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Online Games and Competitions / Re: Anyone wants a new league?
« on: September 15, 2020, 03:41:34 AM »
P&D sounds good fun to me. Perhaps we could add in the Count just for Halfling?

Online Games and Competitions / Re: Anyone wants a new league?
« on: September 15, 2020, 01:39:31 AM »
Any reason why this can't be played on JCZ like in the good old days? If so, I am in.

Upcoming Scheduled Games / Re: Keep Calm and Play Carcassonne
« on: March 23, 2020, 06:32:10 AM »
Sounds like an excellent idea. When I get a chance from Dragon Dice refereeing duties, I will be joining in.

Well that's crap!  I did struggle to understand the rules although only skim reading them probably didn't help

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Snap! I didn't bother reading about the -20 for the farmers either. Though that I had done well and was really proud - until I read the rules!

An excellent score....but:

  • Any player meeple that remain on the board penalize the player -20 points; including player’s farmers.

So I count:
  • -15 for cloisters.
  • -8 for farms
  • -7 for your farmers (21 + 12 - 40)

For a total of -30.

Taking your score to: 114—Still amazing and you demonstrate that 120 is achievable!!

Congrats Rosco!

Just thinking of what might have been achieved if Rosco had a bigger table!  >:D

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: CCDL - Summer 2019
« on: August 05, 2019, 02:28:08 AM »
Able to play working hours for the next two weeks.
After that only in September.
How about tomorrow night?

Sounds interesting - I will give it a try

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It is very interesting. In fact, attached is one I made earlier - looks like a battlefield, but is actually a very friendly game!  ;D

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: CCDL - Summer 2019
« on: June 30, 2019, 12:50:01 PM »
Josef, not now, but give me a day and time this week and we are on.

Other Games / Dragon Dice
« on: June 30, 2019, 12:48:56 PM »
Apart from organising and playing in Carcassonne tournaments on here, I thought that one or two members might be interested in my other passion, Dragon Dice, for which I produce a blog, thanks to Decar's hosting.

It is, as it says, a dice game, which is not everyone's cup of tea, and has historically had mediocre reviews on BGG.

In October last year, the Version 4 rules were produced, and the game has been largely streamlined and re-written and is now an excellent, if not cheap, pastime.

The blog can be found using the link below and, if anything whets your appetite for the game, please let me know and I will answer any questions that you have.

We are sadly lacking players in the UK, and I am desperately looking for other like-minded people to join our small band of merry men, currently mainly based in USA, Australia and England (although I represent Scotland and have a friend in Belgium that plays).

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: CCDL - Summer 2019
« on: June 30, 2019, 12:36:15 PM »
Ok one and all! Summer is here and Danisthirty is leading both this and the base game league.

What are we going to do about this sorry state of affairs? We are going to play our matches and knock him off the top, that's what!!!

Who is available next week? You can't all be knitting socks for baby!!

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: CCDL - Summer 2019
« on: June 11, 2019, 01:59:59 AM »
Are any matches arranged yet in this league? Everything appears very quiet at the moment.  :'(

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / CCDL - Summer 2019
« on: June 03, 2019, 11:05:44 AM »
Players and Chosen Expansions

Chooselife - The Tower
Danisthirty - The Fliers
JackFace - Traders & Builders
Jma03 - Inns & Cathedrals
Leven - Little Buildings
MrNumbers - Princess & Dragon
Rosco - Cathars
TheSteveAllen - Count of Carcassonne
Thodekey - The Goldmines


Each player is to play a single two-person game of Carcassonne using JCloisterZone against each of the other players in the division. The starting date will be today Monday 3rd June 2019 and all games must be played and the results posted on this thread before midnight GMT on Friday 27th September 2019. The starting player in each case will be chosen at random.

The tile set for each game will consist of the base game and each of the competitors' chosen expansions, i.e. two expansions are to be used in every match.

The Division

As a result of each match, each player will be awarded league points according to the following rules:-

Most game points for roads – 1 point
Most game points for cities – 1 point
Most game points for cloisters – 1 point
Most game points for farms – 1 point
Most game points overall (formerly referred to as 'a win') – 1 point
Tying any of the above with opponent – 0.5 points

This means that all matches have 5 points available to be distributed to the two players.

A league table with points gained from matches played will be maintained and regularly posted to this thread by the tournament organiser.

The top ranked two players after all matches have been played will be declared 'Champion' and 'Runner-up' respectively. The lowest ranked two players will be eligible for relegation.

In addition to the Champion and Runner-up, the following will be awarded:-

The Brave Brigand – the player with the most league points for roads
The Knoble Knight – the player with the most league points for cities
The Crafty Cleric – the player with the most league points for cloisters
The Fruitful Farmer – the player with the most league points for farms
The Triumphant Tiler – the player with the most league points for winning games

After each match, it is the winner's responsibility to ensure that the result is posted to this thread clearly showing the points awarded separately for Roads, Cloisters, Cities and Farms.

Ok. I hear where we are coming from. Tomorrow I will be setting up a league for 10 players, all with everyone’s  first choices of expansions. I will wait for Halfling to confirm if he is playing or not before I confirm mine, however.

If you wish to go ahead and arrange fixtures, please do so. I will be posting the thread for the results tomorrow.

Ok guys, we appear to have 10 of us. Please leave a comment here if you want 2 leagues of 5 over 3 months or 1 league of 10 over 5 months.

Please answer as soon as possible to allow me to set up the leagues.

Let's wait to see what the others say, but my idea of 4 seasonal competitions was based on leagues of 6. There is no other reason for sticking to a 3 month window.

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