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Other Games / Re: Stone Age 10th Anniversary Edition
« on: July 31, 2020, 04:42:43 AM »
Yesterday HiG published an english version for the Stone Age solo version (Print-N-Play).
Have Fun! :)

Official Rules / HiG - Quarantine-Kit
« on: July 31, 2020, 04:39:17 AM »
I haven't found information about the "Quarantine-Kit" from HiG. Therefor this new thread.

A few weeks ago HiG published some links to Print-n-Play versions and expansions for some games (Carcassonne, Hadara, Citadels, Russian Railroads and Stone Age).
On the CundCo-Website you can also find english versions of these PnP-Versions.

Yesterday they published an english version for the Stone Age solo version (Print-n-Play).

Have fun!  :)

They also announced a PnP-solo version for Marco Polo II.

Some information about the "prices" of the paintings you will find here:  click

News and Events / Re: Small fair SpielDoch! in Duisburg/Germany
« on: March 31, 2019, 08:56:46 AM »
Additionally there was an auction of two original paintings from Doris Matthäus.
The first picture of the first expansion reached EUR 310,-
And the one with the miner (from mini-expansion Goldmines) EUR 210,-

At the CundCo boot you could buy the two new items for Carcassonne "The Germany-Map" and the "Castles in Germany for Carcassonne V2" and of course a lot of other items from HiG.
Depending on the sale success for this first map it is likely that other countries will follow.
There were no other promos for Carcassonne available.

News and Events / Small fair SpielDoch! in Duisburg/Germany
« on: March 31, 2019, 08:42:21 AM »
Here some impressions from the small game-fair SpielDoch! in Duisburg/Germany (not far away from the town Essen were the SPIEL is held)
I had the chance to visit the fair on friday and saturday (yesterday).
And yesterday there were some events at the HiG-boot.
For example one competition of 5 players against the team Klaus-Jürgen and Moritz Brunnhofer (CEO of HiG).

Photos from Konrad2605 with game impressions
Addtional game-impressions
Very nice box for the Giant-Carcassonne

(All persons agreed to be visible in the forums.)

Now, for all CarcC-members, I uploaded my photos (only the best ones) into my Dropbox: here is the link
For private purposes you could use them without restrictions.
If they are to be published anywhere, I ask for brief consultation.

Have fun! (sorry for the german filenames)

Oh no,
I forgot to mention the delicious black beer :P  (running gag  ;)).
That too is a reason to come back next year.  :D

Sooo, after I was on the road again over the last weekend, I want to briefly comment on the fan meeting:

It was just great !!! It was a lot of fun to get to know all the participants "in more detail", rather than only on rather hectic and always far too short meetings at fairs or other time limited events. I really enjoyed it all!
In addition to playing I also followed other activities (jogging, walking, taking pictures, reading and just letting my soul dangle in this wonderful place).
I would be glad if a repeat would attract many more people next year.

A really great venue that I think should be kept. The journey is definitely worth it. Even though it would be more central in Germany, the journey would be a bit more difficult for some. And if one of the participants takes a two-day car ride (one way!), it should be possible for many others as well. ;-)

Many thanks to the organizers Udo, Annett, Mario, the present VIPs Moritz, Klaus-Jürgen, Christof and of course all other participants.
Thanks for the great days   :(y) :(y) :(y)

PS: I will publish some pictures in the gallery very soon. 8)

Hi Decar,
nice KUBB game  :(y)

Some impressions from the Fan-Meeting on thursday evening.

Listeners to danisthirty's funny speech (from left Udo, Kettlefish, Moritz Brunnhofer (CEO of HiG), KJW).

danisthirty's during his funny speech.

He gave KJW the present.

KJW is unpacking his present.

KJW is presenting his present to the audience.

Bernd Brunnhofer (CEO of HiG; together with his son) is admiring the present.

Udo gave KJW and Bernd Brunnhofer a very nice Carcassonne-game as a present. This game is "hidden" in an middleage style leather book.
You can find pictures here:

MrNumbers is presenting his prize. He won a Carcassonne-Quiz.

News and Events / Re: Spiel 2016 - in Essen, Germany - 13.-16.10.2016
« on: September 27, 2016, 08:36:55 PM »
By the way:
if you have questions about the fair, the town Essen, the public transport or something related with the SPIEL be free to ask me (post or PM).
I will try to be helpful.

A few months ago I had the idea of building carpools from the fair to the Fan-Meeting in the evening.

Perhaps you could write, if you are coming by car or with public transport and need a hitchhike.
Then we could build carpools or could drive in a convoi from the fair to the Fan-Meeting.
Are these the CarcC-members coming to the SPIEL and the Fan-Meeting this year: Decar, MrNumbers, Skane, danisthirty, JT Atomico?

News and Events / Re: Spiel 2016 - in Essen, Germany - 13.-16.10.2016
« on: September 27, 2016, 08:08:27 PM »
For those who will come to the SPIEL in Essen this year:
Link to the superb hall plans from user Alain Baum (DukeOfEarl) in the boardgamegeek-forum.
There are two versions: one A4- and one A3-version.

The best entrance (in my opinion) is entrance West. This will lead you to hall 3 and quickly to the Hans im Glück booth - right above the Kosmos booth.
This year the CundCo booth is in hall 7.

And additionally: an overview with some helpful links with information about the SPIEL (from user Daniel D.) .

Have fun with the preparations  ;D
Looking forward to meet you in Essen!  :(y)

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: June 24, 2016, 11:09:56 AM »
Yesterday I received the Carcassonne-South Sea-Tile I "won" in the german CarcF Charity auction:

Tile 12

Translation of the german explanation found on the backside:
"This is an original tile of the prototype of Carcassonne South Seas Edition, drawn by the author KJW.
Totally the game Carcassonne South Seas consist of 97 tiles."

Thanks to Udo Schmitz for the fast delivery :(y)

Anything Else / Re: Happy Birthday
« on: May 22, 2016, 03:48:46 AM »
Best wishes for your birthday, MrNumbers!   
Hope you will have a wonderful day with your family and friends!

Anything Else / Re: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
« on: December 24, 2015, 01:15:04 PM »

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