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Yeah I've extracted using 7 zip.   Might kill it and retry tomorrow.

sent from my Nokia 8210 bruv

Hmmm. Ive downloaded the 7zip file /.jar and unpacked it but nothing happens, is here an executable to run or am I missing something?

Running win10.


Hello Madhatter123, and welcome to the forums! :)

We use JCloisterZone for our online tournaments. It can be downloaded for free from here. It includes a good number of expansions, is fairly easy to use and is generally quite reliable. The developer - farin - is a member here and is always keen to hear from us if we spot any bugs or have any feature requests.

I recommend giving it a try! And if you're keen to get involved in an online competition then the Welcome Tournament is a great place to start.
Thanks Danis!

sent from my Nokia 8210 bruv


No doubt a dumb question ... please let me know if there is a thread that deals with this (had a quick scout and couldn't find one).

When you refer to online tournaments which app or method do you use to run these?


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