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The Marketplace / Re: WTB: Besiegers, tunnels and festival
« on: March 25, 2017, 08:17:16 AM »
Hello and welcome to the forum Caciej!
Besiegers are hard to find im afraid, but maybe someone has a spare set for you.
Tunnels are usually not too hard to find on ebay.
This is a not too bad price for it, and the seller is very kind and has several copies left.
For the Festival its the easiest to find a copy of the 10 year special edition that it comes with.

Good luck with your search!

Reviews & Session Reports / 2-player MegaCarcassonne
« on: March 22, 2017, 04:56:15 AM »
Me and my girlfriend decided to sacrifice our dining table for a MegaCarcassonne! We figured we could start and stop whenever we wanted, and just resume the next day, and that is what we did. We started Friday afternoon, and finished Wednesday morning. I can't say how many hours went in to it, since we went out and had friends over, had to work and of course sleep. So we probably spent a lot of time in it :P

It was Base game, Winter edition base game, Inns&Cathedrals, Traders&Builders, Princess&Dragon, Tower, Abbey&Mayor, Count, King&Robber, Catapult (tiles only), Wheel of Fortune, Bridges, Castles &Bazaars, Hills&Sheep, River (1,2 and BB5) Count, GQ11, Cult, Siege &Creativity, Crop Circles 2, Festival, Phantom, School, Flying Machines, Messengers, Ferries, Goldmines, Mage&Witch, Windroses (2 sets), Watchtowers, Cult (3 versions), Tunnel, Little Buildings, Halflings 1&2 (got 4 halflings each), Labyrinth (both versions), German Monastaries, German Castles (2 castles each), German Cathedrals, Gingerbread Man, Winter Crop Circles, Darmstadt, Spiel 14,15,16.
Came out to almost 540 tiles in total (including the WoF starting tile & Count starting tile).
We used the scoretrack of the winter edition for our messengermeeples, so it was easier to see what was going on.

We used the lid from the BB5 to have all the tiles, with 2 teatowels as a cover, since the tiles didnt fit in our bag anymore. After we got through most of the tiles we put the rest in the bag and continued with the bag as normal.
We didn't use the Japanese Buildings and Dutch monastaries, because we have a house rule using the abbot meeples for the monastaries, so they're not too powerfull as everyone has just one to use. And with the normal cloisters and a lot of expansions having cloisters we figured there were enough of those in the game. Also didnt use the Robbers because we dont really like those in a 2 player game. Same with the Besiegers and Plague, so they were left out as well. Basicly everything else was in there!

At some point we were running out of meeples, so I tried to use the cat to claim a city. But it turned out she didnt want to stay there for long as she walked away soon.

We had mostly a nice game where we mostly went our own way. I stole a city from her and she came back with stealing a city from me, that had a cathedral, Mage and Gingerbread man, leading her to score over 50 points for the little city. And at the same time she trapped one of my meeples in a nearby city I tried to link up. But with her Halfling she made sure I wouldnt do that.
She did that again when i was building a nice big city, and trapped another meeple there with one of her Halflings. I made her remove some of her farmers as a comeback.
She ended up capturing one of my farmers and stealing that farm at the end though.

I trapped a meeple of hers in a German Cathedral and we were coming to the end!
Right at the end I was able to secure the last 2 pieces of gold, bringing my gold stash to 10! So I got a nice 40 points extra at the end, that I was very happy with!

We ran out of score tiles at the end, even after I got a couple from the Star Wars Carcassonne. So we used a piece of paper to write down how many 50's we had extra.
She had a very good barn down with 14 city's in, so I was hoping my farmers good make up for that!
The abbots were close, hers got 52 points, mine 56.

And that was it! I was tasked with cleaning up, since she went to work, so I spend about an hour sorting through everything.
In the end:
Pink: 1424 points
Blue: 1510 points
I was ahead most of the game, and managed to take the win!
In a previous big game she beat me by over 250 points, so I was happy to win this! Even though at the end we were also happy that we got through it :P

Now we will probably not play Carcassonne for at least 2 days  ::)

General / Re: The 10th expansion (Under the Big Top) - poll
« on: March 09, 2017, 02:39:37 PM »
I will probably buy it when it comes out. Im not thrilled by the mechanics or theme but do want to give it a try. I am not gonna buy a big box in new artwork, because i dont like it and dont want a base game in it. So ill probably buy the expansion and use it in my games every now and then

The Marketplace / Re: Tip for a almost complete collection
« on: March 09, 2017, 12:51:39 PM »
Yeah. Ive got them, but a few of them are slightly damaged. In the end i thought i shouldnt have any more stuff hehe

The Marketplace / Re: Tip for a almost complete collection
« on: March 09, 2017, 12:24:01 PM »
To be honest, I really like the Halflings, and was thinking of getting the Halflings 2, because mine are slightly damaged.... But in the end I am very happy with my purchases from it!
When I found it, I emailed the guy, he didnt want to sell it in parts, and I thought that was it. Thinking I could help one person, I never thought we would end up having such a good example of the spirit of this forum!
Halfling, thank you again and again for taking the risk on this! As you're about breaking even and having some stuff for ebay, I reckon you'll make a well deserved profit from it!
I didnt dare to hope I would end up with Darmstadt, the Spiel tiles, the Festival (I have a 10th-anniversary in NL waiting for me, but this was a good opportunity for the Festival) and the Plague!
And seeing how many forummembers are happy to find some good stuff on this, gives a smile! :D

The Marketplace / Re: Where to find it...
« on: March 08, 2017, 11:47:04 AM »
I was going through some second hand site today, and found a few things that might be interesting for some:
Mueller special edition complete
same, but a bit cheaper on a similar website from Austria
someone with a lot of different bits and expansions for different games
These will probably all want payment via bank transfer, as usual on these sites. If anyone needs help with that to prevent high transaction costs, Totor66 has offered to help, and I will be happy to help to. Ive got a dutch bank account as well as an english one and PayPal linked with both, so can help out with transfers to Iban bank accounts, like german and austrian ones

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: March 08, 2017, 09:26:38 AM »
It is in the old artwork. 999 games have the new artwork as Kathedralen en herbergen, so adapted to the Inns and cathedrals name

The Marketplace / Re: Where to find it...
« on: March 08, 2017, 02:11:03 AM »
I was watching it to, and saw the price shoot up in the last few minutes (as usual on ebay auctions like this). I do wonder/hope someone from CC is the lucky winner!

What do you mean Decar? The picture i have shows a watermark on the tiles, and 1 tile with the mark only half on the tile  :o

Out of the different titles that have come out now, Manege Frei, Het Circus and Under the big top, I also like the Dutch one the most, I think just because its a clear title to what the theme is for the expansion. So we'll probably end up calling it that

Agreed. We've refering to it as the circus so far and we're not thinking of changing  :)
And Decar, are you also actively looking for towers, catapult, hills etc?  ;) i do wonder how that works in a river....

Z-man games have annouced the new expansion now as well on their website and Facebook.
Appearently its gonna be called 'Under the big top'.
They havent given any dates, just say its coming soon

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: March 06, 2017, 06:16:55 AM »
Got a few nice things in today!
Got a new fairy from Latvia; Thanks MrNumbers! Super!
And my share of the big collection Halfling has organised! Spiel tiles, Darmstadt, The Plague and The Festival! (Btw, funny to see a few spelling mistakes on the rules tile, the english version. Can't find any on the german version :P )
Thanks a lot guys!

The Marketplace / Re: WTS: Cathars and Tunnel (separately)
« on: March 03, 2017, 06:56:33 AM »
Thats an interesting way of selling them jungleboy! I will definately make a bid on one of them :D

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: March 03, 2017, 06:33:15 AM »

The other one is a slightly bigger, squarer box which includes the old-style 50-point score track as well as the base game + Traders & Builders. I think it's an HiG release but there's something funny about the thickness (or colour) of the tiles. I have it, but it's still in shrink-wrap so I don't want to open it! 8)
Ah, I found it, there's one for sale on BGG, I'm almost tempted to buy it just to see whats with the tiles :P

And nice bowls Jungleboy!

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