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General / Re: Acquire all expansions, but in what artwork?
« on: April 23, 2019, 02:35:38 AM »
Thanks for good answers aenima, Meepledrone and DaFees!
And yes, cundco is the official german carcassonne online store.
Nice, but to me it's unclear whether the games sold here are in german or english. My german is not so strong  ::)

It would've been easier if I'd only gotten one of aenima and DaFees answers  ;D
But then I wouldn't be getting the whole picture.
At Outland games store in Oslo, Norway, BB5 is apperently sold for a reasonable price. Maybe the availability is very different from country to country.

So they've completly stopped producing Carc and the expansions in the old artwork? Heard they stopped in 2017 Are the only available copies those allready produced and stacked up at shop stocks? As well as used ones being sold of course. It'll be hard to get a an expansion made in 2009 (Der tunnels) if it's several years since they stopped producing it.

General / Re: Acquire all expansions, but in what artwork?
« on: April 21, 2019, 03:46:29 PM »
Thank you all! I feel welcome and you've got great answers!  ;D

And to add to that, the vineyards you refer to from big box 6 are gardens, those are for the Abbot expansion, that is only in the new art.
I didn't realize. Glad you understood what I'd gotten wrong :)
Nice overview! Thanks!

It's a nice list! Thanks!

5. New expansions will only be in new art. I hope there will be expansion 11 but I can't confirm it.

Wikicarpedia is another good source...
Thanks Halfling for the very precise answers to my list of questions! :D
Wikicarpedia was excellent!

I'm new to the Carcassonne community and it seems like you've got a pretty good overview. The game came out almost 20 years ago. Does it seem like there aren't coming many more expansions as you are unsure whether there will be an elleventh? As things are now, going for the old artwork doesn't seem too stupid, but it would be a bummer in the long run if many more expansions are coming in the (distant) furture. Is there a news portal for Carcasonne somewhere? Where do I find the latest news?

Judging by what I've learned from you now, both artworks allows me to stacks up quite a few expansions.

I get that this and this expansion are made in old and new art, but that's a different thing from actual availability.

Do they still produce the expansions for the old art or does one have pay up big on eBay and alike to get a hold of them?
I'm curious about both the big expansions as well as the small ones.

If it's not that easy to get the old art expansions it will cause me more headache than fun going for that one.

Is some kind of original store? Are there any other original stores for other countries or other sites you recommend buying from?

I've played a variant where every player keeps three tiles at hand and can choose which to use. Apart from that I've been playing pretty vanilla. If any of you have som hot recommendations to variants, sites or other thing for a love-struck Carcasonne player, lemme know :)

Heading to the boardgame store on tuesday before I return to the desolate place where I live - hopefully with some cool expansions either bought there or ordered online  8)

General / Acquire all expansions, but in what artwork?
« on: April 19, 2019, 08:43:50 AM »
Hello  :blue-meeple:

Nice forum and community you've got going here. I've read a lot of interesting post throughout my mission to sort out which artwork I'll really go for.

My situation is this: I've played Carcasonne Big Box 6 at some relatives house a couple of times last year. We played with I&C, T&B and soon all the expansions included in that Big Box. When my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas I easily said Carcasonne Big Box. She said there might be multiple choices in the store so I told her that when she were buying one at all it was important she'd buy the most possible expansions since I wanted to get all sooner or later.

This is what she told the store clerk in the games store downtown Oslo, Norway where we live. I got the Big Box 5 (Doris Matthäus artwork) which I thought was sweet at first even though i thought it was weird that it was different from my relatives big box (Anne Pätzke artwork). At this time I didn't know Carcasonne exists in two differnt artworks. It was a couple of months since I played it so I didn't realize there where several artworks.
For my brithday i March my friend got me The Princess & the Dragon and of course this is in the other artwork that I have. I know that you can play them together perfectly fine, but I'd like to get everything in one artwork. Esthetique and feel is important to me.

I have some concrete things I'd like help in clearing up:
1. Is it right that The Catapult is not available in the old artwork?
2. Is it right that the base game in Big box 6 has vineyards where for instance the Big box 5 doesn't? Is the Abbey mini-expansions only available in the new artwork?
3. Is the distinctive German expansions in both artworks? I'm thinking abouth The Spielbox magazine-expansions like Die Windrosen, Der tunnel and also the german castles and Cathedrals.
4. What about the Spiel-tiles? These aren't too important to me. My choice of artwork will probably not be affected by these but, I'm curious.
5. Does new expansions only come out with the new artwork or both? Do they still plan on further expansions or is that era over and the only expansions coming are fanmade?

It would be perfect if someone had a table showing what expansions are available in what artwork, but I haven't found one. Here is a great overview, but it doesn't say anything about artwork

I prefer the old artwork slightly, but most important to me is to get as many expansions as possible in one artwork.
I also know that some expansions are weird according to many, like The Catapult, but I,m still interested in getting every expansion from The School to under the Big Top  :(y)

Hard to understand why they would suddenly change artwork when there are so many games sold with one artwork. Nothing wrong with the old one  :)

I appreciate every answer - thank you  :D

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