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Or equivalent to the river? There is already a fan expansion for it.

Well if the Bogatyr's horse didn't have a problem then surely a wagon drawn by horses could do it as well. Unless the space around the stone is too narrow and it cannot squeeze through  :P

Ha ha ha! I already asked Murphy013 for help  ;)

Nice!  :D

What do you think about my thoughts on this? Anything to add?

So once again if we look at this from various perspectives (as with the Solovei razboynik tile), I think the most probable answer is no - for being feature, and yes - for wagon movement.
Let me elaborate:

Bogatyr stone lacks certain attributes which define a feature: (1) it cannot be claimed, (2) it does not have a special function or effect.
So while it does have unique art, it is mechanistically indistinguishable from a normal crossroad. So we can assume it works exactly like one.

From thematic perspective, we know that the stone reads: 
        Go to the left, and you will find death
        Go to the right, and you will lose your horse
        Go straight, and you will lose yourself

Implying that the Bogatyr on the horse can indeed pass the stone and travel straight.

It should be noted that this is the only tile out of the 4 russian promos that does not have any special effects, only unique layout. Some might argue that it is a feature of its own since it has a name, but the names of the russian promos desribe both the feature and the tile itself . So in this case, I think it is just the name of the tile.

I will check if I can find the original tale this tile is based on and search for further clues. All in all, an official statement from HobbyWorld would be appreciated (Murphy013? ;)).

Official Rules / Re: Moving the wagon in C1 and C2...
« on: Today at 10:38:41 AM »
I checked the 2013 clarifications:
The adjacent uncompleted feature possible are the 8 tiles around the wagon, like the cloister?
Thanks for all

Funny that this remark eventually became the official rules ;D.

Official Rules / Question about Bogatyr tile (Russian Promo)
« on: Today at 09:28:14 AM »
Another russian question, this time about Choice of Bogatyr: Is the choice of Bogatyr (the stone tablet terminating the road) considered a special feature? By extension, can a wagon drive through it? It doesn't have any effect on its own, nor can it be claimed, but it has a name and it blocks the road.
This is another question I need answered for my secret project ( 8)) and haven't seen an answer to anywher else.

Feel free to make this a separate topic if needed.

I am no one as well  :orange-meeple:

Do we know it will have new art? Same with H&G.
Also, if H&G is rereleased, do you think it will get any expansions? It sure deserves them - it was the first spin-off  :D

Since the fairy is placed next to a meeple, it should move into the castle along with it. The fact that fairy is usually on a discrete tile is merely a consequence of the "fairy friend" being on that tile, so if "fairy friend" happens to be not on specific tile, fairy should be as well. I don't think it should be forcibly separated from its meeple just because it moved, that would waste your action of lacing the fairy i the first place.

More interesting follow up question would then be, does fairy now protect both tiles? I think the answer can be reverse engineered from the Plague (of all things >:D) which abides by the same rules as the Dragon, (only affects discrete tiles) but can affect multiple tiles at once.
If we look at features that are located on multiple tiles (castle, school, Carcassonne), even if you swarm all of the tiles that feature is situated on, the plague still does not affect it. Therefore, inversely, a fairy located on "multiple tiles" should not protect them either.

So the ansewer should be that the fairy will be moved into the castle along with its meeple, but it will not protect any tiles. :white-meeple:

Yes that is right. I personally don't like C2 wagon rules at all. I get that they are easier to understand, but it can severely hinder wagon's reach and thematically it doesn't make as much sense.

If orewashinanai is no longer interested, may I be the second in line for the gray abbot?  :gray-meeple:

The Marketplace / Re: Base game original art - unusual score track
« on: July 10, 2020, 04:15:38 PM »
Not unusual, just a little bit more rare than sand score track. But nowhere near the 70 score track level of rarity.

Official Rules / Re: Russian Solovei Razboynik (Tree) question.
« on: July 10, 2020, 10:49:52 AM »
As per the C1 rules, the wagon should be placed on the "road to Kiev" (Solovei's road) before being able to reach the city when the road network is completed.

But that can never happen: as soon as the wagon touches the road with the Solovei Razboynik tile, it will be trapped. In the pictures you are skipping the road altogether and reaching for the city in one step when there are two steps...

Of course! Sorry, I totaly forgot that you can only drive to the nearest adjacent feature. Thanks for the answer anyway!

It seems like nobody can pass the road to Kiev, Solovei's whistles are just too powerful!  ;D

Is it just the reprint or brand new art? Im asking about both.

Official Rules / Re: Russian Solovei Razboynik (Tree) question.
« on: July 10, 2020, 06:07:17 AM »
Hmm... that means a lot of meeples could be caught on the tiles when playing with the Count of Carcassonne and are not careful  >:D

One more thing I haven't seen answered anywhere, but suspect the answer:
Now that we know for sure that the road is continuous, wagon should be able to drive through in the sense that the tree itself doesn't block its movement. But the question is would the wagon be sucked up when trying to pass?

Imagine a scenario where there is a road with Solovei razboynik (in the attachment 1). Tile with red circle was just placed and finished the other road with wagon. Can wagon drive through the adjacent Solovei razboynik road to the city? Or would it get trapped on its way? (attachment 2). I would say it can drive through as without being trapped because it is just "passing by" and is not actually deployed to the road.

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