following symbol shows a C1 vineyard. No garden symbols are present as they exist in C2 only.

Here you can find the Tile Distribution of Exp. 9 - Hills & Sheep for C1 with several vineyards (in 6 tile images).

* C2 vineyards: The following symbol shows a C2 vineyard.

Here you can find the Tile Distribution of Exp. 9 - Hills & Sheep for C2 with several vineyards (the last 6 tile images). You can also see one of the tiles has a garden.

* C1 gardens: There are no gardens in C1 official expansions. They only exist as an authorized conversion from C2 to C1 performed by members of the CarcF (the German Carcassonne Forum, The initiative  was authorized by HiG and two garden designs were produced. You can find three examples of converted tiles to add gardens showing both C1 garden designs in this CarcF post:

* C2 gardens: The following symbol shows a garden present in several C2 tiles

You can check all the tiles in the following page related to The Abbot mini expansion.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.


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