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Reviews & Session Reports / Local Carcassonne tournament in Poland
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:33:38 PM »
Good luck in your tournament! Please let us know how you got on afterwards.
The tournament was held at Hex in Wrocław - a boardgaming cafe, really great place for gaming. 23 people turned up. We played 4 rounds Swiss mostly 4-player games (3-player at bottom tables), then cut to top 8 and 2-player single elimination games.

Game 1 I was semi-randomly assigned to table 2 with 3 other people, we played a game quite quickly (the time limit for a round was 40 minutes, I think we were done in about 20), I ended up 2nd and thought it's not bad for someone who during whole 2017 likely didn't play a single game of Carcassonne. Scoring was 3-2-1-0 and for the second round I ended up at table 2, with 2 people who won their first game and 1 who, as me, finished 2nd. I somehow managed to fly under the radar, completing various features with different opponents and letting them fight each other, this gave me the win. So, not expecting this at all, after two rounds I was at 5 points, one player was undefeated and two others were on 5 points, and we landed at the first table.

I don't remember that much details from 3rd and 4th round games, both of them I was at the top table and only one of the opponents changed between those. I managed to win and get a 2nd place, ending the Swiss rounds at 10 points and going to the cut as the 2nd seed. One bad thing during those rounds was that, due to only 40 minute rounds and having to think quite a lot while at the top table, I failed to stick to my favourite tournament rule "one round, one beer". Luckily I was just one beer behind ;)

My quarterfinal opponent was not very experienced, she said she learned to play just a week ago, she played decently but lacked aggression needed in 2-player, so I could get into a few of her important features while mine went mostly unbothered, because of this I managed to control the result and win without any serious risk. All 3 people who spent round 3 and 4 at the top table were in the semifinal, I played a guy I didn't play before during this day, and the remaining two played each other. My opponent played well, the game was harder than the quarterfinal, but all the time I felt he is already tired after playing five games and lacks a bit of willpower to push for the best result, I think this gave me the edge, I had to play carefully and think my moves through (this is the game where I went another beer behind schedule), but all the time I felt I was a bit ahead and as long as I don't screw up I should win this. I managed to avoid mistakes and went to the final.

The final game was super fun, we both played carefully, taking time (no time limit during top cut games), thinking through the turns to avoid mistakes, but still keeping the atmosphere at the table very relaxed. Early in the game there was a decently sized city we fought over, I made a risky move and ended up losing the city 1-2, with my opponent gaining 20 points on it. This seemed to have potential to be a game-deciding move, but with many tiles still in the box, I played on, trying to invent something to make up the difference, there was a strong farm which I tried to sneak into but couldn't find a way to do this, in the end I lost by about 15 points, ending the tournament on 2nd place, which I feel was really good for someone who doesn't play regularly :)

This turned out to be quite long, maybe this post should be moved to session reports?

Official Rules / Base 2.0 tile reference
« on: January 02, 2018, 02:06:29 PM »
I'm going to play in a tournament which uses Base 2.0 (with River 2.0 and Abbott). I only own Base 1.0 and I've heard the tile distribution is different in the new version. Is the list of 2.0 tiles available somewhere?

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