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I have different game parts to sell, all are used a very few times and in excellent condition, with C2 pink meeple added to the original ones, but without the original boxes (they'll come as you can see them in the attached picture).

If you're interested in some of them, just tell me. Prices are in Swiss Francs and doesn't include shipping costs and Paypal fees, as they depends on your country and how many expansions you want. I'll ship them from Switzerland.

C1, old design
- Special scoreboard from Big Box 5
- Inns and Cathedrals (CHF 25)
- Traders & builders (CHF 40)
- Hills & Sheep + extra tissue bag (CHF 30) SOLD
- Abbey and the Mayor (CHF 30) SOLD
- Mage & witch (CHF 30)
- Flying machines (CHF 30)
- Robbers (CHF 30)
- Crop circles (CHF 30)
- Messengers (CHF 30)
- Gold mines (CHF 30)
- Ferries (CHF 30)
- Halflings I (CHF 15)

C2, new design
- Fruit bearing tree (new and in original packing) (CHF 5)
- Spiel 2019 tile SOLD

Meeples & accessories
- The phantom meeple set (blue, red, yellow, black, green and violet (grey) from the original expansion, orange and pink extra) (CHF 20)
- Some grey meeples, CHF 1.- each (CHF 1.50 if you order only one meeple and nothing else)
- Standard meeples set, 8 of each color (yellow, pink, green, blue, black, red, grey) (CHF 15)
- Abbots meeple set SOLD
- Black meeple tissue bag (CHF 5)



I'm looking for the only official expansions and promo tiles I'm missing (old or new art style):

 - Solovei Razboynik and Vodyanoy (russian promo)
 - Darmstadt promo
 - Spiel 2014, Essen promo
 - Spiel 2015, Essen promo
 - Halflings II / halb und halb II

If anyone is willing to sell one of those...

Thanks :-)

Official Rules / Order of play in french
« on: May 28, 2019, 08:07:48 AM »

Just to let you know that a french order of play, game preparation and scoring rule including every major and mini expansions, as well as promo tiles for Carcassonne is available in the download section:;sa=view;down=346

If you have any comment or edits suggestions, just let me know so that I can update the file.


Vous trouverez dans les téléchargement les règles du jeu Carcassonne (préparation d'une partie, ordre du jeu, et score des points) en français, incluant toutes les extensions majeures, les mini extensions et les cartes promotionnelles :;sa=view;down=346

Si vous avez des remarques ou suggestions de corrections, faites-le moi savoir.

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