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It is looking very much like the league will be run with 'The Usual Suspects' this time around. I am assuming that Rich_The_Fish will also be joining those who have already signed up, making 10 participants.

If this is the case, I have to decide on a league of 10 people or 2 leagues containing 5 each.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this please, by way of guidance for me?

I look forward to any comments and suggestions.

Richard, I have not sorted out the divisions yet, but I am happy to change from the Count to something else. I only pick it because I know that nobody else will choose it (except you, to be awkward).

Count me in.

First choice is Count of Carcassonne. Second Choice Hills and Sheep.

I am pleased to announce that the CCDL will go on as promised, starting on Monday 3rd June and finishing on Saturday 17th August.

All rules will be as for the previous two tournaments and the divisions will be produced according to previous results and the amount of entrants.

Anyone who wants to play and is committed to playing all their matches in this timescale, please register your interest by commenting this thread with your first and second choices of expansion that you wish to play.

Anyone not registered by midnight GMT on 31st May will be too late, as I will be sorting out the leagues on Saturday 1st June and therefore need finalised numbers by then.

I look forward to getting at least 2 divisions up and running this time but, if you are not serious about your commitment to playing all matches without the need for being reminded, please do not enter.

Entrants so far

TheSteveAllen 1- The Tunnel 2- Hills and Sheep

JackFace 1- Traders & Builders 2- Inns & Cathedrals

Thodekey 1- The Goldmines 2- Traders and Builders

MrNumbers 1 - Princess & Dragon 2- Ferries

Rosco 1 - Hills and Sheep 2 - Cathars

Leven 1 - Little Buidings 2 - Wind roses

Chooselife 1 - The Tower 2 - The Phantom

Danisthirty 1 - The Fliers 2 - Mage and Witch

Halfling 1 - Count of Carcassonne

Just to bring everyone into the picture, the Championship never started this time around, and I have been too busy in real life trying to get it going at a late stage.

This having been said, the Summer league will be starting soon and I will be putting up a post this weekend for everyone to sign up.

The structure of the league will depend on how many sign up, but all apart from the two ‘elegible for relegation’ in the bottom two places will definitely for the Premiership, assuming that they want to play again.

I will be trying to create two of more leagues but, this time, with people who are committed to playing their matches with no need for reminders from myself.

My guess is that Halfling, Chooselife and Myself will all be added to the pool of players, and I hope that some of those that are currently playing in the base game league would like to join us too.

Thanks to all of you in the Premiership, we managed a competition that literally ‘ran itself’ with no jollying along from me. This is how it should be.

As I said, a new post for signing up will be created on Saturday, and I am hoping that all of you guys will be taking part once again.

A big thanks to all players for making this league happen and for finishing all fixtures (nearly) on time!!

Congratulations to Leven for winning the title and to everyone else for making the tournament so close and interesting.

I will be sorting out the Summer league this week.

Final table attached.

I will be updating the league table in the morning and discussing outstanding matches once this is complete.

A BIG apology guys! I appear to have stopped getting notification messages about additions to this thread and I was totally unaware that these games had been played. This has made me very happy seeing that the league has not been totally abandoned!!

The up-to-date league table is attached.

Unfortunately I must drop out of this division due to ongoing issues with my Grandparents. Apologies.

Sorry to hear this Richard. I hope that everything works out well in the end.

Is anyone around in the evenings please?

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: Basegame League - Round 5
« on: April 03, 2019, 12:38:12 PM »
Two very tight games against LaplazadeCarcassonne tonight.
The first went to plan, but I am really badly out of form with farm battles and got stuffed on this one by 4 to 3 after a tense struggle the whole game.

Bien hecho mi amigo. Que te vaya bien en todos tus juegos que viene!

After 9 matches, the Premiership looks like this:-

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: Basegame League - Round 4
« on: March 26, 2019, 01:57:58 PM »
I lost both of my games tonight!  :(

Not sure how it happened, but it did. Hopefully I get better tiles in the next game.

Well played Sinscerly and best of luck with the rest of your games.

Premiership League Table update - after Rich v Jack, the table is now like this:-

With 7 matches played the Premiership table looks like this:-

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