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General / Carcassonne tile list
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:24:10 PM »
I'm trying to access the list of tiles on Cundco website store page to buy some spare ones, but their pdf list is not working for some reason.

Does anyone have a working link to that pdf so that I pick the tiles that I need?

Official Rules / Few questions after we played a big game with 8 expansions
« on: February 07, 2017, 09:47:25 AM »
1. We had a situation where 2 Cathedrals were already placed on board next to each other. One of the Cathedrals had an empty slot adjacent to it that would only fit a special Abbey tile from Abbey and Mayor expansion. The question was - does the Abbey count as a Cathedral and therefore it is not allowed for it to touch 2 or more other Cathedrals? Or it might be universally placed anywhere, even next to two adjacent Cathedrals?

2. Who gets the Robber tile - the one who built the longest road, or the one who built the road that scored the most points (with inns)?

3. There are tiles with bazaars on the road - does it mean that the road is split?

4. How do you resolve the Castle King tile own-age - who gets it in a weird situation, when 2 or more players get same amount of points for the same huge caste (for ex. multiple meeples from other players jump to finished castle from the 'central Carcassonne', there is an  adjacent castle with a fief, who also gets same amount of points, etc).

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