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News and Events / Castles in Germany for Carcassonne V2
« on: March 14, 2019, 04:51:45 AM »
Hi all!

I've just seen an announcement from HiG that they are releasing the Castles in Germany in the new artwork!
Will be available at Spiel Doch, and online as per usual

Reviews & Session Reports / Detective; A Modern Crime Board Game
« on: September 29, 2018, 09:38:34 AM »
My girlfriends Dad came round today with his latest find:
Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game!

This is a Coorperative game, where the player(s) take the role of a Detective that will need to look in to several cases.
There are 5 cases that come with the game, and Portal has announced a 6th case soon to be released as a mini-expansion. (This 6th case was previously only available at conventions. Many reviewers could use this to review the game without giving away spoilers for the main game).

All 5 cases are stand-alone, but ther is an overall narative that connects all cases! This narative is not immediatly clear, but will be revealed throughout the 5 cases.

The setup of the game requires the contents of the box, and a laptop/tablet/smart device to connect to the online database to lookup additional information, like personal files, questionnaires, evidence and to file and match fingerprints and other evidence. This is required! You can't play without it.

And the database:

Pen and paper can be used to make notes, and this is also recommended!

For every case you get a certain amount of days to investigate, and every action you take can cost you time throughout the day. Moving locations, interrogating, researching can all cost time. You can work overtime, but this will cause you stress that can cost you in the long run!

We spend about 2,5 hours on the first case, writing down about 4 sheets of notes, and tried to make a mind map that shows how everything is connected.

There is a lot of opportunities to look further in to things, and you are encouraged to researched some historical facts and figures!

After the set time has passed, you have to write up a final report online. This consist of a number of questions that you have to answer with what you found. With this, you will get a final score that will determine if you successfully closed the case. There is not really a clear way of telling if you're ready for the final report; you just have to be confident ;)
After the final report, you can either reset the case to play it again with others, or see the story epilogue and findings.

We really enjoyed this game and definately recommend it! 2,5 hours on just case 1, with 4 more cases to come :D

The Marketplace / Willem's Carcassonne Clean out!
« on: February 07, 2018, 12:41:11 PM »
Hey everyone!

After Decar's and Jungleboy's cleanouts, i figured it is time for me to have a bit of a clean up as well.
There are a few bits and bops that i have doubles, or tripples of. So they are looking for a new home.

Note: all games/expansions are as shown on the pictures. No boxes are available for these, unless shown on the picture!

I've got:

A base game, with scoring track and English rules.

Inns&Cathedrals, including the big followers, grey followers and all tiles

Traders&Builders, including English rules, all trade tokens, tiles and Builders&Pigs

The Windroses 1, new in foil

Set of both tiles. 2 1 set available

Please PM me if you have any questions, want to make an offer on anything, or want to know more.
Shipping is of course no problem, and shipping type/costs can be discussed.
Payment can be via PayPal or bank transfer, to either a UK bank account or a Dutch bank account (might be easier for Iban users)

Official Rules / Pendants on 2 tiles for the Abbey&Mayor
« on: January 21, 2018, 06:16:57 AM »
Hi everyone!
We were playing a nice little game of Carcassonne today (I lost, my girlfriend won by 16 points and i dont wanna talk about it  ;)),  and we've been discussing these 2 tiles...
Main question:
Do the pendants count for both cities on the tiles?
We've got our thoughts on it, but wanted to ask here to see what people would say :)

Other Games / Jaipur
« on: January 07, 2018, 03:39:31 AM »
It has been mentioned a couple of times on the forum, but as I´ve had the chance to play this for the first time yesterday, I think it´s time for a review on Jaipur!

My girlfriends dad came over yesterday with the game, and we decided to give it a try and have a few plays. As we both like games, we were set for the evening!

Jaipur is a small 2-Player card game, all about trading and selling goods to become the sultans Royal Trader!
The aim of the game is to have the most points at the end of every round. It is a best out of three, so winning twice will make you the Sultans Royal Trader.

Game set up
All the tokes are laid aside colour by colour with the highest values on top.
The black bonus tokens are laid besides them.
3 Camel cards and 2 random other cards (can be camels) are laid to be the starting trade market.
Both players get 5 cards and the rest of the cards will be the draw stack to restack the trade market.

In a turn, a player can perform 1 (just 1) action. This will be either taking cards from the market, or selling goods to receive points tokens.
If you want to take goods from the market, you can:
- Take 1 card from the market and replace it from the draw stack
- Take multiple cards and trade them for the same amount of cards from your hand
- Take all Camels from the market
If you want to sell goods, you can:
- Sell 1 type of good (Leather, Spice, Cloth, Silver, Gold, Pearls). You can sell however many cards you want, and will take the same amount of point tokens from that colour.
If you sell 3, 4 or 5 cards of the same type, you also get to take a bonus token that will give you extra points!
The only restriction is that for selling Silver, Gold and Pearls you can only sell in a minimum of 2 cards at a time.

The camels from the market were taken!

I want to have the 2 pearl cards.....

So i trade cards!

4 cards have been sold, so the top 4 tokens are taken + a 4-cards bonus token!

The trick in the game is, do you wait and collect more of the trade goods, risking that your opponent will suddenly sell their goods, taking the most valuable tokens?
Do you take camels or trade goods from the market? This might give your opponent better goods from the draw stack!

You keep playing this until either 3 of the 5 types or point tokes have been taken, or the draw stack is empty.

This is where the camels come in to play!
Whoever has the most camels, gets the Camel Bonus Token, that is worth 5 points!

All tokens/points are counted up and the person with the most points gets a Token of Excellence!

As stated before, it's a best out of 3 rounds, to become the winner!

We really liked this game!
It is fairly easy to start to play this game. We do believe there will  be far more strategie coming in with more plays, but it is not a difficult game to learn the basics of.
I think many of you have already heard of, and have played this game, but for who hasn't; do give it a try!

Hi all!

I've decided to sell my 2nd copy of a Dutch 1st edition of the base game, that comes with a 70 point scoring track.

The game is complete, with all meeples (1st edition meeples) and tiles, all in good condition! The rules and all text on the box are in Dutch. The 70 point scoring track is shown in the rules, and they have (of course) all the first edition rules.

As i know this is a rare item, I want to give everyone here at Carcassonne Central first chance for it. Any others than i come across, will be sold via Ebay, but the first one will be for the members here!

Jungleboy has had a similar thread a while back, that gave me the idea to sell this via a blind auction. This means every potential buyer can place one bid via a PM. This to prevent the (sometimes) nasty last minute bidding that are seen elsewhere.

The Rules are very similar to Jungleboy's:

- The starting price is €35. Bids under €35 will not be considered.
- Bids from people who registered for Carcassonne Central after this post was made will not be considered.
- Only one bid per person is allowed. In case of a tie, the tied parties will have an opportunity to make a second blind bid.
- To bid, send me a PM with your bid in euros (in whole euros and cents if you like, e.g. €39.45). Do not bid in this thread, but feel free to ask questions etc in this thread.
- Payment is by PayPal or bank transfer. This can be to an UK or Dutch bank account (to make it easier for IBAN transfers)
- Shipping is extra and the approximate costs can be found here: After sale, I will use this to find the shipping costs and the game will be shipped with tracking and signed delivery.
- The deadline for bids is Tuesday, 24th of October 2017 20:00 UK standard time. The winner will be announced in this thread shortly thereafter.

Additional pictures can be send on request, but i hope the pictures here are enough for everyone :)

The Marketplace / WTT Dutch 1st edition with 70 point scoring track
« on: October 05, 2017, 10:31:40 AM »
Hi everyone!

I've got a Dutch 1st edition of the game, complete and with a 70 point scoring track.
The box has some marks on it, but tiles are in perfect condition!

I'm looking for a trade for this.
Looking for (some rarities of course):
- Carcassonne Limited Edition (the golden box from 2013 with I&C and T&B)
- Full set of 4 russian mini's
- Full set of 6 teachers
In order of preference ;)

Anyone up for a trade? :)

Edit:I've got a lead on the mini's, so they will be of the list for now.
Im mostly looking for the Carcassonne Limited Edition; a form of trade with that would be ideal.

I've got some questions if and when I would be selling it. I probably will be if i dont find a trade.
Of course CC will have first dibs

999 Games have made a page on their website regarding the differences between the old art and new art game. It explains what expansions have been produced in the new artwork, and what it means if you want to combine it with the old artwork (like the 6the player colour switch from grey to pink).
Later on they mention the other big expansions that havent been released in the new artwork, Castles, Bridges&Bazaars, The Catapult and Hills and Sheep.
They state that all of these are in development, and shall be released later this year.
Does this mean HiG will remake The Catapult?
See link below (in dutch):

General / Square on Tunnels
« on: June 06, 2017, 12:17:33 PM »
Hey guys!

After I made my trade with Caciej regarding the Tunnels, we found out that the copy I sent him had a weird square 'imprint' on the tiles. It varies per tile, but is definitely there.
I've checked my copy that I play with, and it has the same (see picture)
Has anyone else seen this? Is it a know thing of the Tunnels?
I've checked the other Spielbox expansions, but they don't seem to have this.

The Marketplace / WTB/WTT Windroses 2012 edition
« on: June 03, 2017, 07:04:05 AM »
Hi everyone!
With some new things ive been able to get, my Classic Carcassonne Collection is almost complete.
The second set of Russian Promo's isn't available anywhere as far as I know, so I'm not really counting that, so that leaves just 1 expansion that i do not have as of yet.
This is the WindRoses 2012 HiG edition (with N,E,S,W on them).
I've emailed everyone on BGG that has the Windroses for sale, but everyone has the Spielbox edition.
So, does anyone know where to get this expansion, or does anyone have one that they are willing to part with?
I've got a few small extra's I could trade for it, and am willing to buy it of course:
The count of Carcassonne (12 tiles+meeple)
Windroses (2013 Spielbox edition)
Labyrinth (both tiles)
And I might be able to have a Spiel 2016 tile available for trade as well

If anyone can help me, please let me know!
Thanks!   (so the one of the left)

Anything Else / Interesting souvenir from Russia
« on: April 21, 2017, 11:53:49 AM »
Today i was at my girlfriends parents and i saw something interesting.
Its a stone souvenir of the hut of Baba Yaga. They said they got it from a friend from Russia, and had no idea of the carcassonne tile that has it. So i showed them a picture and they agreed that it was a nice coincidence.
The roof is a lose bit and the right thingy is actually a little spoon. So it can be used as a sugarpot or something like that.
I thought its a nice little thing that I wanted to share here.

Reviews & Session Reports / 2-player MegaCarcassonne
« on: March 22, 2017, 04:56:15 AM »
Me and my girlfriend decided to sacrifice our dining table for a MegaCarcassonne! We figured we could start and stop whenever we wanted, and just resume the next day, and that is what we did. We started Friday afternoon, and finished Wednesday morning. I can't say how many hours went in to it, since we went out and had friends over, had to work and of course sleep. So we probably spent a lot of time in it :P

It was Base game, Winter edition base game, Inns&Cathedrals, Traders&Builders, Princess&Dragon, Tower, Abbey&Mayor, Count, King&Robber, Catapult (tiles only), Wheel of Fortune, Bridges, Castles &Bazaars, Hills&Sheep, River (1,2 and BB5) Count, GQ11, Cult, Siege &Creativity, Crop Circles 2, Festival, Phantom, School, Flying Machines, Messengers, Ferries, Goldmines, Mage&Witch, Windroses (2 sets), Watchtowers, Cult (3 versions), Tunnel, Little Buildings, Halflings 1&2 (got 4 halflings each), Labyrinth (both versions), German Monastaries, German Castles (2 castles each), German Cathedrals, Gingerbread Man, Winter Crop Circles, Darmstadt, Spiel 14,15,16.
Came out to almost 540 tiles in total (including the WoF starting tile & Count starting tile).
We used the scoretrack of the winter edition for our messengermeeples, so it was easier to see what was going on.

We used the lid from the BB5 to have all the tiles, with 2 teatowels as a cover, since the tiles didnt fit in our bag anymore. After we got through most of the tiles we put the rest in the bag and continued with the bag as normal.
We didn't use the Japanese Buildings and Dutch monastaries, because we have a house rule using the abbot meeples for the monastaries, so they're not too powerfull as everyone has just one to use. And with the normal cloisters and a lot of expansions having cloisters we figured there were enough of those in the game. Also didnt use the Robbers because we dont really like those in a 2 player game. Same with the Besiegers and Plague, so they were left out as well. Basicly everything else was in there!

At some point we were running out of meeples, so I tried to use the cat to claim a city. But it turned out she didnt want to stay there for long as she walked away soon.

We had mostly a nice game where we mostly went our own way. I stole a city from her and she came back with stealing a city from me, that had a cathedral, Mage and Gingerbread man, leading her to score over 50 points for the little city. And at the same time she trapped one of my meeples in a nearby city I tried to link up. But with her Halfling she made sure I wouldnt do that.
She did that again when i was building a nice big city, and trapped another meeple there with one of her Halflings. I made her remove some of her farmers as a comeback.
She ended up capturing one of my farmers and stealing that farm at the end though.

I trapped a meeple of hers in a German Cathedral and we were coming to the end!
Right at the end I was able to secure the last 2 pieces of gold, bringing my gold stash to 10! So I got a nice 40 points extra at the end, that I was very happy with!

We ran out of score tiles at the end, even after I got a couple from the Star Wars Carcassonne. So we used a piece of paper to write down how many 50's we had extra.
She had a very good barn down with 14 city's in, so I was hoping my farmers good make up for that!
The abbots were close, hers got 52 points, mine 56.

And that was it! I was tasked with cleaning up, since she went to work, so I spend about an hour sorting through everything.
In the end:
Pink: 1424 points
Blue: 1510 points
I was ahead most of the game, and managed to take the win!
In a previous big game she beat me by over 250 points, so I was happy to win this! Even though at the end we were also happy that we got through it :P

Now we will probably not play Carcassonne for at least 2 days  ::)

The Marketplace / Missing my fairy
« on: February 26, 2017, 07:08:52 AM »
We just found out that our fairy is missing  :'(
Does anyone have a spare fairy laying around?

Reviews & Session Reports / Big River game
« on: February 25, 2017, 08:16:25 AM »
Me and my girlfriend decided to play a mdium sized game today. It took us around 2 hours, so not too bad :)
We decided to start of using all 3 rivers. We started with the springs back to back, and shuffled all the other river tiles together. Once they were used, we ended all the rivers with the lakes.
We used a nice mix of mostly positive expansions:
Base game
Halflings 1 and Halflings 2 (we had 4 halflings each drawn from all of them shuffled together)
The Tunnels
Japanese Buildings
Cult, Siege & Creativity (without the 2 blank tiles)
The Labyrinths (both versions)
The Flying Machines
German Klöster
River 1, River 2 and River 3 (BB5 version)

It was a fun game that was a close end! We ended up with only 6 points between us! (she won though)
There was a bit of a discussion at the end, as my farm with 10 cities and a pig also had the pigherd tile from the River 2. So we discussed if we would use that as a pig (and took the GQ11 tile in concideration as well), and if we would allow pig stacking. We used it as a pigherd before, so decided it is a pigherd us, but pigstacking was not allowed. So if we did allow it, I would have won by 4 points....
We had some good fun, since most of the expansions were nice ones. The only nasty one is the Siege, and I did get yelled at for using it on her big city :P
The fliers were not used that much really, since at the point we got these tiles neither of us had big things going on, except for a nice road she joined in on. (and I got yelled at for trying to join in on her big Labyrinth with lake and all  ;) )
We are still planning on doing a 'nasty' game, with only 'nasty' expansions like the Tower, Plague, Dragon&Princess, Robbers, Corn Circles, Siege etc, so when we finally get to do that I'll put out a game report for that :)

The Marketplace / Tip for a almost complete collection
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:57:06 AM »
I found a guy on ebay-kleinanzeigen thats selling a near complete carcassonne collection:
Ive asked him, but hé doesnt want to sell parts of it seperately.
But for anyone looking for a big collection for a decent price (considering whats in there)...

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