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News and Events / UK Carcassonne Championships 2019
« on: January 23, 2019, 01:14:06 AM »
Yo yo.

Exciting news! This years UK Carcassonne championships will be held in Birmingham (at the UK Games Expo) on Saturday 1st June. The format has been changed such that the initial rounds of 4-player games are being ditched in favour of a purely head-to-head format that is better aligned with many other national championships and indeed the world championships. There are 64 places, and tickets cost £7 each meaning it would cost you £448 to buy them all and guarantee yourself the title.

There is also a purely 4-player competition running on Friday 31st May. Tickets for this also cost £7 but there are only 48 seats available.

Plus of course, no expansions (including Abbots) will be used in either competition.

- Carcassonne UK Championships
- Carcassonne (4 Player)

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / 2019 Basegame League - Round 1
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:09:36 AM »
Round 1

The full list of all fixtures for Rounds 1 to 11 can be found here: (but please don't play any of your opponents from any future rounds yet as we're going to take it one round at a time).

Please aim to play your match as soon as you're able to, but let's aim to have the round wrapped-up before the end of next week (Sunday 3rd Feb). If we finish earlier than this, we will of course move on to Round 2 without any further ado!

I will send PMs to every pairing to ease you into the competition, but probably won't be doing this for future rounds.

Good luck to everyone; and when you do get round to playing your match please don't forget to post the results and any screenshots you have here on this post! Thanks C:-)

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / 2019 Basegame League
« on: January 18, 2019, 06:38:09 AM »
2019 Basegame League

I've put together this little guide to how the 2019 basegame league will run for everyone who will be taking part in it, along with a set of handy links at the bottom. Please read and make sure you understand this before the league begins! :)

I intend for the fixtures list for Round 1 to be announced shortly so that we're ready to begin at the start of next week. Good luck everyone!

How do we play each other?

Matches should be played online using the latest version of JCloisterZone (currently 4.3.0). Please ensure you have downloaded this and can run it on your chosen device well in advance of the start of the competition. Technical advice, general guidance and practice opponents can all be found on the Carcassonne Central Slack channel (see link at the bottom of this post). Or by posting here of course, but it's recommended and helpful to be available on Slack if possible.

How are games/ matches arranged?

Everyone taking part in the competition will play one match against everyone else. A match consists of two games; a home game and an away game. In your home game you will place the first tile, and in your away game your opponent will place the first tile. The start player can be determined within JCloisterZone on the pre-game screen where you choose your meeples. As long as the "Randomize Seating Order" checkbox is NOT checked, the starting player will be the first to choose their meeple colour and will have a "1" next to their chosen meeple.

Furthermore, the tournament will be organised into a series of rounds, with each player participating in one match per round against a specified opponent. The fixture list (who needs to play who) will be announced in a new thread at the start of each round, and the league table will be updated to reflect the current scores at the end of the round before moving on to the next. Each round will end when all of the fixtures for that round have been played, but it is hoped and anticipated that no round should last any longer than two weeks. Please be as active as possible in arranging your matches, as nobody else will do this for you!

How is the league ranked?

For each match, League Points will be awarded depending on the result of the two games that the match consists of. Each game is worth 1 point to the winner and 0 points to the loser. If a game is a tie, both players take 0.5 points regardless of who started. Therefore, matches will typically be scored 2 - 0 if two games are won by the same player or 1 - 1 if each player wins a game. However 1.5 - 0.5 is also a potential outcome in the case of one tied game, as is 1 - 1 in the unlikely event that both games are tied!

Points Difference (PD) will also be recorded and used as a tie-breaker. Your PD for any individual game is the difference between the winning score and the losing score and will be positive (if you won the game) or negative (if you lost the game) or zero (if the game was a tie). So, if you lost your first game by 23 points but then won the second game by 17 points your overall PD for the match would be -6. Conversely, your opponent's PD would be +6.

The league will be ranked primarily by League Points, and then PD where League Points are tied between two or more players.

Posting Scores

It has become a Carcassonne Central tradition that the victorious player will usually post screenshots of the final scores and end-game landscape back to the forums, along with a short writeup of the game(s). However, it doesn't really matter who posts what as long as the final scores breakdown from both games are posted. So please ensure that either you or your opponent will take responsibility for this once your match has been completed (which will also include pausing to screenshot the scores from the first game before the second game begins).

Anything else?

- JCloisterZone (external link): Downloading this is a good place to start if you haven't already downloaded it.

- JCloisterZone FAQ: Carcassonne Central hosts the official JCloisterZone FAQ which I inadvertently put together some years ago as a guide for people taking part in CarcC tournaments. If you have any questions or difficulties related to starting an internet-based game through JCloisterZone you might find the answer here.

- Slack: "Boardgaming chat/ banter/ tomfoolery/ nonsense with intelligent, fun people" might sound like the sort of thing you'd have to call a premium-rate phone number for. But not anymore! Slack is a great way of connecting with others, and is very handy for chatting in person rather than via emails/ private message to arrange mutually convenient times to play matches.

- The Unwritten Rules: This is recommended reading for anyone taking part in any of CarcC's online tournaments. Most of it boils down to courtesy and common sense, but it's written down because sometimes common sense isn't as common as we'd like it to be...

- 2017 Basegame League: The 2017 basegame league followed a similar structure to that which I've proposed above for the 2019 league. If there's anything you're not sure about, you might find some helpful examples/ information within this post or any of those which it links to.

News and Events / 2019 Basegame League?
« on: December 20, 2018, 05:47:05 AM »
I have a proposal to make. Not the sort of proposal I made in 2007 while up a tree somewhere in Sutton Coldfield either, this time it's serious (and doesn't involve a ring).

One of the things that a lot of people enjoy about Carcassonne are the expansions. Indeed, some people rarely play it at all without them. However, there are also those among us who like to play Carcassonne in its purest form; head to head, with 71 tiles waiting to be drawn and placed. No inns, cathedrals, traders, builders, princesses, dragons, towers, abbeys or mayors. Just you and your wits, and a handful of meeples at your disposal.

Many of us are already enjoying the divisional league for which we have TheSteveAllen to thank, but I've also seen comments (and know of others) who would appreciate the opportunity to take part in an online competition that doesn't include expansions of any sort. So with this in mind, allow me to float the idea of a 2019 Basegame League...

The league would operate in the same way as the 2017 Basegame League (and the 2014 league before that) where everyone played two games against everyone else (a home game where they got to place the first tile and an away game where they didn't) over a series of rounds. League points are awarded depending on the outcome of the games (2pts for 2 wins, 1pt for a win and a loss, 0pts for 2 losses) with PD (points differential) serving as tie-breaker. For more details, you should visit the full rules of the 2017 league (although I'm not sure whether it would be better to pace it in the same way as we did last time, or allocate a set period of time and let everyone play all their matches in that time - please let me know if you have any thoughts on this, especially if you took part in the 2017 league).

This is in no way guaranteed to be taking place yet, but I'm keen to see who might be interested in taking part, so please let me know below if you think you'd like a place, or if you have any questions about how it might run. The only complication I can foresee at present is that many of us are already taking part in The Steve's divisional league, but I see no reason why participation in both should be frowned upon if anyone has any doubts over that.

Please let me know your thoughts! ;)

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges / Carcassonne Central: Advent Quiz MMXVIII
« on: November 29, 2018, 04:31:40 AM »
I’m not normally someone who says "Yikes", but December is now just two days away. Yikes! :o

One of my favourite December traditions is the Carcassonne Central Advent Quiz which is now in its fourth year (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)! It’s a great opportunity to review what’s happened over the course of the year within our little community, and to test your knowledge of who said what (or at least your ability to use the Search feature anyway).

My hope is that it will be more fun than opening a new window on your advent calendar each day anyway (although probably not as tasty as eating the little chocolate that was behind it)...

Here’s a quick recap/ update of the rules for anyone who hasn’t taken part in one of our previous quizzes:

- Between the 1st and 24th December I will post a single question each day (at a random time), to which the answer will be the name of a member of our community here at CarcC. Going on previous experience, it seems likely that most questions will be fairly easy for most people to answer (I'm the one posing them after all :P), but I won't ever ask anything that a quick and/ or cunning search of the forums won't reveal.

- When you know the answer, don't post it on this thread! :-X Because then everyone will know, and we don't want that. Instead, send me a PM including the question number and your answer for that day. I won't respond to your PM (please don't be offended), but if you get the answer correct you will win one or more quiz points depending on how many others have answered it correctly before you: 3 points for the first person to provide a correct answer, 2 points to the second and 1 point for anyone else who answers correctly. C:-)

Based on feedback from last year I am extending the range of points on offer this year as follows:

1st correct answer5 points
2nd correct answer4 points
3rd correct answer3 points
4th correct answer2 points
All subsequent correct answers   1 point

- There's no cut-off date for any particular questions so don't despair if you miss any. You can even answer all 24 questions on Christmas eve if you want, but don't expect to score big overall...

- Once Christmas and boxing day are behind us, I will post the correct answers – one at a time – along with who won the big points (or indeed any points) and total scores per participant. This is where it gets really fun! :o :(y)

- The overall winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the quiz, but there is likely to be a small prize for everyone who answers all questions regardless of whether they manage to answer any of them correctly. Last year I gave away something very special indeed, and I'm hoping to think of something even more specialer between now and the end of the quiz. But obviously it will be a surprise. O:-)

Since I still haven't posted the prizes from last year I don't want to get myself even further into debt here, so this year will be for fun and bragging rights only.

Any questions, please ask now. Otherwise, you can expect question 1 of 24 sometime on Saturday! O0

General / Let the Madness Commence (again)
« on: October 25, 2018, 02:24:55 AM »
A small gift from our man in Essen...

News and Events / Secret Santa 2018
« on: October 17, 2018, 03:10:49 AM »
Yo dudes.

At around about this time last year, a few of us (12?) decided to participate in a Carcassonne Central Secret Santa. It was indeed deeply secret and santariffic, and I personally enjoyed it not just for the excitement of knowing that I had a Christmas present from a fellow CarcC member to unwrap on Christmas morning, but from the knowledge that someone somewhere else in the world had something from me to unwrap too!

More details can be found on last years thread.

So, my question to you all is this: is anyone interested in doing a Secret Santa again this year? Gifts would be predominantly home-made and Carcassonne-themed, and would have to be ready for sending on or around the 1st December to avoid the disappointment of someone not having something to open on Christmas morning. This is currently 45 days away, which is just over 6 weeks to get something sorted. So if you're interested, post below:

General / Collaborative Carcassonne
« on: September 26, 2018, 07:33:58 AM »
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your invitation to take part in a unique Carcassonne experience as a community, where we will share our thoughts/ experience on what best to do with each tile that we get to place in a 4-player game of Carcassonne with no expansions. :blue-meeple: :green-meeple: :red-meeple: :yellow-meeple:

All you need to do is follow this thread and contribute with your thoughts on what you'd do if you were in the position that we find ourselves in with each tile that we get to place. I'll track scores and will post what our opponents do with each update of the developing landscape, with the intention of collectively outwitting them all to win the game! ;)

My hope is that it will be something a bit fun that we can all contribute towards and potentially learn from by understanding the thought processes going on inside the heads of others when we're all faced with the same decisions to make. If we can't agree on what best to do with our turn then we'll settle it through a vote, but I'm looking forward to seeing how things turn out and considering different options to those that I'd normally consider when playing by myself.

Please ask if you have any questions. Otherwise you can expect a screenshot of the starting position to be posted here very soon, so have your thinking caps at the ready! C:-) :(y)

The Marketplace / Giant Carcassonne Tiles!
« on: September 07, 2018, 03:36:34 AM »
Hey all, not sure if many of our current members will remember Carcatronn (Ted) who used to run the Carcassonne Shoppe, and who also masterminded his hugely successful Kickstarter campaign "The Adults of Carcassonne" but all of us oldies certainly will do. Anyway, he recently shared the following photos via his Facebook page so I thought I'd share them here too in case anyone else is interested in getting their hands on a set of giant Carcassonne tiles (specifications below):

After more than 3 years, it was time to dig into storage and sort out the remaining sets of Carcassonne Coasters. You are looking at the last 100 sets in existence, and man was that a long day! If you or your friends are interested, you can email us at to snag a set for $25 + shipping! Sets will include the original 72 base game designs, Corn Circle I, Tunnels, and the Abbeys.

Coaster Set details:
  • 2mm thick (like the actual game tiles) 3.5 in x 3.5 in
  • 72 coasters in the original base game designs
  • 7 coasters in the 7 Corn Circle I designs
  • 4 coasters in the 4 Tunnels designs
  • 6 coasters in the 1 Abbey designs (to support 6 players)
Sets include the original 72 base game designs, Corn Circle I, The Tunnels, and the Abbeys for $25 + shipping

These are the only ones in existence so get them while you can if you're interested as they're going fast! :o

General / Carcassonne: How it SHOULD be played
« on: July 04, 2018, 01:02:50 AM »

We've all been getting the rules VERY wrong for the better part of two decades!

News and Events / KJW-Signed Tile Giveaway
« on: June 13, 2018, 06:09:24 AM »
Yo dudes! :(y)

It's been a while since I gave anything away, which is largely because my supply of "spare bits" has dwindled somewhat over recent years owning to previous giveaways and my total lack of any disposable income to replace anything. However, I am currently in possession of a number of tiles in both old and new artwork editions which have been signed by the main man himself - Klaus-Jürgen Wrede – that I'm looking to share with the community here.

I will be making these tiles available to anyone who doesn't already have one (so please be honest!) and will allocate them on a first come first served basis once I've posted here with a photo of the tiles that are up for grabs. If you'd like to claim one, please post here on this thread about your last game of Carcassonne along with any relevant details such as what colour you played, which expansions you included (if any) and who you're no longer speaking to as a result of events that transpired in the game. >:D

On a final note, all tiles will be free to a good home as long as this is what you intend to provide and aren't looking for something to put on eBay. :( :(n)

Stay tuned! :blue-meeple:


Following a great game with TheSteveAllen last night, we couldn't justify why the farm shown below is worth 54 points so I was wondering if someone else could help us? O:-)

- I see 7 complete cities + 1 besieged city
- The farm includes the pig herd tile from River 2
- Both pigs (Yellow and Blue) are included in the farm

The only thing we could think that might explain it is if both pigs were scored for the same player which would be 6 points per regular city (3 + 1 {pig herd} + 1 {Yellow pig} + 1 {Blue pig}) x 7 = 42. Then 12 points for the besieged city which scores the same as 2 regular cities (so 6 x 2). This gives a total of 54 points, but I'm fairly sure that the Blue pig shouldn't have been scored by Yellow!

Another idea is that maybe the fairy awarded an additional point per city (and 2 for the besieged city). Fairly sure this isn't the case, and even if it was I'd expect to see the additional points in the Fairy section of the scores breakdown which isn't where it was...

Any suggestions or should we be reporting this to farin?

The Marketplace / 3 Euros off at Spielbox
« on: February 08, 2018, 02:36:13 AM »

As an unbirthday present (this being due to my date of birth being interpreted as the 7th Feb rather than the 2nd Jul) I've received a 3 Euro voucher for my next purchase at Spielbox. I don't intend to make any purchases in the near future so if anyone wants a voucher code to save themselves a few Euros please drop me a PM, but only if you intend to use it before either the 9th March or the 3rd September (not sure which given the confusion over my birthday):

"You can book this credit at the cash desk during the ordering process by 09.03.2018."


News and Events / UK Carcassonne Championships 2018
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:36:04 AM »
Yo dudes.

I've just visited this link:

It looks as though the UK Carcassonne Championships will be on the Friday this year (rather than the Sunday), and will be running from 3pm to 10:30pm which is 7 and a half hours!

Pure speculation, but I'm wondering if this means they're going to change the format to match the world championships more closely and do away with the rounds of 4-player games? I hope so anyway. That would be awesome.

EDIT: No it doesn't mean this. If I'd actually taken the time to click the link for it I would have seen that it's the same initial 3 rounds, but then the top 16 go through to the head to head rounds.

The Marketplace / WTB: Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:41:22 AM »
Hello everyone.

I'm asking for a friend who played Carcassonne for the first time this Christmas, and would like to get hold of Hunters & Gatherers if possible. I didn't realise it was still so hard to find despite the Z-Man games reprint, and I'm struggling to point him to anywhere that has it for a sensible price.

Any ideas?


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