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News and Events / Carcassonne Around The World 2018: Africa
« on: November 20, 2017, 06:40:44 AM »
According to the post below from HiG via Facebook:

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges / Carcassonne Central: Advent Quiz MMXVII
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:22:37 AM »
Yo dudes! 8)

Things have been pretty quiet on the forums lately, which is a bit of a surprise considering that we have the Secret Santa in full swing, my "Spare Bits Giveaway", the next World Cup of Carcassonne Central starting imminently and an influx of overly optimistic cundco customers not getting a Spiel 17 tile. But this is the moment that you have really been waiting for... the... 2017... Carcassonne Central... Advent Quiz! :red-meeple: :white-meeple: :red-meeple:

My personal excitement for this is so great that I tried to run it last year thanks to a triumph of roman numeral confusion, but was convinced to wait until this year for it and to run the 2016 Advent Quiz last year in its place.

If per chance you have no idea what I'm talking about, please follow the following for either the 2016 quiz or the 2015 quiz. Can't be bothered to do that? Fine then. Here's a recap:

- Between the 1st and 24th December I will post a single question each day (at a random time), to which the answer will be the name of a member of our community here at CarcC. Going on previous experience, it seems likely that most questions will be fairly easy for most people to answer (I'm the one posing them after all :P), but I won't ever ask anything that a quick and/ or cunning search of the forums won't reveal.

- When you know the answer, don't post it on this thread! :-X Because then everyone will know, and we don't want that. Instead, send me a PM including the question number and your answer for that day. I won't respond to your PM (please don't be offended), but if you get the answer correct you will win one or more quiz points depending on how many others have answered it correctly before you: 3 points for the first person to provide a correct answer, 2 points to the second and 1 point for anyone else who answers correctly. C:-)

- There's no cut-off date for any particular questions so don't despair if you miss any. You can even answer all 24 questions on Christmas eve if you want, but don't expect to score big overall...

- Once Christmas and boxing day are behind us, I will post the correct answers – one at a time – along with who won the big points (or indeed any points) and total scores per participant. This is where it gets really fun! :o :(y)

- The overall winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the quiz, but there is likely to be a small prize for everyone who answers all questions regardless of whether they manage to answer any of them correctly. Last year I gave away something very special indeed, and I'm hoping to think of something even more specialer between now and the end of the quiz. But obviously it will be a surprise. O:-)

Hopefully that's clear? Please check the 2016 quiz thread if you have any specific questions as they might have been asked and answered there, or post here if you're still confused...

You have slightly more than two weeks to learn everything there is to know about your specialist subject: "The life and times of Carcassonne Central in 2017" and I'll post here again soon. Happy revising! ???

Other Games / Dice City: A Review
« on: November 03, 2017, 05:00:46 PM »
Dice City: A Review

A friend came round yesterday evening, and after a quick perusal of the current state of my boardgame shelves we decided to play Dice City. I remembered being very excited about getting this for my birthday last year but never quite managed to persuade my wife to play it with me, and had pretty much forgotten that I owned it despite taking it to Essen with me and even buying an expansion for it while I was there!

The setup took a little while longer than I'd been expecting as there were so many cards and tokens that had to be sorted out. I don't think it will be such a problem next time with a little bit of prior knowledge, but I think we both felt somewhat overwhelmed at first. Fortunately the rules were quite clear though, and once we'd set it up it didn't take long to get enough of a feel for what we were supposed to be doing to be able to start playing.

(left: the rulebook was followed very closely - hopefully we did everything properly! right: so many tokens... the top row shows the iron, wood and stone tokens; the star tokens on the next row represent immediate VP of varying values; and the third row shows the "pass" tokens and "deactivated" tokens used to show that a city location has been attacked and must first be repaired before it can be used again)

As the name suggests, Dice City is a dice-drafting game with a city-building theme but there's much more to it than this, including plenty of difficult decisions to be made as the game progresses and you're forced to think more about what Victory Point building mechanisms you can best exploit with the engine you've created so far. In this respect it reminded me a lot of 7 Wonders in terms of focussing on generating resources (Wood, Stone and Iron) in the early part of the game so that you can afford to invest in different areas later on, thus bringing the strategic element to life.

In the game, each player has a playing mat/ city which is split into 5 rows (each row corresponding to a particular colour dice: red, blue, yellow, black and white) and 6 columns (numbered 1 to 6). You roll all five dice at once and put them on the corresponding square of your city according to the colour of each dice and the number that you rolled. You then have five actions per turn (one for each dice), depending on where your dice have ended up, and what cards you might have in your city underneath the active dice. In our game this mostly involved gathering resources or building armies, but you can't carry more than one resource of each type into your next turn and your army strength is reset to zero at the end of each turn too. This means that making the most of each and every turn is critical if you want to do well...

To help make each turn more interesting and less luck-based, any individual dice can be adjusted horizontally (i.e. a 3 could be moved to either the 2 or the 4 column) but you must discard one of your other dice in order to do this. You can discard as many dice as you like in order to modify any other dice, but discarding 4 dice to modify your remaining dice from a 1 to a 5 for example, whilst within the rules would almost certainly be a bad idea! The other option you have is to exchange a dice for a "pass" token. You can only do this once per turn, but may spend pass tokens in pairs either to generate an extra resource of any type, increase your army strength by 1 or force an opponent to re-roll one of their dice.

(left: spot the dice in the wrong column! (I did this several times) right: the little quick reference guides were handy and frequently referred to in our first game)

Once your dice rolls have been resolved, there then follow the build and attack phases of your turn where you typically spend resources to buy new cards in the form of city locations or trade ships, and/ or use the power of your army to attack locations within your opponent's city or kill bandits. Buying trade ships or killing bandits wins you immediate victory points which are kept face-down until the end of the game when they are totalled up and contribute to your final score. On the other hand, new city locations can be placed anywhere within your city and may contribute to future turns in a variety of different ways such as by increasing the number of resources that you can use on that turn, strengthening your army (for that turn), helping to defend your city against attacks from your opponent(s), generating immediate victory points (in the form of star tokens with 1 – 5 VP) or giving you other special abilities for that turn. City locations also have a certain defensive threshold which represent the size of the opposing army required to "deactivate" them. Deactivated locations have a special token placed on them, and must be reactivated before they can be used again.

In both games (we played two!) my strategy was determined mostly by how the early part of my game panned out and what seemed to work well for me. I acquired a watchtower in the first game which boosted my army strength by 3 if used to attack bandits, and I had a similar card which reduced the army strength required to defeat bandits. Although I made the tactical blunder of putting these both in the same row of my city (meaning they couldn't both be used at the same time) they were generally very difficult to ignore so I often resorted to fighting bandits and generated the majority of my VP from these cards. I had a number of other buildings in my city which generated a handful of VP towards my final score, but which I built more because they looked interesting than because I had cunning plans to use them effectively! Building wisely and looking out for powerful combinations of cards that can be used together was very reminiscent of Dominion; I've never been very good at Dominion! In the second game I seemed to go resource mad, and the vast majority of my overall score came from shipping tokens (I even managed to get the 20VP shipping token which costs 4 of each resource).

(left: There was a good supply of Quarry, Lumber Mill, Mine and Regular Army cards throughout the game, other buildings could be bought from the 8 face-up cards which were then replenished from the face-down deck right: Bandits and Trade Ships provided an alternative way of using up army points and/ or resources for immediate victory points)

The main downside to the game was that I didn't feel like there was a great deal of interaction between players. At times it felt a lot like playing Flip City against my wife in that it was almost like my friend and I were both sitting up at the same table playing two solo games independently of each other. Yes there are plenty of opportunities for interaction, but these didn't feel especially natural and there always seemed to be something more interesting/ productive to do with my dice. If I'd been feeling so inclined I could have wasted much of my turn at any point such that my opponent would have to waste part of his next turn to get straight again, but there was no real incentive for doing this rather than simply moving on with my own plan instead. Still, this said, I will hold my hands up and admit that maybe it was partly our own fault for not embracing that side of the game more enthusiastically. In our defence though, Quadropolis (another favourite game of mine) has a clever tile-drafting mechanic which provides a good amount of interaction between players in a natural and intuitive way, rather than occasionally seeming as though it had been bolted-on as an additional, optional component.

Overall I loved playing Dice City and am already looking forward to the next time I can get it to the table. For one thing I'm a sucker for city-building themes so I always knew it was going to be a hit, but the artwork is easy to enjoy and everything felt like it had been done to a high standard. Something else I liked were the core mechanics as these involved just the right amount of thinking in terms of establishing a) what I could do with my dice, and b) what my best option was. The various different city buildings certainly extend (and complicate) the possibilities in terms of what can be achieved, but trying to work out whether I could do what I wanted to on any particular turn, and how best to do it, certainly provided a lot of much-needed brain exercise!

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges / Most Discarded Tiles
« on: November 02, 2017, 08:42:29 AM »
As we all know, when a tile is drawn that can’t legally be placed, the tile is discarded from the game and the game continues without it. In my experience this is usually the cccc tile but I’ve played many games where other tiles have had to be discarded, sometimes 2 or 3 consecutively (although this is rare)!

This got me thinking about what the maximum number of tiles that could be discarded from a regular base game of Carcassonne actually is, and which tiles would have to be placed beforehand in order to create such a situation. I think I’ve arrived at the correct answer now, but I’m keen to hear from other perspectives so am posing the following head-scratcher...

In a regular game of Carcassonne with no expansions, which two tiles might be drawn and placed according to the usual rules (including the use of the start tile) in order to maximise the number of tiles that would then have to be discarded? How many tiles would be discarded as a result?

This requires a little bit of lateral thinking as well as good knowledge of the tile distribution in the basic game, so I’m offering +1 merit to anyone who can come up with a better answer than my own (which I will share if anybody matches it). Good luck! :(y)

The Marketplace / Dan's Spare Bits Giveaway 2017
« on: November 01, 2017, 03:04:19 AM »
Hello everyone.

I've had a couple of messages recently asking if I'm going to be doing a "Spare Bits Giveaway" this year, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling as I do indeed intend to do one, just hadn't got round to organising anything yet (yes, I'm lazy).

I won't go into any detail just yet, but please see last year's giveaway if you don't know what I'm talking about as the 2017 giveaway will follow the same format. The most important thing to remember though is that this is an opportunity for all active members of Carcassonne Central (those with 20+ posts by the time I post the picture of all available items) to get hold of something that they're missing, because in these cases I'm happy to help as I know my items will be going to good homes where they will be enjoyed and played with. It's NOT an opportunity to get hold of something that you intend to put on eBay and profit from; that's not the point at all and I've taken a very dim view of anyone who has tried to do this in the past. >:( :(n)

I will update this thread at some point next week when I've decided what I'm giving away and have had a chance to take a suitable photo of it all. After that, it's over to you to decide what single item you'd like (and which is still available) and to claim it. Until then, have a think about what you'd be willing to give away to someone else in exchange for the item you claim, and let's make a lot of Carcassonne fans very happy in the process! ^-^

Dan :blue-meeple:

News and Events / Carcassonne World Championships
« on: October 28, 2017, 03:01:48 PM »
Good luck to anyone taking part in the Carcassonne world championships tomorrow! I'm looking forward to hearing all about them afterwards! :(y)

News and Events / Carcassonne Central Secret Santa
« on: October 26, 2017, 09:29:04 AM »
In case you hadn't realised, Christmas day is now just 60 days away!

To mark this special milestone, I'm taking the opportunity to launch what I hope will be a successful Carcassonne Central initiative that can be repeated for years to come; our very own Secret Santa! :red-meeple: :white-meeple: :red-meeple: :white-meeple: :red-meeple:

The premise is very simple. Anybody who signs up to take part will:

a) send a Christmas present directly to someone else from CarcC
b) receive a Christmas present directly from someone else at CarcC

Present recipients will be drawn randomly for everyone (by me) so you won't necessarily know who your secret santa is. I would anticipate that presents will be Carcassonne/ boardgame related though, and it would be really nice if there was some kind of personal touch (perhaps something that you've made or painted yourself?) to make the gifts that are given truly unique and special, rather than just a sheet of 50/100 score tiles or a set of meeples. It's all about the giving after all, so please be prepared to give something that you yourself wouldn't be disappointed to receive! ^-^

Also, I'm quite looking forward to seeing some photos of CarcC member given Christmas presents sitting underneath Christmas trees around the world so the other rule is that nobody is allowed to open their present until Christmas day (unless there is a common sense reason why they should be allowed to).

Sound good? Any questions?

If you would like to be included and are willing and able to make a fellow CarcC member's Christmas by sending them a suitably awesome Carcassonne or boardgaming themed Christmas present then please sign up now!

I'm in! :(y) (please join me - otherwise I'll have to send myself a Christmas present and pretend I don't know who it's from)

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Basegame League - Some Stats
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:57:05 AM »
So then, without further ado, here are the final results in the classic league table format:

Congratulations to Jere who finished at the top, despite Merlin_89 leading us there all the way up to the 14th round. If this league has taught me one thing, it's that Carcassonne can be pretty cruel at times...

Before I continue, I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in this competition. I know it probably took a little longer to complete than many of us anticipated, but I'm so happy that we got there in the end, and I hope that the journey has been as enjoyable for everyone else as it has been for me. Thank you for being invested in it, and for remaining committed despite what life has already thrown at many of us this year. It's very much appreciated, and I'm already looking forward to next year's league!

One of the benefits of storing all of the results in a comprehensive SQL database (and being reasonably competent at writing SQL queries) is that I was able to do some fairly detailed analysis of the results, and I'd like to share a few of my initial observations here.

A couple of simple stats to begin with:

(I've long thought that getting to go first AND being able to place one more tile than your opponent was quite a big advantage so I was expecting more of a difference here. Evidently I was wrong...)

(I can't think what was so special about rounds 13 or 5 but a difference of more than 350 total points scored between the two rounds seems like quite a lot!)

The stats start getting a little more interesting from this point forward as I'm going down to the individual level. I decided to start by looking at the number of points scored by each of us. Because of my database structure, this is broken down into two columns as total points scored (by each of us) = points scored by the winner in games where you won + points scored by the loser in games where you lost. Furthermore, knowing that each of us played exactly 28 games, I divided these scores by 28 to get an average score per game too! This is all shown below:

(Jere tops this list by a single point!)

And here is a very similar breakdown of points that each of us had scored against us (i.e. points that were scored by our opponents in their games against each of us):

(apparently Merlin_89 was the most difficult to score points against in that he had least points scored in games against him throughout the tournament, and by quite a margin too!)

And of course, points for - points against = points difference (PD) so I've also created the following which summarises both of the previous tables to give a third table ordered by overall points difference:

(the average PD per game is quite interesting here)

But despite what the above may have us believe, pretty much everyone suffered from at least one or two big losses somewhere along the way which means that many of us will have enjoyed some particularly big wins too! I've summarised these in the table below which shows the maximum/ minimum win/ loss margins for each player:

(Hounk and Adrornalin logging some colossal wins, and a lot of evidence of some very close games in the second column too. No surprise to see that Merlin_89 and Jere have the lowest maximum loss margins either)

But as interesting as scores are, this league was all about league points. And league points had to be won by winning games. So let's have a look at that too, along with some percentages:

(Adrornalin sits exactly in the middle with a 50% win ratio. Anything more than two thirds (66%) wins and you were destined for a top-2 spot. Anything less than one third (33%) wins and you were destined for a bottom-2 spot. Despite having the lowest PD of the 3 players who tied on 17 points {by 1 point}, glh510 went ahead of MrNumbers and I as we both had 11 losses against us whereas he had 10 losses and a tie)

I hope you found this to be of interest. There will be one more follow-up post providing an opportunity to for you to post any feedback about how you felt the league went and what you think could/ should be changed to improve upon our success for next year.

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Basegame League - Round 15
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:02:11 PM »

Start date: Now! (26th September 2017)
End date: let's be honest: whenever ::) (but as soon as you can please!)
(parent thread)

Match 105: Adrornalin vs. Merlin_89 (2 - 0 to Adrornalin)
Match 106: glh510 vs. Chooselife (2 - 0 to glh510)
Match 107: Leven vs. Halfling (2 - 0 to Leven)
Match 108: Rosco vs. Hounk (2 - 0 to Rosco)
Match 109: TheSteveAllen vs. khalidqasrawi (tie)
Match 110: Jéré vs. What If? (2 - 0 to Jéré)
Match 111: MrNumbers vs. danisthirty (2 - 0 to danisthirty)
already finished: Rich_The_Fish 8)

Please use this thread to post scores, screenshots and post-match reports. Good luck everyone!

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Basegame League - Round 14
« on: September 10, 2017, 04:38:49 PM »

Start date: Now! (11th September 2017)
End date: 24th September 2017 - any matches not played by the end of this date will be forfeited... :( :(n)
(parent thread)

Match 98: glh510 vs. MrNumbers (2-0 to MrNumbers)
Match 99: Leven vs. Merlin_89 (2-0 to Merlin_89)
Match 100: Rosco vs. Chooselife (tie)
Match 101: TheSteveAllen vs. Halfling (2-0 to Halfling)
Match 102: Jéré vs. khalidqasrawi (2-0 to Jéré)
Match 103: What If? vs. Rich_The_Fish (tie)
Match 104: Adrornalin vs. danisthirty (tie)
sitting out: Hounk (sorry) :(

Please use this thread to post scores, screenshots and post-match reports. Good luck everyone!

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Basegame League - Round 13
« on: July 31, 2017, 06:42:15 AM »

Start date: Now! (31st July 2017)
End date: 13th August 2017 - any matches not played by the end of this date will be forfeited... :( :(n)
(parent thread)

Match 91: MrNumbers vs. Chooselife
Match 92: Adrornalin vs. Halfling
Match 93: glh510 vs. Hounk
Match 94: Leven vs. khalidqasrawi
Match 95: Rosco vs. Rich_The_Fish
Match 96: TheSteveAllen vs. What If?
Match 97: Merlin_89 vs. danisthirty
sitting out: Jéré (sorry) :(

Please use this thread to post scores, screenshots and post-match reports. Good luck everyone!

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Basegame League - Round 12
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:59:21 AM »

Start date: Now! (27th June 2017)
End date: extended

(parent thread)

Match 80: Adrornalin vs. What If? (2 - 0 to Adrornalin)

Match 84: Merlin_89 vs. Halfling (tie)
Match 85: MrNumbers vs. Hounk (2 - 0 to MrNumbers)
Match 86: Adrornalin vs. khalidqasrawi (tie)
Match 87: glh510 vs. Rich_The_Fish (2 - 0 to glh510)
Match 88: Leven vs. What If? (2 - 0 to Leven)
Match 89: Rosco vs. Jéré (2 - 0 to Jéré)
Match 90: Chooselife vs. danisthirty (tie)
sitting out: TheSteveAllen (sorry) :(

Please use this thread to post scores, screenshots and post-match reports. Good luck everyone!

Other Games / Tsuro ("The Way of the Path")
« on: June 14, 2017, 04:57:40 PM »
Tsuro ("The Way of the Path") is a very simple (square) tile-placing game played on a six by six grid. Each player (up to eight!) controls a single stone which must follow the path laid out in front of it by placing tiles to extend their path. The object of the game is simple: keep your stone on the board. It might seem almost too easy at first, but as the game develops your available options diminish to the point that you may eventually be forced to place a tile that extends your path to lead to the edge of the board, and thus sends your stone out of the game. The only other way of losing is if your path joins another player's path as this causes your stones to crash into each other. If yours are the last two stones on the board then the game ends in a stalemate, otherwise you're both out and the game continues...
There are markings around the outside of the board (12 on each side) which represent starting positions and you can start from any position you choose. It's always a good idea to start with plenty of space around you as you don't want to get too fenced in or crowded by your opposition any earlier than you can avoid. AI opponents I've played always seem to go for very specific places so I've started copying them as it seems like as good a place to start as any:

(all images used below are screenshots from the Tsuro app on my Android phone, rather than photos of the actual boardgame. I chose to do this mainly because the app is a very faithful recreation of the boardgame, but also for ease of setting up useful situations to demonstrate points as they tend to occur naturally during games against AI opponents rather than having to imagine them and then set the board up. Anyway, I'm the blue stone in all cases, even though the colours of the actual stones appear to be a bit messed up)

This 4-player game is just starting to get interesting. I'm heading towards the middle cautiously, with a couple of safe paths behind me if I can loop back onto them. White meanwhile is playing a dangerous game as he has just one path to safety out of that top corner and will be off the board with his 5th tile if he doesn't take it with his 4th. Also, look at where everyone started! I only did it because I like to copy the "Tricky" AI players and I assumed they all knew what they were doing ;)

All players have a hand of three tiles until the stack of available tiles starts to run out. This allows for a certain amount of thought and planning when selecting which tile to place and how to orientate/ rotate it. When tiles are placed, they must be placed such that they extend your stone's path which will send it off in any one of seven directions. Plus of course, if your path extends on to a path on a tile that has previously been placed then your stone continues to follow that path until it reaches the other end (either on or off the board). And this is where the strategy comes in. At all times, your goal should be to place your tiles such that your path extends into open space while limiting the options of your opponents. So you're not just thinking about where you're going, but where you're allowing them to get to at the same time.
Every tile has eight points on it; two on each side. Each one of these points is connected to one other point on the same tile meaning that each tile has four paths across it although the arrangement of connections can seem a little overwhelming at times. In the early stages of the game, it probably doesn't matter where you end up as long as you're still on the board at the end of it, but as the game continues and you're forced to connect your path to paths on tiles that have already been placed it can be pretty tricky trying to weigh up each of the tiles in your hand and rotating them to see if they can be used to get you onto a "safe" path (i.e. one which keeps you on the board).

I can use any of my tiles to keep myself on the board here, but if I choose carefully I can deal a fatal blow to my opponent and have this wrapped up in 2 more tiles each.

I used my middle tile in the previous screenshot to ensure that the red stone had no way out of the corner he'd got himself trapped in. All I need to do is stay on the board for this turn, and then sit back and watch Red send himself into oblivion on his next turn as there are no paths left that will keep him on the board.

Most recently I've been playing against either one, three or seven AI opponents via the excellent Android and iOS apps developed by Thunderbox Entertainment (both pretty much identical). It can be pretty chaotic with eight stones on the board at once and it starts getting really messy after just two or three turns each since the board has 36 squares and so will be two thirds full after eight players have had three turns each. As the stones start to bunch up though, it's often possible to place your tile and extend your path in a way that also extends the paths of any other stones at the same time. And if you're clever about it (and have a suitable tile available), you can send other players' stones off the board while keeping yourself on. This is why it's best to stay away from the stones of the other players as much as possible.

Unusually, all 8 stones are still on the board after 3 tiles each. I can use either of my tiles to keep myself on the board but the yellow player with the stone bordering the same tile as I'm about to place isn't going to get another turn...

It's difficult to anticipate situations like this arising, but when they do it's nice to have the tile available (the one on the right) to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Or rather, 2 stones with 1 tile in this case, by forcing the yellow and orange paths to collide >:D
My other tip, which is most relevant to games with lower player counts (perhaps just two or three) is to keep a close eye on how much territory/ space is available to you, and what potential paths your opponent(s) may have into your territory. Alternatively, if your opponent has more territory than you then you need to be looking for paths across into their territory with the objective of trapping them in a tight space with no paths out of it. Another option, if there are plenty of paths available, is to travel across to your opponent's territory in order to place some tiles and fill it up, before looping back onto another path which takes you back into a larger territory where you can remain safe while they run out of space. Ultimately the end goal is the same: starve your opponent of safe spaces in which to expand and restrict their potential paths to safety. The tiles that they have available to them will certainly restrict their options, but being deliberate about how much space you leave them can be a very effective strategy.

It's my turn in this 3-player game but fortunately I've been left enough space to win the game as there are no paths for Orange or White that will keep them on the board after their next tiles. If I rotate the tile on the right by 90 degrees clockwise before placing it, my stone will remain on the board and I won't have to place another tile because mine is guaranteed to be the last stone standing before my next turn :D

In case you haven't guessed, I'm a big fan of this game! But it does suffer from a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, players are eliminated from the game once their stone is out and the game carries on without them until it has been won by someone else. This can be pretty rough on newer players, especially if they go out early on. But fortunately games are quite quick, rarely lasting more than around ten minutes so the wait is never a very long one. The other thing I've noticed is that going first seems to be quite a drawback. I'm not sure if I'm 100% mathematically correct in this assumption, but in larger games it isn't uncommon to reach the point that after four tiles each, everyone (or almost everyone) is still in and play returns to the starting player who has literally no possible way of staying on the board or avoiding joining paths with another stone. The last player however will probably have an easier time if everyone else is being forced to kill off their stones ahead of them purely because of the order of play. Like I say though, this is just an observation and there may be provable tactics to prevent this situation from arising (but I haven't been clever enough to have discovered them yet).
Finally, as most people are already well aware, there is another variant of Tsuro called "Tsuro of the Seas" which even has an expansion. I've only played it once and it's essentially the same game but with sea monsters that can move around on the board causing players' stones/ boats to get eaten or fall into the sea. This felt a bit clunky when I played it and I really didn't like how the movement of the monsters disrupted the smooth flow of what is otherwise a beautiful game. And I'm not talking about the artwork on the tiles when I say it's beautiful, as the tiles themselves – and stones - are very simple (but effective). There's just an elegance to this game which I've felt from few other titles, and even though it can be pretty aggressive at times, I feel like this game could be prescribed as some sort of aid to meditation as there's an enormous sense of peacefulness and tranquility about it. Even when I lose. Which is often.

In summary, this is probably a boardgame that most people who are aware of boardgames beyond Monopoly and Risk will already be aware of. It's certainly a classic, but I don't think it's widely regarded as a "gateway" game. But it's light, it's easy to learn and play and it goes a long way towards providing a much-needed sanity break between more stressful games. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I'm a much calmer person than I otherwise might be at the moment, purely because of the time I've spent playing this game lately. It's therapeutic like that. Give it a try!

It's so rare that I win an 8-player game that I thought this one was worth a screenshot! 8) (I also like how the stones that went out earlier look like they're standing at the side watching Green and I battle it out)


Start date: Now! (14th June 2017)
End date: 27th June 2017 - any matches not played by the end of this date will be forfeited... :( :(n)
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Match 77: Chooselife vs. Hounk (2 - 0 to Hounk)
Match 78: Merlin_89 vs. khalidqasrawi (2 - 0 to Merlin_89)
Match 79: MrNumbers vs. Rich_The_Fish (2 - 0 to Rich_The_Fish)
Match 80: Adrornalin vs. What If? (postponed)
Match 81: glh510 vs. Jéré (tie)
Match 82: Rosco vs. TheSteveAllen (tie)
Match 83: Halfling vs. danisthirty (2 - 0 to danisthirty)
sitting out: Leven (sorry) :(

Please use this thread to post scores, screenshots and post-match reports. Good luck everyone!

Anything Else / Lego Cards
« on: May 31, 2017, 08:28:01 AM »
Apologies for the utterly random plea, but anyone in the UK who has shopped at Sainsburys at any point over the last month or so may have been asked if they’re collecting the little packs of Lego cards that Sainsburys are giving away to shoppers who spend more than £5. If you have, and if you have any cards that you don’t want, please let me know as my daughter would be very grateful to take them off your hands as we’ve been collecting them and have only just discovered that they’re only going to be doing them for another couple of weeks!

You will be reimbursed for postage and for kindness. :D :(y)

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