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Thank you very much to all of you for sharing your opinions!
Now I think I already decided!
I think it's definitely the Big Box 5 on I want.
The Hills and Sheeps add new tokens that seem more interesting. It also adds the River that looks like something more unique and not all Big Box 4 minis I found interesting. Anyway, later I could buy only the mini that to me seems more interesting of all minis.
I do not want just to play, I also want a Carcassonne as a collection (in my country it does not sell none in nowhere). I am convinced that the Big Box 5 fulfills better both functions: a boardgame more rare to collect and fun to play with youngsters. :red-meeple:

I got BB4 and one thing to consider with that edition is, that the tiles are darker and thinner than in most of the others. So to further expand BB5 might be the better choice

That I already heard on another website. That also helped me decide by the BB5.
Size is also important, because if they are smaller means they are easier to get lost, and it has happened to me with chess pieces many times and I lost it and not found more.

Thanks to all you!

I never played at Carcassonne, but I would buy to play with my friends who are young still.
But I do not want to buy the basic version, I would buy a more complete version (with the expansions) ie, the Big Box.
But I hesitate which of them: Big Box 4 (Carcassonne Plus 2012) or Big Box 5 (Carcassonne Plus 2014).
I read that said the Big Box 5 was lower than the Big Box 4 because it was bringing less tiles and all miniexpansiones were removed, and the best thing is that you could play with up to 8 players. Although I only need to play with 3 or 4 people (with me we are 5) who are a more cohesive group that we almost always have to meet in the same place.
Well, you tell me what are the PROS and CONS of Carcassonne Big Box 4 (Carcassonne Plus 2012) and Big Box 5 (Carcassonne Plus 2014). And also tell me which of the two should I buy.

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