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Can I get a place as well?

And also from me a huge congrats to Dan. :)

DeatzoSeol  :violet-meeple: - Piet_Agoras  :red-meeple: 116 - 156
My second game of the evening was a relativly smooth victory. Despite finishing a 3-point road near my castle, I was able to quickly get a lead that I would never give away anymore.

Piet_Agoras :red-meeple: - Chooselife  :yellow-meeple: 142 - 114

The first match of the bottom group was exiting. As I was unable to take control of the main farm, I had to calculate that my city's  would score enough. Chooselife tried to trap some of my meeples, but a wrong choise at a bazaar gave me a crucial tile for the liberation of my meeples. Thanks for the game Chooselife !

:red-meeple: Piet_Agoras 130 : 113 Hounk :green-meeple:

My second game of the evening went better then the first one. I got kicked out of the main farm quite early, and I didn't had an opportunity to get it back. Luckely for me, it turned out to be worth only 17 points. I tried to stop Hounk's big city, but that didn't work out either. It was a fun and tense game. In the end, we both scored double digits on all features. Thanks for the game Hounk!

That is an accurate report :) Considering that it was my first game here, and I didn't get my ass totally kicked, I might even call it a small succes :P

Hi bizarre bazaar colleagues :)

I'm free tonight if anyone wants to start our group. I'm on GMT time (Portugal) and I should be free after 8pm, definitely after 9pm.

I'm in GMT+1 (Belgium). I'll be available tonight too :)
Give me a heads-up when you are ready to play.

Hi, I'm new here, but not new to Carcassonne.
I would like to join the competition, and get my ass kicked probably. :)

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