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Other Games / Cartagena. Pirates on the move
« on: November 15, 2018, 03:00:47 PM »

Cartagena is a city in the south-eastern part of Spain. Specific it's a major naval city and was one of the most defensive ports of the western Mediterranean.
Cartagena is since the 16th century the most important naval seaport and main militairy haven of Spain, the home to a large naval shipyard.

But some of you pirates know this city, not as a great navel port. But as the doom for pirates, where they are getting locked up in a cell where is no way out. Far away from their comrades, their good shipmates. Far away from their well earned treasures, their gold. Now they only have a chain around there ankles. Sometimes they get some bread, if they are lucky. But normaly it's only salt water.

Now one of their comrades had found a tunnel, perhaps it is a way out? With the six of them they enter the tunnel. Walking and walking till they find another pirate that was enprisoned. An enemy of ours, we need to fight a way through the tunnel. And now it began a race to all of them, to find the exit. One of them reached the end and found an old boat there. Their way out, their way to freedom. If they only could fit with all of them in the boat, they could be free together. My five other MATES, they need to get into to boat to! Hurry mans, come'on MATES he yelled. We need to go, the others are coming!!! We need to be free!

And so the 6 deadly pirates escaped, wanted by the Spanish crown. Free, to pirate again. To sail the seas, to plunder the good men.

Cartagena is a game where teams of 6 pirates are fighting each other to beat them to reach the boat at the end of the tunnel. In the tunnel there are a lot of obstacles. Those obstacles can form problems in your journey to lead them, as you are laying cards down to move your pirates. On those cards there are all different pictures; dagger, key, hat, skull, pistol and rum. When you want to move your pirate into the front you only need to play one of those cards and he moves to the next free spot of that symbol, no symbol free anymore. You enter the boat instead. Well you also need some cards back, so to get cards you can do a step backwards. If there was standing one other pirate, you get one card. If there were standing two pirates, you get two cards. If there are standing three pirates, you skip them and go to the next one.

I like Cartagena about the fun that you don't know which action your oponent is going to do. Specially if you are with five players and everyone is using different tactics to get to the front. It goes quit quick then, although it is not really a game that you have in your own hand. It really depends on what the other users are doing. I, personaly think that that part of the game is the most interesting thing I like about this game. The fun you have when you discover that they messed up your tactic and you have to do something else now.

This game is a very light and simple game, easy to teach, fun to play and has a big replayabity. The last is because the tunnel exist out of 7 small tunnels that can be placed on different ways. So that you can have everytime a different map. Also if you want more tactic in your game, it is possible to play with an open variant. With this variant it is posible to see which cards you will get, when you are doing a step back. One problem, your oponents will know which card you took.

I would rate it a good party game for in between after. It's fast not to short. It's 30 min around. And there are two variants, one with a closed card pile and one with 12 cards laying open. So there is also a tactic play in this game.

The Marketplace / [WTB] Ark of the Covenant - Tunnel - South Seas
« on: October 31, 2018, 01:53:05 PM »
As the title states, I'm still on my search for some things, some rare things and some less.
I'm on the look for
  • Ark of the Covenant
  • Tunnel
  • South Seas

Feel free to offer, I have also some doubles for trades. We can probably find out something.
I'm not rich or anything like that. But I know values, so we probably can get something arranged.

My biggest search is for the AotC.



Sinscerly - Thomas

The Marketplace / Have some doubles - WTT/WTS
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:31:18 AM »
Hi all,

By some purchases I got some doubles so if you interested let me know.
I would love to get my hands on The Tunnel, but selling is also possible.

I have the tower         dutch edition.
King & scout              dutch edition
River 1                      no box
River 2                      no box

PM me if interested :)

Anything Else / Shipping from UK
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:29:10 PM »
Hi, I came by something from the UK I really wanted  ::)
But this person doesn't want to ship outside the UK  :'(
Is there anyone that would like to receive my package and reship it to the Netherlands for me :)



General / Big Box 2017 missing meeples
« on: May 06, 2018, 06:01:57 AM »
Hi all,

I just got a look into the new Big Box and got a good deal for it.
But when I came home and was counting all I started to find something weird.

I found out that I had 6 colors of meeples (pink one instead of the grey one..)
and for all of those is that new abbot figure there,
but there were only 7 normal small meeples in there.

Do they count the abbot as one of your 8 meeples?

General / Meeples in different collours from Cundco
« on: March 06, 2018, 01:12:10 PM »
Was I so smart to not realize that there was no Sheppard on the picture of there website...

So now in the Meeple set they deliver a Sheppard and Abt with it? How could I miss that :o


The Marketplace / WTB - Der Tunnel
« on: February 09, 2018, 12:06:19 PM »

I'm looking for Der Tunnel, it's the only expansions that I still really want.
Is there anyone that wants to offer me his/her Tunnel Expansion?

Anything Else / SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch
« on: February 06, 2018, 12:44:16 PM »
So for the space geeks under us.
1 min till launch see it on:

The Marketplace / WTS - WoF
« on: January 30, 2018, 09:01:07 AM »
I have a spare copy of the WoF Dutch version. I want to clear some space and someone else can have fun with this one to ^-^.

You can find the pictures here in higher resolution.

This is the Dutch version punched. But maybe played once(can't remember, it can be I haven't played... :-[). As I have another version laying over by my girlfriend ;).
  • There are little wear on the corners of the backside.
  • The tiles look like they are just punched :)
I'm not to make a fortune and want to give anyone a chance to take it. So anyone who wants it can send me an secret offer before Saturday 10 Februari.
Starting form 15,00 euro's. You can bid in whole euro's and cents. Like: 17,85 :D.

I don't know shipping to all countries. But I can ship with UPS: store to store. It's basic 3,95 euro's + fuel costs. Only bad thing is you have to take a walk to the closest UPS take off point >:D
Otherwise ask me and I will look it up for you ;)

To pay I have paypal and my knowledge of it is growing, if you have an European Bank you can pay with IBAN.

If there are any questions or some wants more pictures tell me ;)

News and Events / Cundo news: Matt transparente meeples
« on: January 24, 2018, 08:11:34 AM »
They are doing a lot of things now at Cundco....
They made matt transparante meeples. See Link
You can also buy a set of transparante normal meeples. See Link

General / How to embed a picture
« on: January 08, 2018, 05:40:53 AM »
I have seen a lot of people rage quitting struggling with attaching a picture to a comment. So I thought I make a little guide. It's a bit photo heavy!

I don't know if this is the best location, otherwise change it ;)

On this forum are there two options to put a picture in a comment:
  • Embed a picture in your comment.
  • Upload a picture to the forum itself.

First of all, I suggest a way to attach a picture to a comment. There could be other ways, maybe they require other tools or whatever, this is my suggestion feel free to do it with a twist of yours  ;D.

Well we want to achieve this(see above picture, this is embed) or an attachement(see at the bottom of this post).
I prefer to embed a picture as it is directly between your text O0

How are we gonna do this?
Embed a picture
To embed a picture which can be done with:
Code: [Select]
[img]link of your picture [/img]
So there is one thing you need to have now, that's a place where your picture can be hosted. I use OneDrive for this, others have used things like photobucket. which one do you use now Dan?
If you're not using OneDrive there is no automatically function that resizes the picture to a view-able point. So you can decide to do this yourself with:
Code: [Select]
[img width= "Picture width" (fill in the width in "Picture width", example: 400)] link to your picture [/color]

My guide will follow the way I use and it is totally free.
Therefor you will need an account at OneDrive.
Step 1. Make an account at OneDrive: Register at OneDrive (If you have a Microsoft or XBOX Live account you can use that one to) So skip this step then.
Step 2. Log In at OneDrive it is in the right upper corner.
Step 3. Upload a picture. Upload the picture you want to share with us on Carcassonne Central  :)

Yes I have a big structure of maps, so you can make something like that yourself.
Step 4. Embed a picture. Click on the button Embed. Then Click on generate it should pop up on your right side of your screen.
Step 5. Choose the size. I mostly go for medium.
Step 6. Copy the generated url from the box. (See highlighted).
Step 7. We now have the image url. In your comment put it between the [img.]http://put here your url [/img.] and you will see your picture in the post.

Attaching a picture
If you want to attach a picture there are some rules before you can upload the picture.
It will only work if:
  • The picture is smaller then 1024KB.
            Most pictures to day are bigger then 1024KB or 1MB. Here is where mostly the problem lies.
  • The picture type is doc, gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png, txt or zip.
            Most of the time pictures will be jpg or png so that is mostly fine.

So if I make a picture with my mobile phone it mostly is around the 5MB so that's 5 times to big. We need to reduce that.
There are plenty online tools that can easily resize your image if it is to big. For instant you can use this one: TinyPNG.
Step 1. Upload your picture by clicking to the right of the panda.
Step 2. Click on the download button to get your smaller picture.

Go back to the Carcassonne Central forum to attach you picture. Go the the thread where you want to comment your picture. Click on reply.
Step 3. Click on choose file (strangely there stands Bestand kiezen in my screen, that could be different on your computer / mobile phone or ....)
Step 4. Select the picture that you want to upload, the one we have resized.
Now you should see this, if you click on Attachments and other options:
Now it should be done and your picture is attached to your comment.
If you want to select multiple files / pictures you need to remember that there is a maximum of 6 and a total of 2MB for one comment / thread.

I hope this will help for anyone that has struggles with posting a photo on the forum. If there are still problems or any typos :-[ let me know.
And post all your pictures of meeples whoooo

News and Events / Cundco Die Schule
« on: December 19, 2017, 01:24:54 PM »

JCloisterZone FAQ, Suggestions & Bug Reports / Opening JCloisterZone
« on: November 05, 2017, 11:11:53 AM »
Today I tried to open JCloisterZone.
So It flashed up a window, and crashed.

Is there any other piece of software I need to be able to open it?

General / Phantom and anniversary edition meeples
« on: November 01, 2017, 12:19:40 PM »
As I own the anniversary edition, but sadly enough not own the Phantom.
Are the meeples the same or are there any differences between those two?

The Marketplace / WTT/WTS
« on: October 12, 2017, 10:50:46 AM »

I have three things for sale/trade
  • hunters and gatherers (dutch instructions, old version)
  • The princess and dragon(dutch instructions, without watermark)
  • Cardcassonne (dutch instructions)
  • Inns and Cathedrals(dutch, no watermark, no box)

All are looking really good state. The boxes may be slightly damage at the corners.
And the 10 Years Special edition including the festival.

Do an offer and mostly I'll agree  ;)

I have already
Big Box 4
The tower
Princes & dragon (my own one :), not the same as for trade)
The abby
Inns & Cathedrals

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