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Official Rules / Fruit-bearing trees
« on: December 29, 2018, 01:33:08 AM »

I'm currently testing the Fruit bearing trees, and I have some issues with the rules. (My english may seem a bit rusty, sorry about that...)

1. If I understand them well, no previously placed meeple can harvest from a tree, no matter the distance between them. Correct?

2. There's still a doubt with a later-placed meeple which is one tile away from two or more trees. We have to decide if it can harvest from one or more trees. Correct?

3. Assuming a meeple can legitimately harvest one tree, it can harvest one fruit per turn until the tree is exhausted. Correct?

4. (Barber surgeon interaction) Just my interpretation here. A meeple stuck on a barber tile, taking some good time, won't be able to harvest anything.

5. (Abbey and phantom interaction) They both can harvest from trees.

Thanks for attention!

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