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I have two of these, unplayed, does anyone have Kathedrals or kloosters or a bunch of schoolbags or something else, pm me.

General / Re: What does your meeple set consist of?
« on: May 06, 2016, 12:04:56 PM »
The prostitute and brothel are from my expansion  called The Temptress.  Basically the prostitute can be placed as a normal follower but does not count towards any majority on a feature.  If the feature is controlled by the same colour as her, the meeples are motivated to work harder so the feature scores 3 bonus points.  If it is controlled by an opposing colour, she distracts the meeples thus halving the score (rounded down) of the feature. The brothel works in a similar way but is placed on a crossroads and it stays for the entire game.  It affects the score of any feature up to the ends of any of the roads including monasteries, citys , etc.

The child acts as a half meeple and can help with gaining a majority.  But a child cannot stray far from his guardian so can only be placed on a tile directly adjacent orthogonally, and on the same feature as a normal meeple of the same colour.

The sheriff has yet to be finalised as the original rule didn't work very well.

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What I made bold:

Are you responsible for The Prison? I liked it, the only problem we have is remembering the sheriff is not an ordinary meeple, even if we have personalized the meeple with a sticker.

Standard set with messenger/robber as Lord/Lady.

The temples from spielematerial as "The Preacher" (was it called that?) where the finished cloister converts a meeple in the 9-box.

If played with Dragon, a meeple with "ritter on horse"-sticker as a "Safe-from-the-dragon-meeple" if we don´t use Outposts.  Otherwise it has the moving mechanism as described below for the Captain.

One personalised meeple (agricola-sticker) for each colour as "team captain" (grey are led by a Troll, purple by a Witch etc), a meeple that in the move wood phase can move around structures like a wagon to boost meeple majority or claim unclaimed features or protect a thief from the sheriff, "capo-style". If I had an extra set of wagons, I´d glue the captain onto it to make the mechanic more visibly explained. I´m going to try to glue them onto the horses from Spielematerial, could look cool.

A meeple with "ritter"-sticker to be used as The Sheriff.

A mini-meeple as The Phantom (wood beats plastic).

The Ghost from spielematerial as The Teacher ( wood beats plastic, remember)

I think that covers it.

Oh wait, an ugly-looking giant meeple is used as The Leper.

The Marketplace / Re: Knight-Meeple for sale in base colours
« on: May 03, 2016, 01:26:51 PM »
Yes, hope someone is interested.  It does highlight the biggest issue I have with the UK postal service too.  A Meeple can't be posted as a letter :(
would you mind explaining this to us non-british?

Online Games and Competitions / Re: Waiting List
« on: May 02, 2016, 01:10:46 PM »
I´m in

Where did that scoreboard come from?  How is it possible that I've missed that before.  It's genius.  I love it!
(no blushing meeples in the list...)
Thank You, it was my first attempt of combining some stuff we use in the game in a practical manner. However, since after doing this we realised that Seasons doesn´t actually need the seasons themselves, however romantic, just the season-tile AND that we always forget to play with the prison, I´ll remove those two and replace it with the Friar-counter which we today count with monastery-tokens from a fan expansion I forgot the name of.

The two counters are for King and Robber, starting off at five since that is our low-record in completion (in a VERY aggressive game with lots of trapped meeples). I didn´t use the real King-tile because, well it´s ugly.

The biggest problem with this scoreboard is that it´s only suitable for 2-3 players, after that the scoring meeples get very packed, in those cases we play with the big 999-counter.

I´ll post it as I get done.

The Marketplace / Re: WTB: Carcassonne Minis 1-6
« on: April 30, 2016, 04:24:51 PM »
These are readily (at least half a dozen each) available in my town in Sweden.

I´ll gladly run down to my local shop and get them for someone who asks friendly. I´d preferr to get some cool tiles or grey/purple abbot etc in exchange.

Here is another late entry!

I played with (against?) my son in a fan-expansion-only game. I´m less good at uploading pictures then I am entering my big farmer on to your field so let´s see if it works.

Edit: it did! Now I just have to get everything printed out properly, the colours are extremely varied...

Expansions from this place included were: The Coast (which we played as a lake), Veto, Mills & Bakeries, Roman Influence, Gallows, Animal Farm, The Prison, The Leper, The Troubadour, The Fortune Teller, Apothecaries, Seasons, Roads to Victory, some Math Guy tiles, The Commons, Stone Circles, The Astronomers, Pestilence and some tiles from various forums such as The Pentagram, Ruins, City Tower (?), Stonehenge and some of my own tiles.



As a bonus I´ll include our scoreboard where you can see brave orange beating puny purple 344 to 235.


General / Re: Scaling for Large Games
« on: April 02, 2016, 03:56:22 AM »
Hello, first poster here!

I´m not sure if I understood you correctly, but my understanding nevertheless gave me some ideas towards scaling my favorite playing mode, mini-mega-carcassonne, that is, as many expansions, including quite a few fan made ones, as possible but still within an affordable time frame.

If you are asking for a ratio between tiles per expansion vis-a-vi number of players and/or total size of game I can tell you that we play with 1 more tile than player from each mini (except we skip all meta-game-play such as messengers, robbers etc), half the monasteries, about 1/2 tiles of large expansions and fan-made ones. Certain fan-expansions require detailed picking of tiles, others can be drawn at random.

This way we play mega-carc with 150-200 tiles whilst the game remains well balanced.

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