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General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: December 22, 2014, 11:37:13 AM »
Yesterday, I was about to throw away the packaging from cundco's last shipment , when suddenly another spiel '14 tile dropped out.

I thought they'd only sent me one - looks like my poem was good enough for two :D

Now if I had a camera.....

Thanks Farin,

I'm away this evening, so maybe we can hook up on IRC if/when you've got time tomorrow?

When I started yesterday, I attempted to swap out the DrawPhase.  I wasn't happy with the conditional check in the CreateGamePhase.  It seems that a client plugin-framework would be the sensible/long term approach.  I imagine they could also help with the fine-grained rules selection you've got planned for the future too.

Short term, I'm new to the code base so I'm keen to make tiny changes.

Having said that, I'm happy to have a go at which approach is best for JCZ long term.  So if you've had thoughts in this area it seems like they way to go.

Hi Gerry,

I think it makes sense to have a discard: list included in the prepared.yaml which discards selected tiles at the start of the game.  I think that would cover what you described earlier.

Farin's been a great help today over on github.  He's even put up with my terrible code submission. Hopefully over the next few days he'll show me how to do it properly ;)

You can follow our exploits over on

The Marketplace / Re: Best place to buy new expansions 1 & 2
« on: December 19, 2014, 02:19:43 PM »
Glad you hear you're sorted donglemouse.  I hope your friend likes them (I'm sure they will).

Let us know what they thought and put a picture on the Postman thread ;)

Merry Christmas too!

I've not tried, but I know none of the connection information is stored in the save file.

If you Load a game, you can unassign Local Players;  I'm guessing you can reassign them when someone else connects.

If you've got a second you can try to connect to:  37477 and see if you can resume a local game i saved earlier

I did one better,  I added a prepared counter to the Control Panel on the right hand side.  It tells you how many prepared tiles are left in the deck.

I've submitted my changes for scrutiny :

If you can't wait (and you fancy giving it a go) - you can download a locally built jar file and example prepared.yaml here:

I've also added a screenshot feature under the Window Menu, thought it was easier than print screening :)

I've had a productive day!  I figured out why I couldn't run JCloisterZone in eclipse, then I could get started:

I've created a new file called prepared.yaml which specifies a draw list (just like the debug mode).

When a new game is started, it checks for this file.  If it exists, the DrawPhase is replaced with a PreparedDrawPhase that pulls tiles from the list specified in the file.

The tiles are played in the order the were specified, when the list end it continues to play randomly, unless there is a . (just like debug) .

Here's the good bit.

When you save the game, it knows it's a prepared game and contains the list of tiles left to play. 

So you can load the save file without the prepared.yaml and continue!

Just need to review all my changes and figure out how to commit it.

There's also a little worry that potentially players could cheat if they load a game with the prepared.yaml ready to use without the other players knowing.

Upcoming Scheduled Games / Re: Weekly Online Game
« on: December 19, 2014, 02:30:03 AM »
Sorry to hear you couldn't make it Dan, hope you're doing ok.

Your count sounds right - took us about an hour to play.

TBH, I didn't really see the endgame coming because I was using my Builder so much!  I managed to get two inns near the end, which were probably worth more playing to comple short roads than placing a meeple in a dead city.

How about a Boxing Day match?

Will definitely need to give it a think,

All tiles from expansions are defined in XML files called packs.  Each tile has an ID: such as CccR and a number count of how many are present.

All the things that describe the tile are defined in there so you won't want to repeat these.

So, (pie in the sky dream) a tool to select a tile from an expansion and build a list to construct a deck would be nice.  Then a means of loading the deck and knowing they're played in order.

Right, I'm just putting my thought process here, so if Farin pops by he might: a) say I'm on the right lines or b) I'm totally mad.

I think once all the tiles are loaded, the random selection of the remaining tile is made in this method: handleGetRandSample in the SimpleServer.

I might have a go extending this class, so that tiles come out of packs in the order they are defined (eg: always drawing 0). 

Once that make sense, maybe I can look a deck builder (which I promised a while ago!)

Official Rules / Re: New Complete Annotated Rules
« on: December 18, 2014, 02:22:01 PM »
Thank you sir!

wow, this is complicated:

Here's what you're going to have to do:

The Save game, stores ONLY the current tile to be played.  None afterwards.

The Draw list is loaded when JCZ starts and is independent of games played.

So: You'll have to: 

  • make a draw list of all the tiles you want
  • Load JCZ and start the game
  • Play all the moves you want
  • Save the Game
  • Edit the draw list removing all the tiles you've already played + the currently drawn tile
  • Share the game save and also the debug list

The person loading will have to edit their config.yaml and Load the game.  They'll not be able to save, because when they reload it will restart the draw list.

Hope that makes sense.

If I get time I'll see if I can work out how tiles are loaded, maybe the save file could save a sequence of tiles; that would be infinitely easier for users.

Upcoming Scheduled Games / Re: Weekly Online Game
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:54:14 PM »
Thanks for the game jungleboy!

It could have gone either way - beginner's luck!

We had a gripping battle for the large cathedral city. 
In the end - I chickened out and used my abbey cash-in and get the goods. 

I managed to draw all three of the fccc cards preventing jungleboy from taking the middle city too.
That could have been another 30+ points + a draw for barrel goods.
It also trapped your builder!

A poor end game from me too - I still had 5 meeple to play!

Thanks again, looking forward to the next one!

The Marketplace / Re: Best place to buy new expansions 1 & 2
« on: December 18, 2014, 11:12:01 AM »
Hi donglemouse, welcome to the forum!

I'd start here:

Looks like there's not many out there!

I'd also suggest checking for german editions; rules will be German but the tiles are the same and the rules are available in pdf.

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