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Looking for Old art w/o watermarks

Princess and Dragon,

Do pm me!

The Marketplace / WTB/WTT BB5 Wheel of Fortune Tiles
« on: November 27, 2019, 09:20:17 AM »
Dear all! :)

WTB/WTT BB5 Wheel of Fortune Tiles.

I have quite a few rare expansions that I'm willing to part with in return.

Please pm me! :-[

The Marketplace / WTB: Non-watermarked expansions
« on: March 18, 2018, 11:06:49 PM »
Good day, i'm looking for the non-watermarked versions of the following expansions:

Inns and Cathedral
Princess and Dragon
River 2

Pls pm me if you have a copy of any of them! :)

Good day, i received a few sets of Solovei Razboynik & Vodyanoy russian promo tiles from my friend in Russia.
Initially i wanted to keep them for myself, however, now i'm needing to fund my university expenses :(
If anyone is interested, do pm me! :-\

Hello! ^-^ I have always wanted to know what are the top 5  :yellow-meeple:most prized/rarest thing in the world of Carcassonne according to the people! This can be subjective, it could be the first edition German Carcassonne Box with the 70 points scoreboard, or even a rare set of the First edition I&C with the original crossroad tile. Perhaps it's ESSEN 2002's Carcassonne: Le Sac, or just the rare black and purple teacher meeples from Carcassonne School.. The Russian promos seems pretty elusive to me too.  Maybe the misprinted Carcassonne winter's gingerbread man too?

Let the discussions roll :yellow-meeple:

WTS English Writings Wheel of Fortune Board  + 19 fortune tiles expansion! Pm me!

The Marketplace / WTS New edition base + River + Abbot Expansions
« on: April 28, 2016, 08:16:00 AM »
Hello fellow friends. I have a copy of Carcassonne New edition Base + The River + Abbot Expansions. Anyone interested? ???
Condition: 10/10

Without the box, so I'm selling at a lower price! Pm me!

General / Japanese edition Carcassonne
« on: April 23, 2016, 06:09:33 PM »
Saw 2 copies available on eBay.
Any of you CRAZY completionist want to give us a report of what's in it? ::)

The Marketplace / WTB: Inns and Cathedrals & Traders and Builders
« on: April 01, 2016, 09:40:51 AM »
Hello, i damaged my Inns and Cathedral & Traders and Builders set.  :'( Does anyone here have an extra set and is willing to sell em to me? :-\

Hi guys, i did some comparison with the WOF and base tiles from BB5 with the base game and the standalone WOF expansion
the above image is the distribution sheet of the original base game compared with the BB5 distribution sheet.
when all tiles of a kind are present, they are striked off with a black line.
As you can see, all tiles from the original base game are present in the BB5.
However, 16 of the original base game tiles have numbers on them in the BB5.

to do a cross-checking, i did a vertical stroke on the tiles that are present in the original base game and the BB5 below. The below two images are the tile distribution of the BB5 (without the other expansions). Do note that the tiles in the first image below do not contain a watermark while the tiles in the second image do

An orange vertical stroke on a tile means a non-numbered tile that is present in both the BB5 and the original base game. There should be a total of 56.
while, a blue vertical stroke on a tiles represents a numbered tile that is present in both the BB5 and the original base game. There should be a total of 16.
In total there should be 72 orange and blue vertical strokes, matching the number of tiles in the base game.

1st-level Conclusion: No original base game tile is missing from the BB5

Next, i compared the numbered tiles in the standalone WOF expansion with the BB5.
A red horizontal stroke on a tile represents a numbered tile that is present in both the BB5 and the standalone WOF.
It turns out, all 19 numbered tiles from the standalone WOF are present in the BB5.

Then i compared the non-numbered tiles in the standalone WOF expansion with the BB5.
A white triangle on a tile represents a non-numbered tile that is present in both BB5 and the standalone WOF.
It turns out, all remaining 53 non-numbered tiles from the standalone WOF are present in the BB5.

In total there should be a total of 72 white triangles and red vertical strokes matching the number of tiles in the standalone WOF.

2nd-level conclusion. The BB5 contains every single tile from the standalone WOF.

As it turns out, one tile is present in the BB5 and not in both the original base game and the original standalone WOF.
This tile is indicated by a Pink box.

3rd-Level conclusion. The BB5 contains an extra tile.

However, this tile is not unique and have duplicates that already in the standalone WOF.

4th- Level conclusion The extra tile is a duplicated tile from the standalone WOF in the BB5

This tile have collector's value i guess?

Also, something good to know is, that The BB5 (BB5's base game + BB5's WOF) contains all standalone WOF tiles and  11 + 1 more tile than the standalone WOF

The Marketplace / WTB Major Carcassonne Expansions
« on: October 18, 2014, 09:04:58 PM »
Hello there,
I'm currently looking for some cheap second-hand major carcassonne expansions. This includes:

1. Inn and Cathedral
2. Traders and Builders
3. Princess and Dragon
4. Tower
5. Abbey and Mayor
6. Count, King and Robber
7. Catapult
8. Bridge, Bazzar and Castle
9. Sheep and Hills

So if anyone have any duplicate copies, could you kindly let me know :-[

Reviews & Session Reports / Mini review on the latest Minis!
« on: August 12, 2013, 12:34:15 AM »
Hello! here's a mini review on the latest Carcassonne mini expansion after playing a few games with them with different expansions!.

I like the Corn Circles II alot, but generally work well with all other expansion other than Corn Circles I, as too much of them makes it too powerful!. The Gold mines worked generally well with all other expansions even though the icon on the tiles were a little weird to me. (I think they are too big!) The Messengers and Robber do not work well together as it makes the scoreboard look very confusing and crowded, especially with 6 players!. But they work okay with all other expansions if independent of one another. The Fliers was the second best expansion for me as it was simple and allow meeples to move to vacated spots. The best expansion was the Ferries as it is the most simple and fun expansion! Works very very well with Inns and Cathedral and also with Abbey & Mayor, Bridges Castles & Bazaars.

All in all, i encourage you all to purchase the minis as they are generally really good expansions!

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