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General / Re: Need help deciding which "The River " to buy.
« on: March 05, 2021, 03:05:26 PM »
Decar's proposed Jubilee River is suitable. Alternative names: 20th anniversary River, 20th Jubilee River, River 20.
Agreed with he discussion... And the shorter the better, here is my opinion: "TMUP20AJRWDTS" code name for "The magnificient UV-printed 20th anniversaty Jubilee River with double-tile spring"...  >:D
No, seriously... "River 20" or River 20th or something like that...

General / Re: Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: March 05, 2021, 02:54:54 PM »
Thanks for sharing those pictures ! Where did you find them ? I can't see them on CarcF? :-[
It seems the new expansion will finally be a new version of the Festival ! :-\
I did hope to discover something new... But this expansion's rules could add some spice on the game because you wouldn't be able to choose between place or take your meeple back!
I'm not sure to understand the arrows in the right way: do they show the tile where the action take place? Or the direction you must apply it (regardless of the number of tiles in that direction, if you have a possibility to do so, you must do so...)?

Thanks Corinthiens13,  :(y)
I can't wait to get mine!  ;) And with that one, I'll complete my CII collection, by the way...  O:-)
I have so much to learn about this game and all the strategies!  ^-^

Here they are (found them on the internet so I didn't scan mine):!Akzl4Zu9812UgZ15YQa4N_mXdDVEMQ
Do you need some other major expansion's rules?
Hey ! Thanks a lot !
That is the last one I don't already get... So I have the other expansion rules ! Are there any differences between the Filosophia and the Z-Man Games versions of those rules?

Oh, I did just find a gem for you:
On the website below, you can download the original French rules in PDF for every major expansions, some minis and spinoffs:
Thanks, but unfortunately sold out too !  :'(

Ho yes, please, send it to me, please! :))

Thanks Corinthiens13, but I prefer French version to be abble to update the French pages of the WiCa!  ;D

By the way, I've added Occitan Bastides. One of the last one made by Oldbonz and is realy interesting to play with Exp. 9 Hills & Sheeps.

I think that is the last one fan expansion done by a French author that had to be posted in our sweet language!  8)

I don't think I will do the forests nor the rivers or thecoasts. So what to do next? I don't know... But who knows what future will be?  O:-)

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: February 26, 2021, 03:16:31 PM »
Thanks for the pictures Decar !  :(y)
I think the banner on all tiles is to identify them when playing with a standard edition...  ;)
But the new river corner has 3 separate fields !

And here comes "Dragon Nests" in French "Nids de dragon". It's finally added... Thanks to Meepledrone and Oldbonz for this 2nd expansion to play with Exp. 3 - The Princess & the Dragon !
 However, I'm still waiting for my copy of this expansion...  Sold out in France !  :'(

Anything Else / Re: Happy Birthday
« on: February 21, 2021, 01:42:48 AM »
Hello, I'm one week late, but thanks to everyone for wishing me an happy birthday !
Last week, I've received Exp. 4 - The Tower, from my family !  8)
With that one, my C2 collection is almost complete !  :))
Once Again, thanks to everyone ! ;D

General / Re: Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: February 20, 2021, 02:21:24 PM »
I think this anniversary expansion could also use the Watertowers  those pictures are not already officially used in any expansion, right ?

I don't think a new festival could fit their way of re-print C1 exps... Do we have 2 C1 Minis that have got 15 tiles when you add their tiles ? (and those two mminis should be related because they do ptell about it as only one expansion !)

No, in my opinion, a brand new C2 expansion (that could also fit as a 11th Exp.  O:-) )...

You're welcome !   :))

I've added the Dragon Killers (Les chasseurs de dragon). Thanks to Oldbonz and Meepledrone for this expansion to Exp. 3 - The Princess and the Dragon...
Next one should be Dragon Nest by the same authors...  ^-^

Unfortunately, CundCo does not sell that color of "phantom".

And the other set of plastic meeples "that you can use to play phantom" are sold out...

But there are some "frozen meeple" that you can use: here (but don't tell to the Meeple Council, they haven't officially decide what to do with those meeples yet  :)) ).


thread updated with few new stuff ! Advent Calendars, French translation of fan rules... Have fun ! ;D

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