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Title: The Bazaars & The Messengers – Element Match-Ups #13
Post by: whaleyland on December 11, 2015, 01:03:23 PM
Element Match-Ups is a new series of weekly challenges for all members of CarcassonneCentral. Each week, an element from a large expansion will be matched up with an element from a small expansion. Your job: try it out and let everybody know what you think about the pair. Consider this a quasi-scientific survey in that you are only playing with these two elements and the base game — nothing else! Otherwise the results will be skewed. You have a week to try the match-up from the time the match is announced until the next match is announced (which usually occurs sometime between Friday and Saturday, depending on time zone).

This week our elements are THE BAZAARS (from Bridges, Castles & Bazaars [Expansion #8]) and THE MESSENGERS (Carcassonne Minis #2). The Bazaars allow/force players to bid on tiles allowing them to choose tiles they may otherwise not be able to obtain. This can become very strategic, especially when playing with a lot of players. Also especially when playing with the Messengers, which awards special bonuses to players when they land on specific spots on the scoreboard. By strategically manipulating points and bidding on auction tiles, players may be able to maximise their points in quite creative ways...

The elements are set, the challenge is issued, and now it is for you to decide whether these elements work well together or are terrible companions. Summarise your experience below in however much detail you wish, and feel free to share any strategic advice you have for other players taking the challenge.
Title: Re: The Bazaars & The Messengers – Element Match-Ups #13
Post by: kettlefish on December 11, 2015, 01:19:07 PM
Ha - this time I can write some words...

Yes this both elements work well together.
It will be a bit chaotic when if more than two players will have their depatches during the bazaar round - but I like it - and then the builders...

Great chaotic game play - perfect.